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Pretty much left

If anyone hasn't gussed, I've pretty much left Gamespot as I've lost interest in gaming in general. All the important people already know me etc.

Goodbye Gamespot!

New PS2

Well today I bought a new PS2 from Game for £30! I was just so desperate to play Sly 3, I had to! XD Although now I need a memory card since I lost my old one o.o....

I wish I didn't sell all my decent games now ^^ ;

Dissapointed yet Happy

I got my results back for my 'Basic Skills' ICT test and my 'Core Science' and I'm kinda dissapointed...

For Science I got an A (my predicted grade), but I wanted an A*, but an A I'm happy with. And then for my ICT test i got 78%.... 2% of an A DX.... that's like 1 mark :( But those are raw marks so they maybe incorrect... I just hope they are and I get an A... lol :P

Now... Onto the bulk of my exams in May-July... fun... :(

Giantbomb and Stuff

Well hello everyone, I thought I might update my blog :D

I now have an account at Giantbomb (as obvious from my blog title...) and so far, i've foud it pretty good, and I think the wiki thing is a good idea, because i be a point whore! Arrrrrrr! :P And I also got that usename b*****s! :P

Also with other things, I've got 2 weeks of my school holiday left and i better do some maths revision ¬¬ .... and i also have 2 new games. Dead Rising and Perfect Dark Zero for the 360, i needed more 360 games anyway. So far, they seem pretty good, but Dead Rising is definately the best of the 2. If you look around, you might see a review by me for them later.

I've also noticed that my interest in gaming is declining - i think that's because game's are becoming just too expensive for me these days and also, the lack of innovative games on the market now, or maybe it's just me being a retro fan, dunno :lol: . But whatever happens, i'll always been interested in which directions the gaming industry turns. :)

I also got an account on view2gether and have my own lounge which is called "Wuffers lounge" from a lack of a better name lol... you can try to come and see me if you want (ask me via PM and i'll invite you if u CBA looking through everything...) but i won't be on much probably because it goes increadibly slow on my crap computer.

So just random stuff I decided to say lol...

Till next time seeya ;)

GCSEs Started (d'oh!)

Heh well my GCSEs have just about started....

About 10 different subjects to revise for lol... i'm glad there all mocks because i haven't done any revision :?

RE i might just not revise for, it is totally f***ing pointless beyond relief lol....

My 1st GCSE test today was the ICT (computer science for all u americans lol) basic skills test... all i did was just write small lines over letters lol... (get ya no. 2 pencils out for the scantron test! as Sly Cooper would say :P) Damn formulas are tricky + i probably failed at them >.<

Oh well i probably got at least 30/40 since this test is piss easy :lol: I actually had time to check my answers twice... within 40 minutes :lol:

Well i'll get back to you on the mock results and the real ones for science which should be in june...

Back to revision :evil: *growls*

5 things i'm forced to tell you.... :P

Let's get this over + done with :lol:

1. I love JAPAN! :P

Perhaps most gamers do - but seriously i freaking love the place XD I'm trying to already learn japanese, building up my animé collection and when i leave school i've decided i'm going to be either a doctor or a japanese translator :P So i'll know what all those whopping 3000 kanji symbols mean maybe.... Unfortunatley i haven't been there yet :( but we've been offered a trip to California with school for geography instead ^_^

2. I tend to hate popular charaters.... lol

Yup, in every franchise i tend to hate the most popular ones or at least the main charaters :lol:

Take street fighter 2... i hate Ryu... he's a douche, has no fighting talent.... maybe when he kicks my a$$ without hadokening me then i'll give him a chance.... and don't get me started on Master Chief........

3. I'm a Chun Li fanatic.....

Erm... yea.... ^_^;..... she's just about perfect in SF2 :P and if you want to take it further XD

4. I have Clownophobia

*cries* Yes i have a phobia of clowns.... i don't scream at them, but i avoid them at all costs... i guess i don't sceam at them because my grandma made me sit through a circus *grumble*

5. I'm picky about helping people

I tend to have a problem helping people when they need help, im increadibly impatient and i usually just reply when im forced to help 'You should already know this' ... i guess it's just me then..... >_>

I hope u enjoyed these random facts lol

Ebay is not wonderful... (and no Brawl)


Does that sound like a lot?

Yea it does doesn't it......

Well i decided to use that money to import brawl + get a freeloader....

Cept the little motherf****er cancelled it's account and now i'm left cheated out of £50....


This is the last time im buying off ebay, too many a**holes on there....

Bye Ebay, hello Amazon!

Damn Siblings!

Well guess what? MY DS IN NOW BROKE!

All because my sister put scratches in the freakin touch screen....

Well i've contacted Nintendo - luckily they do repairs for only £30/£50

So hopefully ill get 1 back good as new :D Maybe even a DS Lite! A black 1! (i am getting my hopes up ain't I? :lol: )

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