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...Who am I?

Never thought I would click that "Post Blog" button ever again....

Well..for those who forgot who I am, I'm (obviously) On-Link, a long time member here at GS and someone who was heavily affected by the community that was once here but unfortunately left. Even more unfortunate is the fact that I lost contact with all those amazing people (with the exception of 1 or 2 people). My main objective is to see if anyone of those friends are still active here and provide them with new methods of contact.

E-Mail: antonio0593@gmail.com





PSN: DensetsuX

AIM: AntonioG0593

MSN: oni-linkpwns@hotmail.com

Now That that's out of the way...let me bid a final farewell to the site, well mostly the users of the site, that made me who I am today. Without this site, I would probably never took up graphic designing and might have never started to pursue it in college. I also became a heavy anime fan because of some people here. I even learned some coding and became even more interested in computers than I was before hand. I used to wake up and first thing i would do is go on this site and see what changed, if I leveled up, if I gained new emblems, did new members join my union(s), what new forum post are going on...It was like one of those sill on-line sims but with really people, who I played games with for hours and had loads of fun. Now...here I am 6 years later, 18 years old (if you do the math, I was here since 12), with 5 years of photoshop experience, winning competitions and working with clients, video editing with Sony Vegas and having watched over 100 different anime( yeah, no life lol). There are many more things to who I am today but one of those things is the loss of the awesome friends that I talked to when I was a kid.

Now I visit GS and it's become less of the fun community Iremembered with users talking about their favorite games, designers doing tutorials and SOTW's, user's creating "forum-games" and discussing rumors and unions striving for members and activity and more of just a game site with just reviews, screenshots, cheats, and some news. I mean, the unions page looks EXACTLY THE SAME for the past 6 YEARS, and if you don't believe GS doesn't care about it anymore, then you must be blind or I must have missed something...All the user's I cared about left for various reasons, my unions, both the ones I'm leader of and the ones I've been a member of since the beginning, have failed short of activity and every attempt to bring it back, no matter what the union, would be in vain. However, GS still has some striving user's that are activebut GS is just isn't fun for me and most people anymore...and if you ask me, I think GS is slowly loosing interest in it's user's as a whole.

But regardless, I'm not here to motivate any change, as I'm sure it will never happen and hell, if I'm wrong, feel free to use the above contact methods to prove me wrong. I am simply here to retrieve what is hopefully still here that I care about. Please keep in tough, both new and old friends cause I HIGHLY doubt I will ever be back here again...

Well, I'm 17 today

Well, as you read, It's my 17th B-Day, YaaY :D

So far I got a total of $170 and a bunch of AWESOME new shirts :D I"m the type to like getting clothes almost more than games, idk why :lol:

On another note, I decided to start my own "manga" and am drwing new characters, so far I already have one. I plan on scanning it to my PC to show you guys, once I finish the drawing ( I need to work mon the eyes :P).

So whats up guys, hows was/is your day?

New GS Profile Sidebar + Raptr/Fuse

So apparently Gamespot worked with the the site called Raptr to include achievements for GameSpot using Emblems as well as linking you GS achievements to you XBox Live and PC achievements. Now, I don't have XBox live, and I wish they included PS3 Trophies with this list but still, I welcome this addition to GS. Maybe it will add some more fun back into getting emblems again...They even give you a emblem for linking your accounts.

The also changed the bar and level meter on the left, looks a little better but nothing to go all crazy about.

So yeah, short blog, nothing new...

Some old designs

Well, seeing as I've been gone from GS for a while, I guess I haven't shown anything new lately, so I figured Why not? :P

MasterSage1 is my YouTube user name and is where I make my AMV's, that's why there's a lot of anime :lol:. So, like always, say what you like, hate, criticize, ect.

and as always, thanks for reading :D

New Layout [In Progress]... and PSN

Leave it for me to blog so late at night -.-

Hey guys, so I'm designing a new layout, haven't done it in a long time, so i kind of forgot the dimensions and all of that stuff =P This Blue and Pink theme is really fun to experiment with :lol: How do you like it so far?

Also, I forgot to mention, I finally got that PS3 that I wanted, I actually got it 7 moths ago, just never came around to blog-ing about it =P My PSN is DensetsuX and before you ask/think: "What does Densetsu mean?" It's actually Japanese for "Legend"...I couldn't think of a good name :lol:

Well, thats all for today, thanks for reading :D

Just started Spring Break =D

So yeah, my dumb school wanted to start spring break 3 days later than everyone else, so mines just started. Why? I have no idea :?. One of the many reasons I hate the school I"m in...

Anyway, enough with the negative, how are you guys? Is all going well?

I"ll be changing my "look" as the next few days pass by, so...idk...enjoy it or hate it :lol:

Well, that's all I got for today...thnx for reading :D

Bad Fever..

Hey guys, hows it going?

Reason for why I havn't posted anything new, well I had a very high fever and sood home for 2 days and prettey much slept for those days :? Now, I feel 100% better :D. I'll start bloging more often :P

I got some drawings i wanted to show you all, hope you like them :P:

Anyway, thanks for reading :D

*Hits New Blog Button*

uhh, how do you use this thing again...


wtf was a "tag"...sounds familiar...:|

Anyway.. Hey to all of those that remember who I am! I'm glad all 5 of you "missed me" (and by "missed me", I mean wondering who am I and why am I in your Tracked Blogs section..)

For those of you who don't know who little old me is, I'm Oni-Link, (known as Mastersage1 or Tamashii on other sites). I'm a graphic designer who's been designing for around 4-5 years now, and I'm currently 16. I love video games, including the Zelda series, Tales series, and SEVERAL others that I wish not to mention...I enjoy anime quite a lot, love music and like to meet new, and interesting people. I enjoy lots of junk food, and have a strange technology and Internet addiction that my mom considers "a waste of time". I like very few sports (mostly cause I suck at them) but enjoy running on track and (watching) baseball. I hope we can get along and thanks for wasting you time on this :D


Now what....hmm...union?...O_e...ohh that thing...

It's my 16th B-Day!

Yeah...what the title says :P

So far, I got 100$ from my mother and thats it. Hopefully I'll save up enough for a PS3, if not...:(

and yeah....thats it....:D...

So whats up guys? Anything new ? :D

How old do you think I am?

Honestly, what a lot of people think my age is ranges from 16 to 20, mostly 18. What I'm wondering is why? Not only that, just about all my firends a 16-18 as well. So my question is, what do YOU think my age is. The person who gets it right gets...um...Candy :lol:

On another note, my friend has just recently purchased KillZone 2 and I was at his house playing it. The game's graphics are absolutly stunning and it's a must have for any and all PS3 owners. Hopefully I get my PS3 my my B-Day in May :P.

Anyway, Thanks for reading :D