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Mouse Support Next Preview Build and other Goodness


Also I saw this HORI FPS tactical keypad and mouse on Twitter today, supposedly will be available at the end of this month:


Bring on the New Age of Empires for X1X!



I've been playing Elite Dangerous since the beta on PC and switched to the Xbox version back when it went to the preview program.

I've accumulated a notepad full of helpful tips that I thought I'd share for newer 'endgame' ED players that may want to get deeper into the game but might feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the game.

Since ED is a sim and doesnt do much hand-holding, this is all valuable info that you wont find in the game itself. I didnt actually make most of these I found them searching the web when I didnt know how something worked in game. Where I could I credited the content to the person that posted it when possible.

This is mostly tips on how things function in game as well as materials gathering for unlocking engineers and/or using for engineering upgrades. They arent necessarily in any particular order.


Many times you will need to be able to find a ground-based location to gather mats or scan a point of interest. Things like Thargoid crash sites and barnacles which are needed for engineering.

Unfortunately, the game doesnt allow you to enter latitude and longitude into the game map to locate a planetary position. So you have to navigate to the point the old fashioned way using the LAT and LONG in the HUD. When you go into orbital flight mode after approaching the planet, the HUD will change and display an altimeter with your compass heading in a box at the top and the lat & long on the bottom right of the altimeter near your altitude.

To find Planetary Coordinates use the following easy to remember rules:

To make you Latitude increase, point your compass to 0. To make your Latitude decrease, point your compass to 180.

To make you Longitude increase, point your compass to 90. To make your Longitude decrease point your compass to 270.

In short:



Another helpful tip for planetary landings is if you dont want to drop from glide 100km+ from your landing point, when you go into glide mode you can goto modules (hold X and dpad right then RB over to modules) and disable your thrusters while you coast in. This works because your thrusters fire while you are gliding and slow you down. Be sure to turn them back on once you drop from glide since you wont be able to steer with thrusters off.


Goto the communications tab by holding x and pressing up on the dpad.

If you had a cmdr targeted, your messages will be sent to them as direct.

If you don't have a cmdr targeted your message goes to local chat.

Also you can press RB to go to the next tab on the comms panel.

That shows the names of the cmdrs available. You can choose anyone moving up and down and message him/her directly or send a wing invite.


So you want to make money bounty hunting? Farm Conflict Zones. Goto any system in a state of conflict/war and look for conflict zones near the planets in the system. fly to the conflict zone and drop in. When you first drop in you will see ships engaged in combat, they are aligned to the different factions fighting for control of the system.

Goto your systems tab (X+ dpad right) then RB over to function and declare a side in the conflict. If you dont do this you wont get bounties for kills. Note: Its a good idea to fly to the edge of the battle before picking a side in the conflict. When you declare for a faction the opposing faction will immediately become hostile towards you and fire on you so doing this in the middle of a fight after dropping in is a good way to get shot up quickly lol.


One of the best tricks I learned is fitting a small fixed (efficient) beam on another hardpoint, which works as a laser pointer.


This isnt about the dynamics of powerplay, just a guide on how the merits system works and what you need to do to unlock the specific modules for each faction. This is mostly endgame activity and its a good idea to be advised that besides the actual upgrades to your ships, declaring for a powerplay faction has repercussions in game, especially if you play in Open. Many player groups have organized factions and will attack players aligned to hostile powers, as well as have political motivations for controlling systems in the game. But if you want say prismatic shields or any of the other powerplay modules this is how it works.

Also of note, once you unlock a module and buy it is yours to keep forever as long as you dont sell it. But if you change factions you will lose the ability to buy those modules so its best to unlock the items you want buy them for all your ships or store them before you change to a different faction.

Original poster:


You're currently Rating 1, so you get 10 tonnes (which is 10 merits) for free every 30 minutes.

Every extra fast-track beyond your free stuff costs 10,000 CR/ton.

If you just want to buy prismatic shields once you need Rating 3 for a single week, which is 750 merits.

7,500,000 CR in tonnage total, less whatever you pick up for free.

You need to get Fortification supplies from Cubeo.

You deliver Fortification supplies FROM Cubeo (HQ) TO any Control System.

Check Powerplay view to find Aisling's Control Systems.

You can also haul Preparation or Expansion materials from a Control system,

but that annoys the hell out of players trying to manage powers when people start Preparing and Expanding randomly.

People say Fortifying is only for the hardcore because it costs money.

If you've got the money to burn, there's nothing wrong with dumping 750T of fort supplies into a control system.

2 hours for 750 merits is seriously overkill unless you're using a small ship.

With your cash to burn, you can move that in two trips from HQ to a close control system and be done.

400T Anacondas are semi-standard for Powerplay hauling, if you don't have a 700T Cutter.

TLDR version: you want to unlock a powerplay module? Declare to a power, wait 4 weeks in real-time, then goto that powers home system, buy 750 tons of fort supplies and drop them off at a control system close to the home system. This will cost you around $7.5million in credits if you fast track 750 tons. The week after that you will be power rank three and can buy the module.

How to Get Chemical Distilleries and Manipulators

One of the first engineers mods you will want to get is increased FSD range for your ships so you can jump farther. Farther jump range = less time looking at that hyperspace screen constantly. You will need the mats to upgrade your FSD. You can easily farm chemical manipulators and chemical distilleries by destroying npc Type 9heavy cargo ships without getting a bounty at "seeking meds" and "seeking weapons" points of interest in Anarchy systems.

Up to 4 Type-9s with no escorts per instance, and you can reset the instance indefinitely by logging in and out. Take a bunch of collector limpets with you and you can easily get 15 chemical manipulators and 15 chemical distilleries per 30 minutes.

You can also do non-combat farming of these items at the POI Dav's Hope abandoned mining colony.

On the galaxy map search for the hyades sector dr-v c2-23. The A5 moon has an abandoned base called Davs Hope which allows ground-based farming of chem distilleries with the SRV. Mode-switch to respawn - Enjoy.

DAV'S HOPE location:

hyades sector dr-v c2-23, a5, (44.818, -31.389)

How to Get Data Mined Wake Exceptions

Datamined Wake Exceptions are required for the grade 5 FSD increased range upgrade.

Step 1: search a system in 'Famine' state (Galnet)

Step 2: search in the system for a persistent signal source called 'Distribution Centre'

Step 3: use a fast ship with a 0A wake scanner

Step 4: go to the 'Distribution Centre' signal source with your ship

Step 5: wait for the Sidewinders to jump out and scan the wakes with your wake scanner.

Step 6: after scanning wake number 5 or 6 a new group of Sidewinder jumps in

Step 7: Repeat Step 5-7 and Profit

you can also make money trading food with distribution centers here


You can Mine Materials from asteroids in HAZRES SITES without being attacked. Mine without a refinery and have collector limpets only pick up mats that dont require cargo. Use an A-grade prospector to increase yields. If you keep no physical cargo in your hold pirates in the haz res wont attack you.


Just for future reference in case you ever need more tungsten...

There' a crashed ship on Orrere 2b that has cargo racks that spit out tungsten its pretty reliably.

It should show up on your nav panel when within 1000ls, if not it's somewhere around (43, -173)


Cadmium can be found on Wolf 562 planet 2 also found on Sol Europa

loads of arsenic also on a planet right next to Felicity: Deciat 7 B.

Need these for G5 Shield Generator heavy upgrade


You need 50 of these ASPAs to unlock the engineer 'The Sarge'. They are also used in the G5 shield booster thermal resistance upgrade which is pretty mandatory if you do any pvping.

The best way i've found to get them is scanning npc Vultures and Asp Scouts while in supercruise. Best to have an advanced discovery scanner so you get longer range, but just goto any system with combat zones and or hazres sites and fly around in supercruise, following the ship traffic back and forth. When you target a ship you will automatically scan them. Make sure you have room in your data inventory. (X+dpad right then Rb over to inventory and goto data it has a capped capacity of 500 units so dump some stuff you dont need if you are farming these.

You can also farm them in actual combat zones or hazres sites but make sure you are carrying no cargo or pirates will attack you.


The Orrere 2B ship is still there. Coordinates (43.8122, -173.9722)

It's possible to land a Cutter at (43.8559, -173.9826).

Mats available are antimony, ruthenium, zirconium, tungsten and tellurium.

General Consensus on Armor Types (Mostly pvp oriented)

Mirrored bulkheads are bad and too expensive for no reason. No.

Military hull is okay. If you don't have money for a better option.

The best option is using heavy duty reactive

and a HRP in the smallest internal with a thermal resistant G5 mod.

Then as many heavy duty HRPs in the rest of the slots.

This gives you high total integrity but also high resistances against all types of damage.


engineer the basic lightweight armour with a heavy duty mod if you are low on funds. It increases mass but since it has zero mass it gives no negative effects.


Independent Outbreak systems with large populations are the best farming spots.

Fly away from the galactic plane when you jump in.

Fly away fast, and when you are at a few thousands of Ls away from the main star, turn around towards the star and fly slowly (3-7c) and wait for High Grade Emission Unknown Signal Sources (USS) to spawn. They ALL yield those pharm Isolators.

Pharmaceutical Isolators are used to get the G5 dirty drive engineering mod. This is pretty much a must mod for pvp as this mod increases the speed of your ships.


This guide is a work in progress and I will continue to update it with things I figure out as I play. Its not all encompassing and I am by no means a 'pro' Elite player but its just a random list I thought some might find helpful.

Fly safe commanders!


Ancestors Gameplay from PAX

As an RTS fan, I was pleasantly surprised by this new gameplay footage recently released. It has a nice Kingdom Underfire vibe to it.

This will go well with X1X with KB/M support hopefully coming Q2 2018 to PC and Xbox One: