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Yes! School is freakin ova!

Ok, I know it's probably a bit like to be writing a blawg about this but I had to :P Couldn't get around sooner because I was busy with family..like having to make a 2 hour trip to Austin to help my aunt unpack and load her furniture into her new house (which by the way is very nice :wink: ). I know a 2 hour my seem to be nothing to some of you but Im constantly going back and forth to austin xD..So I'm just glad that I'm out of school and I have a relaxing summer to look forward to. Although I will be having to work a job most of the time but hey at least I'm getting paid :D I dohope that next theyear of schoolis MUCH easier than this or I will pull my hair out until I looklike a skin head :lol: I am getting a car soon as well which is really neat :D I think a mercedesbenz will do just fine :P..nah I'm jk I don't really know what I'm going to get so tommorow I'm going tolook around at somecar dealerships and see what catches my attention 8) that is going to be reliable and fit the budget OF COURSE! XD Well it's been a while just wanted to check up on the hood and see how everyone is doing :)

edit: did some of my information get erased? :?


No this wasn't a mean joke! :P like my last blog, I've been having so much going on and GS is like the drug I just can't shake :lol: my mom hasn't been letting me go on the internet ( unless research for an assignment) until my grades go up, because I've been slacking off a bit xD but it's kool now. The work load has slowly been descending so that's nice :D I'm gonna be around more often and I'm sorry I haven't talked to u guys for ages! :cry: but what can ya do? :roll: I'm kinda worried why it says I've been online since the 28th of April before I even got on here because I haven't been on here for about a month..lol..So I wanted to check up on ma peeps and read my messages * looks at messages* 85!?! holy crap! :shock:..well I just wanted to see how everyone is doing and chat a bit :D

what a day, what a day, what a mighty fine day!

edit: some wimps got grossed out by this blawg, so if ur about to eat or something u might not what to read it rite now xD

In my world there is no such thing as crazy :P..well today in my ancient civilazition class I had to do this project that was basically like show and tell xD..we had to talk about our background and stuff..like our culture and when everyone found out I was Irish they started getting scared :lol: they were like be careful david's Irish..or don't make david mad he's Irish, he might beat u up..maybe they were j/p or somethin, but if that's not discrimination I don't knoe what is! :evil: It's irritating too...and then they were like, how can u be Irish? u don't have red hair..and then they said I thought u were mexican or something cuz u look like it :lol: but whatever..my brother is in Brazil right now :D he'll be leaving in about a day or so..but he had a pretty good time..he got there right when it was carnival which is a lot like mardi gras but A LOT BIGGER! pretty much the whole country goes around and dances :o my brother said he went down streets for hours and he saw people dancing :P the bad thing though was since he's an american tourist and he was in a crowd of a lot of people little kids kept trying to rip him off, so he stuffed his money in his shoes where they couldn't get it :lol: and they have like different rules in Brazil and it's not against the law to pee where ever u want so he saw people peeing in the streets..he said it was nasty xD he also said that when he came out of the hotel there was this big fat guy butt naked taking a dump on a rug! it's gross but I couldn't stop lmao! :lol: they also have huge steaks there for a cheap price so he also likes that :wink: he's going to south africa next in a couple of days so that'll be neat :) I have also been playing as much 360 as I can, especially PGR3! love that game! :D

now for me to have a relaxing weekend 8)

This world is pushing me to no ends!

6_6..lotta crap going on rite now..this gurl who I am best friends with wants me to take her to this dance...but we're like buddies..I think of her as 1 of the guys (and u would too if u knew her :P) but guys don't go and dance with other guys..or at least I don't think they do???..:?..so hopefully u can see where I'm going with this xD..well I'm gonna go cuz I'm just nice..better not be any slow songs though >_>..I'm just not like that....romantic or whatever..well I'm gonna be writing some reviews soon..it could be for anything so be ready :wink: I've also been spending some time with my brother's 360 now that he's gone and off to semester at sea..which is basically a semester that the college kids take on a boat while they travel all across the world..it's pretty kool actually..I'd love to do it :D right now he's traveling all around south america which is pretty neat..and as they go to different countries they learn about those countries languages, culture, history, ect..so the 360 is mine for a while :twisted: or at least till the end of may :P..

bai! 8)


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It's h3lla old but I like it :lol:

Oh the headaches..

First off happy valentines day for those who actually care xD..and since today is Valentines I must go out of my way and be........NICE :P that's so difficult for me xD well I'm sure a lot of people are getting stomach and head aches :lol: too much chocolate..but I have self control..well that and chocolate makes me break out, gives me head aches and an upset stomach..even though I love chocolate so much! :P..the days are already flying by I didn't even notice :o..it still feels like monday to me :shock: well that's good so hopefully the week end will come by soon and I get monday off since it's a holiday! 8)

- to be continued...:P

Finally! Sometime to meh self!

Well It's safe to say my work load is letting down :D so u should see me more often :wink: unless u don't want to xD..

I just saw FamilyGuy and it was so true! :lol: someday I'd sure like to go back to Ireland...But there seems to always be something holding me back...It's like not being able to go back to my old home..finding the rest of my roots...because I think that u should always be proud of where u come from..no matter what someone has to say or do..

Oh something really creepy has been going on around my part of town..I keep seeing these birds..they're like fat robins..and I see them everywhere and everytime I look they don't move..maybe like once but they only move their head..they are like robots or something..:?..I see them in people's yards and they are always looking in the house..and I'm not kidding I even saw one outside a cemetary and it's been there for about a week :o..it's creepy..attack of the robins! :lol: well idk..it's just all in my head..gotta tell myself that so I don't go insane :P

Edit: This reminds me of the simpsons hit and run game where the wasp cam's were spying on the people..lol

bai! 8)

another random blawg XD

Well I've been pretty lazy to do a blawg but damnit I did it :P..

I've been watching this anime called mar..It looks like a mix between the cartoon version of veggie tales and Final fantasy :lol:

I saw Epic Movie...it was ok..I thought it was actually kinda dumb..It just had stupid humor in it..and it seemed like they were trying to copy FamilyGuy and it's randomness..

I was also pleased with this year's super bowl :D peyton manning wasn't doing so hot like he normally does, but he still helped to lead the colts to victory..I was surprised by how good they were doing..considering that it was raining extremely hard..But I thought they still did very good..For those of u who didn't see or knoe about the game..it was the bears vs the colts 17 to 29..I started to get worried though when the bears already scored a touch down in the first couple mins of the game :?..my mom placed $250 on them in Las Vegas and they dropped the ball a couple of times and she started screaming and yelling don't drop the damn ball! as long as u hold on to it and run for dear life to the other side then that's all that matters! Preaching like a real coach :P Not even Rex Grossman could stop them..and now that they won she made $500 :D I know..we're loaded 8) xD Oh yeah and they had prince play during the half time show :lol: I could careless for him though..I think he's a fruitcake :P

What else to say..hmm..well i've been pretty busy at skool..had a lot of test..which weren't so easy..but I think I did good on them..6_6..well don't knoe what else to say..so....

bai! 8)

I'm back!

That's rite! :D The old fart is back in business! :P I'm sorry I worried u all :( That last blawg wasn't easy for me to make, and I know it was depressing, but I had to get that out...I'm feeling better, and rite now I've realized that u people are my medicines! :lol: and I need every single one of u or I'll lose my mind, like courtney love on drugs xD Well I can see my humor is back :P Seeing all of your comments really showed me just how great I've got it. So I thank u all from the bottom of my heart :) u are my help.

some time off..

Hey, guys and gals, I'm just writing this to tell you that I'm gonna be needing some time to myself..So If you don't really see me, then you should know why..This is really difficult for me to say..but the truth is..I've been wearing a mask for quite some time..What I mean by that Is I'm hiding my true emotions...When you see me you see a happy, goofy person..but lately that's not what I am...I've been incredibly depressed and I don't know why..I think it my have to do with the fact that I take so many medicines..I'm drugged up...and medicines can have that effect on you..It's really hard for me to type this because it's so personal to me..But I thought I should show you my true colors..I'm so depressed I even thought about suicide many times...I've actually been thinking about that for years now..I've been incredibly depressed like this for months now..and I never said a thing..I just wanted to forget everything and put a smile on..Unfortunately I can't do that at the moment..I never actually thought about going through with suicide..it felt more like homicide..For instance..If I were to die in a car crash that it wouldn't matter..If anything I would better off..I feel like I'm isolated from the rest of society..I need a cone of remorse..I'd like to forget all of that, and just live in my own little world where reality isn't present..I have people all around that I love and they love me..But for some reason that still doesn't help..The greatest thing could happen to me and I could careless..It's not normal for someone like me to be thinking such thoughts..Sure call me emo if you want..because right now I just don't care..While I'm gone I'm going to be getting help..I don't like the sound of that but it's for the best..hopefully this is only temperary..so I'll talk to you all later..

Just a little update..

well let's see...ummm..what to talk about...hmm..Oh I've just finished level 24 and I'm now ina gang, the Defias Brotherhood that is 8) The profile views glitch is fixed which I can see is a load off of sufa's arms :P my post count is around 5,000 which is kool :D got about 353 friends, which I am glad to have u all! :D except u ryan...u suck..lol jp! :lol: I have around 7,500 songs that I uploaded on my ipod. Legal of course! xD Got another voting emblem..don't knoe how exactly I got it..Oh my grandmother and my mom are still drinking their cosmopolitans! Which is the devil's juice! LMAO! just felt like bring that up :P

~ bai! 8)