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Let's review 2010

As you probably know, although I'm one of the old members here (5 years+), I didn't spend that much time on GameSpot as I used to in 2007/8. Still I regularly come back here to wish all of my old friends a happy and joyful new year with no worries and lots of love. As we are getting closer to the very end of this year I would like to do a small review of 2010.

2010 was a fun year for me. A lot of new things happened as I grew older. First of all, I started getting busy with things that are outside of the regular school curriculum and are absolutely amazing. Here I would like to stress out the biggest activity that would mark this year for me, debate. Yes, this year was all about debating, regional, national and international competitions for me. I got the knowledge from some of the best teachers in an organization called the "Youth Educational Forum". With the efforts that I made regarding this activity I managed to qualify in one of the most famous debate tournaments IDEA Youth Forum 2010, where I learned even a lot more, and made hundrets of friends.

As for the social life, it may have blacked out for the last couple of months, probably cause I haven't had a chance to just breathe from all the obligations at school and the obligations that I give myself deliberately. Still, I have a few friends who mean the world to me and although I may not be with them as often as I used to, I am still glad that they are standing by my side. I am with the same girlfriend for like two years (in Feb. '11) and I can say I am happy about it.

Now let's move on and discuss the goals I gave myself last year and see which of them are achieved, which are not as much, and which of them should be transferred to the 2011 goals list.

Get better in school (achieved)

I feel like I managed to do this and convert from someone who didn't use to give a damn about a grade and felt like school is not his field of interest, I am now good at this, have (even better than) average grades and most importantly, I am beloved by the teachers :)More success in competitions (achieved; transferred)

I definitely achieved this. I got the 1st place on a national biology and on a national debating competition. Although completed, this goal is transferred to 2011 since I just began to realize how much important it is to me.

More new friends and no fight with the ones I already have (achieved)

More leisure time (generally not achieved, transferred)

A bit more money (this was written just before the economical crysis came :) ; transferred )

So my final list of goals for the year of 2011 would look like this:

1)More success in competitions

2)More leisure time

3)A bit more money

4) Fluent speaking of the German language and pass on the examination that awaits me in Dec. '11

5) Happiness

What are your goals for 2011 guys? Write them down as comments.



This is the first round of the Karl Popper World Debating Championship, of Macedonia (my country) vs. Czech Republic, where we won. I am the second negative speaker and although I was quite nervous I had a nice speech.

At the end of the tournament, my country ended up with the 17th place, but the result was great anyway, considering the great number of countries, and the fact that it was our first year debating. :)


E3 2010: Microsoft Press Conference

Although I was waiting to see a dozens of games on the Microsoft Press Conference this year, it seems as if it would be the worst conference of all three.

And why is that? Microsoft spend so much time during their conference for Kinect (or Project Natal w/e), that they forgot that the expo is about games, not about family content. I mean I don't have any problem with Kinect, it looks great and certainly is a new technology, but there should have been more games besides Fable III and Call of Duty: Black Ops.. That's just my opinion. How did you like it?


Happy New 2010

To everybody on Gamespot, and to all my friends here... Happy New Year!

I wish everyone to have a good health, love, money, happiness and friendship.

I hope 2010 will also be a great year for the world of gaming, and I also hope that I'll have sufficient time to play the new games, especially Bioshock 2 and Assassins Creed 2.

Here are my expectations from last year:

*better skills in technology journalism (I think I'm getting better and better)
*more friends (yeah I've made some new friends)
*new love (found it; although I'm not sure it's love)
*more succeses in competitions like last year(/)

All of them were kind of fulfilled except the last one, which was to make another success in a competition. Unfortunately, I didn't go to any competition in 2009, so this expectation is being transferred for 2010. So here are this year's expectations:

*get better in school

*make a cool web-site without using templates

*more succeses in competitions like last year

*more new friends and no fight with the ones I already have

*more free time

*and a bit more money :)

The Everything Entertainment Union ~ Looking for charter members

I need 4 charter members who will help me make the union I've planned. It should feature:

*Daily articles about games and other stuff
*A board featuring "board rpg" topics, topics about game consoles, about a specific game and anything else that the users will want.
*Each member will get to have a cool looking profile for all the activities and contributions that he has made for the union.
*Those are only the major features that this union is about to have. I ensure you that I am going to be a good leader, and that you all are going to have a great, unforgettable time.

Anyone who can help please sign your name here.

Thanks in advance :)

How's everybody doin'?

It's been a while since my winter holidays ended, and also a pretty long time since I showed up at GS. I wanted to appologise to all my friends here, who I haven't visited for a long time, and I haven't posted a single comment. So, sorry, but I'm really no longer that much satisfied with this GS thing. It was way more funny one year ago. And it was a pleassure staying here. I wouldn't say I have less time then last year. Last year, also wasn't easy, but I could always manage to spend some time here. I dunno, everything is kinda dead here. The more times I try to make a new comeback, the more boring it is.

So, school is going pretty well I can say, I'm pretty satisfied with that. Grades are cool, hope to make them better until the end of the year. Hm, what else, friends are ok. =]

Games... games are like whatever for me in the last months. Haven't played anything interesting since I dunno, 1 year (again). I play Witcher currently, but I'm not really that much into it, just for some free time entertainment.

How are you doing? Do you still guard GS arround the forums or it all went down? I hope to hear from all of ya soon :)

Happy new year! #2

Another year has come to an end. This one was really fast, but still, many things happened for me. I've changed in many ways. I can say that I'm like 60% different to what I was one year ago from now.

Now i go in highschool, have 15 years and many new friends who I trust and rely. I feel a bit older, and with more experience. Here are some of the things that I'll remember this year for (both good and bad):

*Got 1st place on a national competition for computers
*Found my first girlfriend (and 7 more throughout the year :? )
*Started drinking alcohol (only some small doses, but still don't like it :?)
*Got my first job in a macedonian web site for gaming http://insomniapro.com
*Started going in high school

For 2009 I predict:

*better skills in technology journalism
*more friends
*new love
*more succeses in competitions like last year :)

Anyways, I wish you a happy new year, and all your wishes to become accomplished accomplishments :)

Game of the year? And 2008 as a year for games?

Hey folks. Another year is slowly leaving us. 2008, for me personally on the gaming side of the life wasn't anything spectacular. I didn't really have much time to play too many games but I've still managed to play some. The titles I played the most this year we defenetelly Clive Barkers Jericho, Fallout 3, and Guitar Hero 3. For whatever reason, only on these three games I spent like 30+ hours. I guess it's because of my new school, which is way more serious than my primary. Still, this isn't the topic today.

I guess I'll have to say that 2008 wasn't that good in publishing games like last year. Now some of you may disagree, but still this is my opinion, and it's stated viewing from my point. Last year, I was so waiting for some titles to come out, and this year, it's like all the same to me. Even though GameSpot did gave 2 games a score of 10, and none was awarded that score last year, overall I still think that 2007 rocked.

For game of the year, I would choose Grand Theft Auto IV, and for RPG I'll sure go with Fallout 3. So, let's wait and see what gamespot will give those games.

See you in another post :)

Fallout 3 Review

Hey guys. How is it going. I haven't heard from you for so long. Yeah, I'be been playing some games. Finally I've made my review for Fallout, fresh and nice :). You can read it here. With more, I'm coming back soon :P

3 New Games! But no time to play.

Hello there :). So I've recently bought 3 new (actually 2 new and 1 a little bit older) games. I'll start writing a few words after I say this: Yay! I'm finally level 28 on GameSpot. It's been a long time since I've ranked up really.

Ok, so the first game I'm most excited about is Guitar Hero Aerosmith for PC. I've played it like 2 hours so far and it looks it's going to be be good. I say good, since I don't think it'll be anything different from the core GH3. The engine is the same, and it still has a problem with freezing and then speeding up while playing on my pc which annoys me. Also, the song list is almost full with Aerosmith songs, and honestly, it is sure not my taste.

That would do it for GH, I hope I'll write a review in a week or so if I have time to experience it well. The two other games are Bully: Scholarship Edition, which is something similar to Grand Theft Auto (not to mention it's from the same developers), and the other one is The Witcher.

Still, although I'm happy for the games, there is a test coming up on Thursday (Biology), so I have too much to study and I can't play the games. Crap! :)

What's up with you? See ya ;-)