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Ok I found a way. I stopped one of my anti-ads plugins. Adguard. Now the videos work, but I can't avoid the annoying 30 seconds ads.

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Every time I click on an article and attempt to watch the video, I get this message :

"This video is either unavailable or not supported in this browser


Technical details :

The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported."

It really annoys me because I watched videos on this site just fine for several years. What is the problem? Has it anything to do with ad blockers?

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I click on "comments" or "load comments" and nothing happens. I don't see any comment. It has been like this on every article since yesterday. Why is that?

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By the way, the moderator's name in question is Byshop. He is a SJW and threatened to censor messages that don't please his opinions.

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I sometimes write comments against feminists or SJWs (which always get a ton of upvotes), but I noticed that some of them were deleted for no reason. It looks like now Gamespot is censored by feminists. All I said is that tech companies were discriminating against men to hire a certain number of women. Whether you agree or not with my statement is not a reason to censor my message. And this was the subject of the article so I commented on it.

Then I saw this message from a moderator in the comments in another article : "Everyone, please be aware that discussion of this article is fine, but rants against "SJWs" or anti-feminist comments or the vilification of any other real or imagined social group whom you blame for something you don't like will be deleted."

Basically he is claiming that comments against feminists and SJWs will be deleted. If that's the case, it sucks. The fact that people were free to say their opinion (unlike certain other game websites), is what made Gamespot great. The vast majority of gamers hate that feminists want to censor games, deal with it. It's a fact! Why try to force unpopular opinions with threats of censorship? Please don't let SJWs take control of the moderation of this site, or else the site will turn to crap and you might even lose a ton of traffic because of it. Kotaku and Neogaf are losing a ton of traffic because SJWs took over them. Please don't end up like them! Supporting SJWs is the worse business decision a game website can make.

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SJWs want to censor things when their feelings get hurt, and obviously popular opinions on the internet hurt their feelings. Is it the reason why the upvotes are disabled?

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I want upvotes in the comments.

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I have the same problem. I would like to know why this happens.

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Personally, my blu-ray drive is 100% useless now. I never bought disks for my PS4. I have bought all my titles digitally. Also the only rental store in town is closing, so I won't watch blu-ray movies anymore on it. I would not be surprised if the next generation of consoles don't even have disk drives.