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Games I'm hyped for in 2013

Happy new year to all of you guys, I hope you all had a nice 2012. I was planning to have some sort of small awards blog, but considering that, despite some nice releases, this was a pretty lackluster year for gaming (that, and having recently aquired Mark of the Ninja makes me want to finish it before handling anything anyways), so I thought I may as well throw in the games I'm looking forward to the most in 2013. You know, I find those lists to be all so incredibly samey it's digusting, I swear they all have the next 4 games: GTAV, Bioshock Infinite, Last of Us and Beyond. The 5th choice is generally either Tomb Raider or Watch Dogs, talk about making lists as generic and as unpersonal as possible. So I came with my own list of games I'm looking forward to their release, as someone that gives jack for most of western games, I'm sure my opinion differs over a lot of other people. I should mention that I'm only going to include games that were confirmed to be 2013 releases, so no Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes or Shin Megami Tensei IV, so with all that said lets begin.

5#Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate


Mirror of Fate has a lot of potential to be good, and I'm glad we are finally seeing a new 2D Castlevania, especially one that attempts something new and refreshing for the series, however at the same time I'm unsure how I should look at the Lords of Shadow mixs added to the game, to be frank, I did not enjoy how much like God of War the game played and because of those impressions of the demo alone I never ended up picking the game. Hopefully, the combat will either be improved to offer some needed variety or be a minimal part of the game, offering once again a dark and atmospheric castle full of horror staples to confront the Belmonts once again. Here crossing my fingers so my skepticism os wrong about this one.

4#Metal Gear Rising Revengeance


With all the problems Rising got during its development cycle is seems like a mirage that the game is coming out just mere months away from today, and with Platinum games behind the game, I have no doubts this'll be an awesome hack n' slash. Unfortunately, I'll more than likely have to hold off getting the game on release, but that doesn't mean I'm not hyped to try it out. All the over the top action and ridiculous sense of humor from Platinum seems to be in here, and while it'll probably not have the best of the Metal Gear stories, I'm sure it'll be mildly entertaining at least. And as the picture may hint, I can't wait to slice up some gekkos with a sombrero.

3#Ace Attorney 5


I'm surprised this one exists considering Capcom latest awful decisions and overflow of greediness, Ace Attorney isn't quite exactly one of their best selling franchises, so it's the more shocking that they already announced this game would be localized. While I'm sad that they changed the 2D sprites for 3D models, it's great to see the series getting some well deserved updates to its presentation, and we'll finally get to hear Phoenix talk more than 5 words in the game! I'd actually be more excited for this one if...well, it weren't for Cashcom reputation during the last years, seriously how did they become something so shameful?

2#Fire Emblem Awakening


It's an original Fire Emblem after 6 years, and it seems like Nintendo did bother to make the game look good for once! Everything about this game looks great so far, and there's a lot of interesting new additions like combining attacks with your partners and the expansion over the skill system brough by Path of Radiance (for everywhere outside of Japan anyways). It's true that the amounts of DLC this game is getting is obscene, but from the looks of it at least the game should still be a complete experience without them, although it's pretty hypocrite that Nintendo declared they wouldn't use DLC and this game is getting obscenes amount of them... My biggest gripes with the games are merely supperficial, I'm not really bought by the newest art direction, a lot of the female characters have some particularly awful design. That asides, I can't wait to pick up this game, it'll certainly bring more life to my 3DS.

1#Proffesor Layton vs Ace Attorney


Here's the big one, ever since its announcement this crossover has gotten little to no more advertisement, and that's what makes it even more so interesting. We know so little about it that I can't wait to see what the game offers, despite being a particular disliker of Level 5 products, I'll make this game an exception to see if they can develop something competent. It's true that there was no release date announced so far, but I got a feeling this game is coming out sometime halfway through the year. There's a high chance this'll be among the most memorable crossovers conceived in the industry alongside Smash Bros and the VS Capcom series, so here I am hoping for the best and as hyped as I could be for a game.

Honorable mentions

Bayonetta 2: this one would have more than likely made it to the list if I'd own a WiiU, as I already showcased in my favorite game list, I loved the first Bayonetta, so hearing the sequel is indeed a reality has me pretty pumped. This is one of the reasons why I'm considering getting a WiiU in the future (although not anytime soon).

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma: Arksys make some of the few fighters I really enjoy playing, however I'll wait on picking up this one to see if this'll ever get an "Extend" treatment or it doesn't finish up the story of the series. So considering I'd be waiting 2-3 years before ever picking up a version of this game, I'm not getting all that excited for it, but I'm looking forward to it none the less.

And there you go guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this one, feel free to share whichever games you are looking forward to this year (although I'm sure a lot of you will tell me you are looking forward to the previously mentioned titles I'm kind of sick of hearing of...).

Favorite Game List: Finale

And so this comes to an end

10# The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess


Twilight Princess is often criticized for being too similar to Ocarina of Time and not really bringing anything new to the table, I'll admit that I have a particular soft spot for the game as it was my first Zelda ever played, but at the same time I just think it's a very well constructed game. Yes the beggining is particularly slow and chasing for the light bugs during the wolf sequences can be a pain, but I think no other game in the series immersed me so much to continue playing it. I love Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask as much as everyone else, but I just think TP did the better job with the dungeons and bosses, and I also think the artistic presentation is terrific (albeit not technically impressive and there's a lot of gray all over the place for my taste). I also think it has the best items of the series, there's just plenty of cool tools Link can use by the end of the game and, for the most part, they all remain somewhat useful. Twilinght Princess may not be a creative entry of the series, but I think it's an enhancement over OoT, a lot of people think this was the beggining of the series problems, but to be honest, I feel this and Minish Cap are the only truly great games the series has gotten since Majoras Mask, the Toon Link trilogy makes me cringe, not because its art direction (I actually think that's the best part of the games) but because they have a lot of stupid design choices and overall mundane dungeons and overworlds. I have yet to play Skyward Sword to be sure wether or not the series just haven't done it for me in the last 6 years, but I can asure you that I no longer want anymore vehicles in the series. But yeah, I think Twilight Princess is awesome, maybe my opinion of it will change once I replay the game and other entries of the series, but for now, it'll remain my favorite.

9# The World Ends With You


Do you remember when Square used to create good RPGs? It's hard to believe with all the recent horrid stuff they have been creating and their latest direction of games to appeal to the average western player (see Hitman Absolution and Deus Ex Human Revolution), but in middle of all their bad games comes TWEWY, a creative, addictive, immersing and incredibly fun game to play. TWEWY just does about everything right, the story has it's fair of good twists and a pretty good pace to keep you interested throughout the whole thing, the pin system really makes you want to see those things evolve into more powerful abilities to expand your arsenal and obtain new ones in different shops, there's a fair share of awesome characters (Sho Minamimoto being my particular favorite), the amount of content into the game is all over the place and the game as a whole is very stylish. The game is also incredibly designed, I think it's by far the game with the better enemy encounter system, because asides from some plot relevant battles, you absolutely never have to fight enemies if you don't want to, no more of that random encounter bullsh*t, you fight as much as you want. When I first picked up this game I felt a bit intimidated by the radically different combat mechanics it uses, but once you get used to them, it's one of the best you'll ever experience in any RPG. It's surprising this was brought up by the same team that did Kingdom Hearts, because this feels like a legitimately awesome game, to the point where I'd call it my favorite handheld game.

8# Okami


Okami is nothing short of a beautiful piece of art, and it's an awesome game too. Truth to be said, the game may feel a bit slow at the beggining and the dated presentation of cutscenes can be irritating at times (those Banjo-Kazooie sound effects over voice acting), but I do feel Okami is the best adventure game I've ever played. The main issue with the game is that it's too easy and, for a Zelda-esque game, it's not very puzzle-heavy, so a all of the bosses are pretty much a breeze. However, I feel Okami does the better job on the building a world department, asides from Majoras Mask, Zelda never really gave you much of a reason to care for its characters, but pretty much everyone you meet in this game is brimming with personality (and often very quirky ones at that). The story may be a bit uneven at times, in the sense that it mixes serious moments with some rather out of place jokes, but other than that I think it's a fantastic portrayal of Japanese mythos, I particularly love the last moment in the game, it's as emotional as a game can get if you ask me. My only other problem with Okami is something I already brought up with DMC3, mandatory boss rushes, I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE them, seriously Capcom stop putting them into your games for christ sake. But other than that Okami is a beautiful game, it's wonderful to look at it, the soundtrack is as remarcable as its art-direction, the gameplay is a lot of fun (especially messing with the brush techniques) and the game does a great job at keeping you interested throughout the story, even if sometimes it doesn't know how to take itself, there's a lot of moments where the game could have just ended but instead it kept going, kind of ironic something that's overflowing with content was published by Capcom if you look at their recent games.

7# Super Mario Galaxy 2


Since I love platformers, it's almost a given there'd be a Mario game somewhere in the list. So when it boils down to which games in the series I enjoyed the most it's a choices between Mario World, 64 and Galaxy 2. Out of those 3 64 would easily be the first to be removed from earning this spot if only because it has some clear aging issues (mostly the camera and the wall kick), but why Galaxy 2 over world? Well, I must say that as much as I love World, this game just has a lot more variety going for, it fixed nearly all of my problems with the first game, the levels and obejectives felt a lot more enjoyable, the bosses, while still pretty easy, felt more involved (except for the Bowser battles, as those are even worse in this game) and there's a lot more of content into the game. If you remember the first Galaxy game then you'll probably remember each stage had generally around 6 stars, half of them being comet runs, and because there's a total of 120 stars in the game, this means there's not that many stages, and a lot of them just feel pretty barebones. Galaxy 2 instead puts around 2 or 3 stars per stage with only 1 comet run on each of them and then adds 120 more once you obtained the original 120. Granted, the green stars are pretty lame, but it still gives a lot more value to the game than the first game with Luigi mode. It's hard to compare why I prefer a 3D platformer over a 2D one, but when it boils down to it I just feel this game did a bit more than Mario World, both are incredibly fun titles, but Galaxy 2 did a slightly better job at entertaining myself. It's unfortunate I feel every Mario game after this really lowered in overall quality, be it 3D Land or the following NSMB games, they just feel uninspired and overly dull platformers, especially in comparison with their predeccesors. Some people would say Galaxy 2 falls under this category of being an uneccesary entry to the series that does little to differentiate itself, but I'll defend the game as I think it has a much better design than the first Galaxy.

6# Castlevania Symphony of the Night


Symphony of the Night is nothing short of legendary. While I did have my fun with the older Castlevania games (especially IV), SotN just took the series onto a whole new level of greatness, it did absolutely everything right if you ask me. Never before has Draculas castle felt so atmospheric, be it travelling through the castle entrance, entering the library to buy new equipments or exploring the depths of the catacombs, I feel no other game in the series ever did such a fantastic job at creating such interesting settings. The gameplay is full of a lot of possibilities, all the weapons, summonings, spells, equipments and so on, there's just so many ways you can get yourself through the game it guarantees a nearly endless amount of replays of never ending fun, and no other character in the series came as prepared as Alucard to get himself through the dark lord territory. The music is elegant and absolutely top notch, being one of my favorite game soundtracks ever composed, and the sound effects are just as excelent. It's true that the game is pretty easy and that the inverted castle feels like a lazier alternative to expand the game lastability over creating entirely new areas to explore, but the game is so well designed I never really minded this problem, and difficulty is always a secondary aspect to me, because if I'm having this much fun, I don't care for it. The only saddening part about SotN is that some content was scrapped from its original release, the most remarcable of this ideas being the option to play as Maria, and while the the Dracula X Chronicles does bring her in its updated re-release, I hope that one day they bring the full game through a digital re-release, bringing the best parts of both the PS1 version and the japanese exclusive Saturn version. That asides, Symphony of the Night is among the best side-scrollers ever created, and I definitly think everyone should give it a shot. It's elegant, beautiful and very entertaining.

5# Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


Metal Gear Solid 3 was my first game in the series and it easily still stands as my favorite, I'll say right now that while the rest of games are good, I don't feel any of them felt as excelent as 3, the only one that ever came close to be as enjoyable for me was Big Boss second outing of the series, Peace Walker. Snake Eater just did the better job at balancing story and gameplay to me, the survival aspect in the nature setting made the game a lot more interesting to me and I feel the mechanics were by far the best in the series, I appreciate some of the things brought by 4 to the table, but there was never another character in the series as versatile in both stealth and offensive as Big Boss himself (I feel every other character you take control of in the series is a bit too weak for my taste, even with the amounts of rations you can find). Mixing camouflages was always one of my favorite parts of this game, and it's a bit saddening it's really the only game in the series that uses this mechanic, especially considering all the side-effects some latter suits you find throughout the game give you, further increasing your possible strategies and whatnot. Asides from being the best balanced and designed game, I also feel it was the most rewarding when it came to bonus items. They are all pretty neat extras and the requirements for unlocking them are much better than those given by MGS1 or 2. Overall I just much prefered the gameplay mechanics, the settings presented and Big Boss endurance in this game over anything else the series has shown, while they are all great games on their own, I feel they all pale in comparison with Snake Eater. Be sure you are playing the Subsistence re-release though, as it gives a far better camera than the original version.

4# Fire Emblem Path of Radiance


This game was love at first sight, the moment I started the tutorial chapter I knew things would be really good. Path of Radiance addicted me from beggining to end, there was not a single dull moment in the game and every chapter kept me wanting for more. I had my frustrating times as I was very unexperienced with SRPGs when I first played it, but once I started my 2nd playthrough I learnt all about the game, and this is easily one of the games I return to replay the most. The possibilities of teams you can build is ridiculous, and every unit gets a fair amount of development through each of their support conversations, further incentivating the replayability of the game. Nintendo rarely pulls off competent stories, but Path of Radiance may very well be their finest job, as absolutely every moment feels interesting and generally intense and there's a lot of twists throughout the game, even by the end of it. The presentation is sub-par, to say the least, but the soundtrack is absolutely glorious, every song feels grand and magnificent, it perfectly fits the medieval setting of the game and makes every moment the more impacting. I also think Path of Radiance has the most balanced RNG of all the games in the series, there's rarely any bullsh*t situations, and the addition of bonus maps was a nice attempt to give some more value to the game, although they could further improve on that with latter games. To me, this is the pinacle of strategy RPGs, and while Blazing Sword comes pretty close on being as awesome, I think nothing will beat Path of Radiance as my absolute favorite game in the series.

3# Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles


This game is the reason why I'm a fan of the series to begin with, it's among the games that defined my childhood and taht I'd play nearly everyday. To me, Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the perfect platformer, it looks gorgeous, the music is incredible, each stage is varied and brimming with different paths to go through and make each playthrough different from each other, each character has defining skills while not straying from the main gameplay to make them all very fun to control, the special stages are by far the most fun from the series, the bosses are the most entertaining and this is simply the better game of the series. It takes all what made Sonic 2 good, further expands on it, brings its own new ideas to make the game further evolve and perfectionates anything that may have gone wrong beforehand. From my point of view, this is the best platformer ever conceived, and I doubt anything will top it. Some people would count each game as separate titles, but you can't have Sonic 3 without Sonic & Knuckles, together they make the complete experience and I feel that's how everyone should play the game.

2# Super Smash Bros Brawl


Brawl is the game I got the most hyped for in my entire life, and it delivered, for the most part. Granted, I agree with pretty much everyone that adventure mode was dissapointing and that the netplay is downright atrocious, even for Wii standards, no game should run so badly online. That asides, I think it's a vast improvement over Melee, while clones are still there they do have some differences to make them not feel like a new skin for a different character, the stages are a hell of a lot better this time around, the battle mechanics feel more enjoyable and balanced, and the amount of content put into this game is ridiculous, this is probably the game I have put the most time into it, I even managed to complete it once! This is one of those games I can always have fun with, while I may no longer be the only thing I play for months, I think it's just as enjoyable as when I first got it, and there's nothing I'd complain about asides from the previously mentioned problems. I love Brawl so much it used to be my favorite game before, the key word being "used to", so what's the only thing that surpasses my enjoyment with this game?

1#Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 FES/Persona 4/Nocturne




Sometimes the best comes from unexpected things, I only decided to get around trying out Persona 3 FES because one of my youtube subscriptions uploaded a song of the game I absolutely loved, and the rest is history, ever since then I became a fan of the series as a whole. I honestly can't really choose which one I prefer over Nocturne, Persona 3 and Persona 4, I think they all simply excel in so many areas in their own way that I'll much rather love them all for what they are. I don't think I can make the games enough justice as to how awesome they are and I feel it's something every JRPGs fans should experience to see how they like it, however what I can say is that these are probably the only games powerful enough to make me look life in a different way, they are simply amazing journeys that really made me look at things differently, and they are altogether kickass games too because they are incredibly fun to play and addictive as hell too. I think any problems I may have with any of these 3 games is minor and I can completely overcome it, and all the good moments they gave me will remain in my memory. A lot of you probably saw this one coming as ever since I got to play Persona 3 I did not stop talking about the series, but I simply cannot praise these 3 games enough. Nocturne has one of the most interesting post-apocaliptic worlds I've ever seen and one of best stories in anything, Persona 3 really builds around an excelent world by developing bonds with people you meet everyday while seeing the city constantly changing as the events of the game unfold, and Persona 4 has the most involved and caring of partners. As far as the gaming industry goes, I don't think Nocturne, Persona 3 FES or Persona 4 will be topped in a long time.

And there you have it folks, those were my favorite games in general, looking back at it maybe I should have just done it a top 30 as I seemed a lot more criticizing with the games mentioned before number 30 and it'd have simply made this list not drag so much, but regardless I hope you enjoyed reading this. Happy holidays and stuff.

Favorite Game List: 20#-11#

20# Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


Lets get one thing clear, I despise interactive movies, I think they are the worst form of videogame someone could come up with as they completely miss the point of being games by having no gameplays, and that's pretty much why Heavy Rain is my least favorite game if I have to go by the standards of the media (if I got by my standards, it's not even a game). Now enter Ace Attorney, a heavily story driven game that still requires you to do some stuff despite that moving through the story is the main reason you play, searching for clues, questioning people and then breaking witnesses argument, it's all really fun and surprisingly satisfying (especially when the judge gives the not-guilty veredict over your client). Every single case is original, full of excentrique yet awesome characters, the twists are mind-blowingly awesome, the music is outstanding and there's just few things as blood pumping as finding a contradiction on each witness argument. While I think the whole Phoenix Wright trilogy is awesome, the first one simply had the biggest impact on me, that, and I think it has the best soundtrack, the best set of cases and overall the best pacing of the series. I haven't gotten around Apollo Justice and Miles Edgeworth yet (although I heard both are somewhat of a mixbag), but here I am hoping Capcom doesn't ruin the 5th Ace Attorney like they have been doing with most of their games lately selling them on an incomplete stage (especially their fighters).

19# Alien Soldier


Hands down the most underrated game on a SEGA system, ever, and that's probably because it never made it outside of Japan until the virtual console. Alien Soldier is non-stop frenetic action of the best sort, the game is pretty much boss after boss after boss (because the stages themselves are really short). Every single one of them feels unique, the challenge is pretty high, but far from impossible, and overall I just really enjoy going through this game over and over again. Presentation wise, it's one of the best looking Genesis games ever made and the soundtrack is incredible. I also really like the variety of weapons you have in your arsenal (although in the end I generally only have 4 homing forces equipped until 7-force where you need a non-fire weapon), even if 2 of them are somewhat useless. I really have no complaints about this game, it's fast paced, it's challenging, it's super action-packed and it's just a blast to play, truly one of the last hurrah for the system.

18# Metroid Prime


Undoubtly one of the most shocking and well constructed transition to the 3rd dimension ever seen in the industry, Metroid Prime is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Visually, it was way ahead of its time, showing easilly one of the best looking games of the generation, and that's not in the only aspect it exceled on. While Super Metroid is a very good game too, I have to say that it can be a bit cryptic regarding which blocks can be blown up with a shot to find a secret room with a neccesary equipment to progress through the game, Metroid Prime fixes this issue by giving you the choice of wether allowing the game to tell you or not where's the next item you need to get, but if you are big aficionado of the old school Metroid games and turn this feature off, well you can! Exploring through Tallon IV is an absolute blast, the shooting mechanics are really reliable and a lot of fun, and the bosses, while they can drag on a bit at times, are all spectacular on their own. The only real problem Prime 1 has it's the Chozo artifacts collecting (it seems Nintendo really thought this was a good idea to bring it back for the whole trilogy), but to be fair I don't think it's that bad in this entry of the series, it's certainly not as atrocious as the triforce shards hunting from Wind Waker. But that issue asides, I do love Prime, and I'm sad to say I think the 3D entries of the series just went downhill from here, up to the point where I really cannot stand the latest console entries of the series (Prime 3 and Other M).

17# Kirby & the Amazing Mirror


I absolutely love the Kirby series, and even though I pick Amazing Mirror as my favorite entry and thus the one to obtain a spot on the list, I really think the series as a whole is fantastic, having fair games at the very worst. The main reason why I love Amazing Mirror the most it's the non-linearity it offers (no doubt I love Metroidvania-esque games so much now) and all the little extras hidden throughout the world that you can obtain by travelling through it (even though a lot of them aren't really worth it, I really do like this aspect of the series and I wish it was brought back in more games). Everything else is just as good as every other entry of the series, I personally love the level design, the music is catchy as in every single other game, the power ups are as over the top and fun to use as always and overall, just everything on this game feels right. There's some slowdown during some of the rooms with the most enemies in them (although that may just be my cartridge getting old), but that asides, I think it's fantastic exploration based game, one that I feel gets criticized a bit harshly by the fan of the series (ironically, some of the oldest Kirby fans hate when the series tries to go through some more refreshing routes rather than sticking truth to the formula, so the exact opposite of Mario and Zelda fans). The closest another entry of the series came to have the whole hidden extras aspect of Amazing Mirror was Squeak Squad, between the poorly hidden treasure chests and the blasphemous new "mix copy abilities" return from Crystal Shards (which is nothing like that awesome gimmick from that game), I must say it was a pretty damn dissapointing game. But as far as Amazing Mirror stands, I'll forever love this game like I'll love this series.

16# Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon


Shining Force is actually the first RPG I've ever played (and yes I know it's a SRPG, it still counts to me). I always got far into the original version, but I could never beat it because I couldn't save the game, buuut in a miraculous day I discovered a GBA remake in a game store and I decided to buy it, and man was I filled with nostalgia and accomplisment once I finished the game. The story is your everyday save the world story in a medieval-esque world pretty much every JRPG had back in the 90's, but it had some decent twists in between. The gameplay is pretty much like Fire Emblem, but with a less useful magic system and no perma-death. There's plenty of character variety, but unfortunately a lot of them join your party way too underleveled to be useful without grinding for it by retiring of the same battle over and over again. But even with those small problems, I love this game to death and I replayed the hell out of it. I consider the GBA remake the superior version because the new art direction is far more fitting to the games themes, the characters get a lot of back story and development that really make you develop a lot more affection towards them (although I may be wrong with this being an exclusive to the remake), and the card system is a pretty cool gimmick, although it makes the game much easier. The new characters are also pretty nice, although it may be hard to find any use for them at first for the previously mentioned problem with how low-leveled they tend to join your party. I have a lot of good memories of this game, and while I played some better ones during all this time, it still has a soft spot in my heart, but even then it's an awesome strategy RPG that I think every fan of the genre should give a shot. This is another one of those cases where I thought the first game was enough to satisfy my desire to try the series out, something about Shining Force 2 just never did it for me and nearly every other entry of the series either never left Japan or is just a pretty obscure game that's worth fortunes.

15# Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal


Easily the pinnacle of the series, Up Your Arsenal further improved over all the good things Going Commando brought to the table, eliminated all the pointless things that kept that game from being as good (the spaceship, races and giant clank sections) and simply didn't bullsh*t around, it offered all the aspects that made the series fun to begin with without any of that pointless junk in between. Honestly, I feel this has by far the best arsenal of weapons, the best designed worlds and the best arena challenges of the series, it's everything you'd expect the series to be about. Unfortunately, it seems everything after this just was a step in the wrong direction, sure there was a Crack in Time between all the mediocre releases as of late and I'd go as far as saying it's the 2nd best of the series, but even then it's like Insomniac no longer knows what to do with it, maybe they should just stop producing anymore games of the series before it turns into another Spyro. Not much else to say about here, it's certainly more oriented on being a shooter than a platformer, but it's a blast none the less.

14# Resident Evil 4


My comments regarding Zombies when I talked about Zombies Ate my Neighbours was probably enough to hint that I don't like the older Resident Evil games, I personally can't stand the tank-ish controls and overall, while the games may have an eerie atmosphere, they are really not scary (although I don't think it's that easy to be scared with a PS1 game). So, with no real previous interest on the series I decided to give RE4 a shot after a friend nagged me to play it, and it was excelent. It may be so different over its predeccesors up to the point where it could have been a new IP like Devil May Cry, but I honestly don't care, this is really the only game in the series I enjoy. The action is tight, the gameplay is a blast, I really love the amount of content within the game and all the unlockables you can get, and there's just so many ways to replay this game, it truly had that Kamiya touch that seems to make every game he works on so good. While Resident Evil 4 may not be scary (asides from the regenerators), I do think it suceed at giving a dark atmosphere the the REmake for Gamecube, so at least it go that for the whiniest of the oldest entries of the series fanboys. Again, RE4 seems to be the one time charm for this series with me, while I do want to give Revelations a shot now, I really cannot stand either the PS1 trilogy with its more aged gameplay, or the new entries that are so ridiculously action packed and blandly designed I just no longer have fun with them, it's surprising how boring RE5 is considering it's just more of the same but with co-op. Anyways, as far as RE4 goes, it's easily one of my favorite games of the last gen, a blast from beggining to end.

13# Chrono Trigger


I think that every fan of RPGs loves Chrono Trigger as much as I do, it's just a game that was vastly ahead of its time. The presentation was just way ahead of the SNES days and I'm shocked Square could have done something like this during 1995, the soundtrack is easily among the most memorable you'll ever hear in a videogame, progressing through the story is an absolute blast, there's a lot of different endings you can obtain through the gamw (which just makes the already long game ridiculously replayable), the story and characters are all wonderful, and this is probably the only RPG I've seen where fulfilling sidequests had some sort of effect in the story, not only you get a piece of backstory from a party member, but you also get to modify the future and create a better world, no other RPG ever did that, and that's why CT probably has the best sidequests ever made, they have some actual impact on the story. Despite being one of the most critically acclaimed games ever made, Chrono Trigger only has 1 spiritual succesor known as Chrono Cross, and to be perfectly honest, I hate it passionately, it's not a matter of being called a Chrono game and being nothing like the first game, I just think every single aspect of the game is awful, why Square why!?

12# Bayonetta


My personal favorite action game, nothing is as ridiculously over the top or fun as Bayonetta. It's like a more accesible and accelerated Devil May Cry, the combo system allows for plenty of variety in your moveset, you unlock plenty of weapons throughout the game to further increase Bayonettas arsenal, the combat is addictive as it can get and the bosses are epic, they all reach ridiculous proportions and just seeing how Bayonetta destroys the living sh*t out of them makes their fight so good. This is actually one of the few current PS3 games I'd replay after going through its platinum, something I generally don't do because I just find their design to be not that great to make it worth revisiting them, but Bayonetta is one of those exceptions just because it's so much fun to play (well, except for that damn bike mission). The only problem with this game is that the story makes absolutely no sense, but hey at least it doesn't fully tries to take itself seriously unlike a previously mentioned game on this list (*cough*GodofWar*cough*). I'm among the fans that's actually willing to buy a WiiU to get to play Bayonetta 2 rather than boycott the game for that (although I'd wait to see the system has more than 1 game before getting it, not going to make that mistake again).

11# Valkyria Chronicles


I love Valkyria Chronicles so much, it's such a refreshing take on SRPGs that seems to do just about everything right. It kind of mixes the already mentioned genre with RTS to create a pretty interesting and excelently executed hybrid, it's kind of hard to explain without having played the game, but rather than telling your unit what to do in the battlefield you actually take control of them once you choose to move them. Every map is fairly varied and requires you to apply a fair amount of different strategies to be able to clear them, while some of them can get a bit frustrating (particularly any with hidden lancers that can 1 shot your tank and instantly trigger a game over), they are all challenging in a fair way. While I wouldn't call the story amazing (in fact, I found nearly all the twists to be pretty predictable), it's pretty well written, and every character gets plenty of development, be it through side missions you can unlock later down the road or through each character encyclopedia article, you can even tell they have some of their character traits on their battle lines. The presentation is as top notch as everything else, with the graphics taking a more artistic route making everything look like some sort of canvas brought to life, certainly better than nearly every PS3 exclusive "technical achievement" by simply going through a realistic direction, and the music is simply lovely, I really dig the orchestra used throghout the whole game. I have no real complaints towards Valkyria Chronicles per say, but I do really hate the anime, every single character was ruined by turning them onto anime tropes we have seen to death already rather than remaining their original personality, and the story just feels so much slower paced. I could ramblem a bit more in depth as to why I don't like at all the anime adaptation, but that'd just make this drag on, I'll just say that despite all the bad game to show adaptations there's already out there, this one is probably the most offensive of them all.

And next comes the final part of this blog series, I bet some of you can already guess which games are in it, but ehhh, lets see if you are right then :v

Favorite Games List: 30#-21#

30#Batman Arkham City


Arkham City was actually a pretty nice suprise last year, I never got much into any sort of media with Batman in it (be it the comics, the cartoons or the movies) and Arkham Asylum never caught my attention, any time I saw gameplay footage of it I couldn't help but feel it was pretty dull looking. Considering the tremendous amount of praise Asylum got, a lot of people were hyped for City, I wasn't part of that crowd, but I must admit, the first time I saw a trailer of the game I was actually impressed (unlike with anything I saw from its predeccesor). So after finding a good deal for the game, I got around giving City a shot, and needless to say I greatly enjoyed the game. The atmosphere the gothic city gives is tremendous and it's definitly among my favorite parts of the game, the combat is suprisingly a lot better than what I expected it'd be (defeating a bunch of enemies and never getting hit by them is incredibly satisfying) and the amount of content in this game is tremendous, be it carrying on side-quests and discovering various other villains from the Batman mythos, going out of your way to get the riddler trophies or completing the challenges. For the most part, when I see a game has DLC, then chances are the package ain't as big as it truly could have been, but Arkham City seems to be an exception (although the extra playable characters and the new campaign are so lackluster they are barely worth any sort of investment onto them). With all that said, I do see now why a lot of people consider this the best game of 2011, it truly was among the best games released last year.

29# Zombies Ate my Neighbours


Truth to be said, I hate zombies, I think they are over-used, super cliche and boring horror creatures with no appeal or whatsoever, they are just dead people with no mental or physical capabilities to do anything by their own, considering how rotten their body must be, I'm pretty sure just about anyone could give them a kick and make them blow into pieces (or at least make them fall onto the ground). Despite its name, Zombies Ate my Neighbours actually has a lot more to offer than just the most boring of creatures, there's a lot of other staple from the horror genre, and all of them remain fairly faithful to their sourcs (with werewolves being weak to silver items and whatnot). This game is an absolute blast to play, and it's also pretty damn hard, you only get a password every 4 stages you beat, and considering that the further you progress, the harder the levels become, this may not be such a good idea, because you get nowhere near as much as equipment if you start from level 20 than you would if you start from level 1, one way or another, you'll have a hard time progressing through this game. However my biggest complain with this game is the multiplayer, it's an excelent idea in concept, but considering you are limited to move to the exact same places your partner is going to (as there's no split-screen), there's nowhere near as much possible strategy as there could be, in fact I think this worsens the experience and it's a better idea to play this alone. Perhaps an updated re-release on current-gen systems with online support would solve this problem, but it's doubtful that'll happen at this rate. But yeah, other than that this is pretty much among the best horror themed games made.

28# Catherine


Catherine is an odd one, I loved the story concept when I first played the demo, but the puzzle-themed gameplay pulled me off because, as I mentioned before, it was never my thing. But after picking it up I can safely say this eventually grows on you, climbing those gigantic block puzzles gets pretty addictive after you get used to the different strategies to build stairs and the story, as expected from Atlus, just gets better as you prgoress through the game. This is also a pretty challenging game, it never becomes impossible as every tower clearly has a solution, but the bosses can be a bit of a hassle, especially the more cheap ones like doom bride. Similar to Arkham City, another thing I love about this game is it's content, the single player itself ain't particularly long, but between the multiple endings, the Rapunzel stages, the Babel stages you unlock by obtaining golden prizes and the competitive multiplayer, Catherine does feel like a full game (unlike a lot of current generation games).

27# Portal 2


Portal 2 is awesome, but I think everyone already knows that. The original was a nice experiment, but wasn't all that amazing due to some questionable later test chambers and the overall length. Portal 2 isn't only much longer, but an overall much more varied and just a better designed game. The story is certainly a bit more elaborated this time around with it's fair amount of twists (and plenty of witty dialogue to never lose the sense of humor from the original), the light hard surfaces and gels offer some fantastic new possibilities for puzzles, and the co-op campaign is downright hilarious. I have clocked around 30 hours playing Portal 2, which is a huge improvement over the original, however it still suffers from lack of replay value, because like many puzzles, once you know the answer, there's barely any reason to return to the game. I know the PC version offers the level editor to solve this issue, but even then, I don't feel that most user created levels are on the same level as those made by the developers. That asides, Portal 2 is a blast while it lasts.

26# Ristar


Before Nights Into Dreams, there was Ristar the Shooting Star, Sonic Team first less known gem. Like a lot of Genesis games, it suffered from sells due to its very late release on the system lifespan, but because of this it was one of the games to take the most advantage of the so called "blast processing". The graphics were incredible, the music was catchy and each world had its own little nice atmosphere. One thing I must remark about the world themes is that some of the latter ones have a fairly original setting, namely, the music and gravity stages. There's also a nice amount of secrets hidden within each stage, the most remarcable ones being the each special pole that took you to the special stage, boiling it down all what the treasures inside these stages do is give you extra points, but it's nice finding them none the less. I must say, the game does have a pretty good difficulty curve, it gets proggresively harder and the last boss is pretty challenging. That's Ristar for you, a fantastic 2D platformer that was sadly ignored at first because of its late release date.

25# Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend


My main complain with most fighting games is that they offer a poor experience when it comes to the single player (Capcom games of this genre are particularly guilty of this). Enter Blazblue, a fighter that actually has a story mode, and a very well written one at that. Every character gets pretty well fleshed out throghout their own stories and you can actually love them for how they are instead of just considering their actions cool. But asides from that, BB comes with your typical arcade mode, a survival-esque mode that offers you various upgrades while you progress through it, score attack which is pretty much the biggest challenge of the game, and lastly, a tutorial and challenge mode. Thank god Arksys actually knows not everyone that picks up a fighter knows how to play them right from the scratch, the tutorial actually does a pretty good job at covering the basic mechanics of the game, while challenge mode is good for more advanced players to learn how to start comboing attacks. Now I know what a lot of you are probably thinking, didn't Guilty Gear also do this? Well, I wouldn't know because I never played GG....but as far as Blazblue goes, it's one of the awesomest fighters ever done. The main reason why I chose Continuum Shift Extend is because it's the game of the series I own.

24# Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage


Ahhh, Spyro 2, one of the games that defined my childhood. Surely it deserved a high place among my favorites, right? Well, it does, but it originally was a bit higher, but after returning to the game last year, I must say the game has some obvious aging issues, mostly due to the camera (which as a lot of early 3D platformers, it didn't really help you see whats around you very well) and the controls (which are slightly slippery). Some of the stages however were always a pain to me, particularly the fauns stage and that damn robotic farm. But that asides, Spyro 2 was a tremendous improvement over the original, it was no longer just a collect-a-ton that made you reach the end of the stage thanks to the newly added side-missions, which are pretty varied and fun (my favorite being blowing up space-sheeps in the metropolis). Spyro 2 was a big success in pretty much every aspect, and it got a sequel, which I honestly didn't really enjoy much if only because the partners are so dull and boring to play as...

23# Final Fantasy VI


I'm not a big fan of Final Fantasy honestly, my introduction to the series was IV and to be perfectly honest...I hated it in pretty much every aspect, but once VI hit the virtual console I decided to give it a shot after hearing so much praise towards it, and what can I say it did live to the hype. The characters are very well fleshed out throughout the story and they all have their own special moment where we learn about their past, which is pretty surprising considering the cast of playable characters is pretty big in this game, making them all very likeable (for the most part, Gau is still a stupid character with very little purpose). The plot is excelent, being easily among the best told in a videogame during the 16-bit era, and there's a lot of hidden secrets and sidequests to expand the already fairly lengthy game lastability. The main problem I can come up with is something that plagued nearly every RPG back then, random encounters are annoying, but hey at least you get the airship halfway through the game. After this I decided to jump into FFIX next, and while I did think the game was great and all, some problems I had with it kept me away from really wanting to try out more of the traditional series and my interest kind of died afterwards (yes I didn't play VII and I honestly don't plan to do so), that, and honestly pretty much everything done from FFX and onwards simply disgusts me. Oh, and one last thing, Kefka is an excelent villain.

22# Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening


Considering my comment towards the God of War series, it was a given a Devil May Cry game would make it somewhere into this countdown, and what better choice than what's chronologically the first game in the series. Truth to be said, I didn't start appreciating this game until my 2nd playthrough when I was powered up enough to progress with not so much trouble against the rather hard difficulty (mind you, I played the original version), but ever since I fell in love with DMC3. The variety of attacks you can do, the amount of cool weapons and all the mixups you can create with the different play-styles you have in the game (my personal favorite being swordmaster), there's just so many different ways to play this game, add to this the hidden missions to obtain health/devil gauge upgrades, multiple difficulty settings and (the latter included through the special edition) the ability to play as Vergil, there's just a lot in this game, I'm surprised Capcom actually pulled off such a big game considering their reputation now. My only complaint about this game is something that plagues nearly every single game in Capcoms history...forced boss rushes nearby the end of the game, really this is just a pointless way to make a game drag out, don't get me wrong, the bosses in this game are mostly great and all, but I just hate being forced to do this, they should just make it an optional challenge after beating the game to get some sort of unlockable or just an optional challenge to the player, not something that's neccesary to do to progress through the game. With all that said, I'm not happy with how DmC is turning out to be, I pretty much dislike everything I got to experience from the demo.

21# Pokemon Silver/Soulsilver



Most people consider Gold/Silver and their respective remakes to be the best games in the series, and honestly I can't blame them as they are pretty much the only time the series bothered to properly evolve from its predeccesor. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed gen 3, but it really didn't do much to further evolve the series, and then nothing about generation 4 compelled me to really return to it once I beat it and I lost interest in the series ever since (although I heard Black & White 2 is really good). But anyways, Silver pretty much fixed every issue with the first generation and further expanded onto it. Pokemons were rebalanced (particularly the psychic type), new optional events like the bug catching contest were added, the addition of genders allowed for breeding (a new obsession among the most hardcore fans of the series), the story certainly feels more involved (at least during the first half of the game) and you are actually allowed to travel to Kanto once you beat the elite four, so rather than being done with the game you are actually halfway through it. While they are virtually the same game with different pokemon in some areas, I mostly prefer Silver because A- I prefer Lugia over Ho-OH and B-I actually prefer silver over gold when it comes to metals and such. If only GameFreak and Nintendo could try a console outing with the same formula of the handheld games mixing at least the first 3 regions of the series, I'm not sure if I'd be perfectly executed, but it's at least worth a shot rather than repeating the same thing over again.

Favorite Games List: 40-31#

Annnnnnd carrying on from last part

40# Megaman X


I'm not really a big fan of the Megaman series, between my bias towards 8-bit games and dislike towards some of classic Megaman design (I honestly hate how ridiculous the bosses weakness was performed, even if it was fixed in later games) and the lack of interest over the latter RPG instalments, I just don't see much of the appeal to it. The first Megaman X is a different story though, everything about the game just felt so much more intense and fun. The hidden secrets also incentivate a bit more of exploration than the other games (asides from being better rewards than some of the hidden items in the Classic series), and, while with their weaknesses they also become fairly easier, bosses are no longer such a joke as before. Unfortunately, X seemed to be a one time charm, whilst I did enjoy X4, it just wasn't quite on par with the first instalment of the series, everything else just was either nowhere near as engaging as the first game or downright dull (or nearby broken in the case of X6 and X7). But yeah, I'm not a big fan of the series, but I do love the first X (despite how much I may hate the enemy respawning in this game).

39# Shadow of the Colossus


While not a game for everybody, most of the people that like Shadow of the Colossus love it to death. I'll say, while I do think there's a lot of great things about the game, it's also ultimately flawed. The bosses (with an exception of 2 or 3), atmosphere, it's artistry and soundtrack are all top notch, but for the most part you'll spend your time riding on your house in a huge, empty overworld with nothing to do in it. There's no warp points or shortcuts to travel through this massive island, so you'll better get used to that riding. The controls and camera are also...questionable, to say the least, especially in hard mode. I'll give props to Sony for trying to create something unique and succeeding in a lot of key points, but at the same time, I can't fully love this game because the previously mentioned problems, it just makes the game harder to enjoy that what it should be.

38# Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars


It's that fighting game with a bunch of anime characters no one outside of Japan knows. Joking asides, this is probably my favorite Capcom fighter out there, it's far more accesible than any other of their vs Capcom games and it also has plenty of depth for the more hardcore fighters. Honestly, while Marvel vs Capcom 3 may have more characters to play as, I just feel the game is nowhere near as user friendly and it does an atrocious job at teaching you how the hell to do anything in the game and vs Capcom 2...well, I think that game is downright unplayable. But I'm starting to ramble here, Tatsunoko has a pretty lackluster singer player and its online setup kind of sucks (probably due to the Wiis underpowered hardware), but I enjoy the mechanics a lot, and despite being fairly bland, I do find myself playing this game alone every now and then, while playing with friends is where the true fun it's at, I can say I enjoy the game alone, unlike the Marvel vs Capcom series... My favorite team is probably Morrigan with Casshern.

37# Perfect Dark


And now for the only more traditional FPS I enjoy, Perfect Dark was an absolute blast to play with friends, be it co-operatively or against each other. Unfortunately because I never owned a N64 and I was limited to play this at friends, I can't talk as much about it as I'd want to, buuut its arsenal of weapons was awesome (the double cyclone being my favorite), the campaing was pretty good and the multi-player alone made this game worth picking up. Sadly, Perfect Dark only had one sequel...when Rare was bought by Microsoft, and boy was that dissapointing.

36# World of Goo


World of Goo was a nice surprise, I'm not a fan of puzzles, at all, but that may be because they often simply focus on making you play for a high score rather than offer some sort of single player mode. I like World of Goo because it actually offers a pretty lengthy experience for an indie game, it has a great atmosphere, an awesome soundtrack and, considering how well crafted the levels are, it's surprising this was developed by simply 2/3 people. The last world does feel a bit bland if only because it's so short, but every other aspect makes World of Goo feel as it was more of a complete game than a lot of big budget games created by big developers. And this is really the only other indie game I enjoyed, otherwise I feel most of these games are just overhyped by hipsters.

35# Klonoa 2: Lunateas Veil


Ah Klonoa, you surely don't get much love. It's a shame because Lunateas Veil for PS2 is a really good 2D platformer, easy yes, but great none the less. The levels were varied, the bosses (while pathetic) had some interesting gimmick involvements, the music was great and I do love the presentation of this game. The story is like a very mediocre anime aimed for kids and there could have been a bit more content into the final product, but everything else makes this game one of the finest 2D platformers of the 6th gen. It's sad it's possible remake may never see the light of day, because this is truly a much more entertaining and well designed game than Door to Phantomile (and it also lacks an extremely annoying partner with the shape of a bubble). The only thing that'd be even better than that is an actual Klonoa 3, but lets face reality, this series doesn't sell enough for an HD instalment and Namco is greedy like nearly every other company in the market.

34# Oddworld: Strangers Wrath


By far the best game EA has published as far as my opinion goes. An excelent atmosphere, a pretty intriguing mix of platforming with FPS elements, a surprisingly well told story for its genre and one of the coolest characters I've seen from the last generation. Strangers Wrath is unlike any game you have played, and it's a pretty interesting experience, the only issue that comes to mind are the somewhat stiff controls airborne while jumping, the difficulty spikes and a certain event halfway through that makes you lose all of your upgrades (making them pointless to buy), but the greatly designed wester-esque hybrid more than makes up for this with everything else.

33# Jak & Daxter the Precursors Legacy


The first Jak & Daxter may simply be another collect-a-ton platformer in the market, but it's one of the best designed ones, and best of all, it connects all of the stages through a big overworld with absolutely no loading times after the title screen, how awesome is that? The bosses are certainly lacking, but it's not like most platformers have a good focus on that aspect anyways. Unfortunately in an attempt to give the series an identity of its own, Naught Dog added weapons and vehicles into the next instalments of the series. While the weapons are welcome additions (although it does slightly feel like an attempt to make the game more like Ratchet & Clank), the vehicles simply control like sh*t and make the missions that involve driving them the more infuriating. I can't really comment on Jak 2 having not played it, but 3 does plague half of the game with poorly controlled driving missions that make me go crazy of frustration. So yeah, this is another 1 time charm series, sadly.

32# Contra Hard Corps


The manliest of all games, Contra Hard Corps will push your run and shoot skills to their limits, especially because it throws so much stuff at you at once and you need such ridiculous reactions to avoid them. For whatever reasons, the american version of this game removed the 3 hits life-bar and made it like every previous game in the series, you take 1 hit and you are dead, so this is easily the hardest entry of the series and one of the hardest games ever made. Despite all the frustration this game may give you, it has the best content of the series, 4 playable characters all with their different array of weapons and different stages depending on your choices on how to progress through the game, now how's that not awesome? Sadly, this game suffered the same fate as Castlevania Bloodlines and it was never re-released in any other way outsides of the Genesis, you know, I'd certainly pay to play an updated version of this game with online supported co-op, consider it a suggestion Konami.

31# God of War II


Similar to Kingdom Hearts, I enjoy most of the God of War games I've played, but at the same time I can't really reccomend them. The plot of the series is a very poor everyday cliche revenge story, Kratos is one of the most unlikeable main characters ever created and the overall combat is a bit too simplistic, this isn't bad per say as it makes the game for accesible than, say, Devil May Cry, but at the same time it makes them a lot more repetitive because the combo variety is a lot more limited, thus making you often spam the same attack over and over again. I can deal with repetition for the most part, but it's certainly a main draw-back that can make the game not so enjoyable to most part. Now on the things I like about the series, the presentation is always spectacular and greatly exploits each of their home consoles hardware, a lot of the bosses are not only huge, but a lot of fun to fight and upgrading your weapons/spells is incredibly satisfying. The main reason why I choose 2 is because it has the longest story mode and the better content of the series entries. While I do think the game is much better in pretty much every aspect from the first game, there's one key point that really bothers me about this game that its predeccesor did very well (in my opinion at least), the setting and atmosphere of the game is very lacking. Everything just feels so damn grey and samey, the temple of Lachesys is simply my least favorite area of the 4 games in the series I played. But hey, where it matters the most, it improves, and after that we got God of War of the most dissapointing games of this generations if you ask me.

Thanks for reading and see you next part, where we start seeing the games I absolutely adore in nearly every aspect.

Favorite Games List: 50-41#

Carrying on from last part, and this is the last part to feature some licensed games, despite their generally awfulnesss/mediocrity, I have found a bunch that I enjoy (although they all happen to be games I loved years ago and I haven't touched since then).

50# Digimon Rumble Arena 2


Digimon was a pretty big part of my childhood as far as anime goes, ever since its first commercial it reminded me of Pokemon and I was pretty hyped to watch it. While it's something that's mostly good in my eyes due to nostalgia, I think Rumble Arena 2 is a very fun game to play with friends, if you didn't own a GC, this is one of the closest things you'd get to play Melee on your PS2/Xbox. Despite being a pretty damn unbalanced fighter, I had a lot of fun playing it, and there's plenty of characters variety thanks to the digi-evolution gimmick. One of my main draws of the game is that they removed some characters from the original (yeah is a pretty different play style from its predeccesor, but I'd have much prefer to keep more Digimon 3 digimons over any of that Digimon 4 garbage). I enjoyed this game so much that if there was a sequel released for PS3 or whatever sometime this gen, I'd be tempted to buy it, considering it keeps it's Smash Bros-esque play style.

49# The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King


I have to say, the lord of the rings is an odd one when it comes to media adaptation. The books are good, the movies are good and the games are also good (although I have no idea how the latest ones were as I never played them), it's like it's destined to be good or something. Anyways, the game is pretty much a 3D beat em up with some RPG elements, you level up by defeating enemies and earning experience, and with that experience you can eventually unlock new moves by buying them after ending a level. There's not so much of a gameplay difference from the Two Towers asides from adding some new playable characters and new moves, but the multiplayer is what mostly makes this game more enjoyable. Beat em ups are just a hell of a lot better with friends, and this is no exception. While the game is a bit on the short side, it remains enjoyable for the most part, and I'm glad it doesn't overstay its welcome by dragging on like a certain other game on this list that'll be mentioned soon.

48# Stars Wars BattleFront II


I'm not the biggest fan of sci-fi or Star Wars, but the amount of time I spent playing BattleFront 2 is pretty remarcable. With a vast array of maps, different classes to satisfy any possible need you may have while on battle, the introduction fo playable heroes/villains and a fairly lengthy campaign, I have to say this is one of the few shooters I enjoy. While I never had that PS2 adaptor thing to play online, I'm sure this is one of those games I'd get hooked by because all of my friends loved playing it back then. Unfortunately, it seems any possibilities for a 3rd entry of this sub-series has been scrapped, and so my interest for Star Wars games (I found Force Unleashed to be pretty average).

47# Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest


I hate the first Donkey Kong Country, I think the only thing it offers is graphics way ahead of its time, other than that it's as generic as a platformer can get with some of the worse level designs I have seen during the 16-bit days (maybe not that bad, but I certainly thing it's of low quality). The sequel did catch me by surprise though, while the gameplay isn't all that different, I think the animal buddies serve a far better purpose than before (as now they actually do something and they are required for progression) and the overall level design is miles better. Oh, and the bosses are nowhere near as embarassing now, they seem to attempt killing you and they are fairly decent from a gameplay perspective. And so with this game my interest for the series died, I played a mediocre game at best and a fairly good one, and despite hearing good things about Returns for Wii, I'll much rather leave it that way.

46# Kid Icarus Uprising


Whoa a game from 2012 already!? Kid Icarus is one of the biggest surprises I had, when it was first shown on E3 2010 it looked awesome, but as more gameplay was shown, the more I felt it was a generic mixup of space-shooter (but without the space part) and God of War clone (I'm sick of those), buuuut thanks to a certain Best Buy offer I managed to give this game a try and I was pretty impressed by it. The controls are very awkward at first yes, but you get used to them, the gameplay is a lot of fun, the campaign has a surprisingly decent length and the replay value is all over the place with different chalenges, multiple difficulty settings and stronger weapons you can fuse. Sakurai, I'm sorry to have doubted you, but you truly did something spectacular returning the Kid Icarus series to life.

45# No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle


For all the mixed reception the first No More Heroes got, I'd have to say I dislike it a lot actually. The story is great because it's hilarious and the bosses are fun yes, but the things you have to do in between each boss is simply tedious and not fun at all. Doing generic job mini-games to earn money to pay a bill for the ranked assassin fights all this while traveling through a lifeless hub with absolutely nothing interesting to do and a poorly controlled bike, why do people enjoy the first game again? It's not like the combat makes up for it, it's as boring as it can get, both on Wii and PS3.

The sequel however, does make a lot of things right, the combat is greatly improved with a more varied moveset, more swords that do differ in control and usefulness, no hubworld or bills to get in the way from each ranked fight and just an overall better structure. Unfortunately for all the good it does, the game does have a much weaker story, most of the bosses barely get any development and the overall plot is just a generic revenge story poorly portrayed (with some fairly decent humor every now and then). But still, I care mostly for gameplay, and in that aspect, No More Heroes 2 trumps the original by a long shot.

44# Castle Crashers


If I have to make a confession, it's that I honestly can't enjoy anymore retro beat em ups. They feel repetitive as hell due to the lack of moveset or combo variety, the control is often clunky due to some restrictions made from the arcade to console porting and you really need to play these games with someone else to enjoy them. I honestly can no longer stand Golden Axe and, as much as I loved playing Streets of Rage with my sisters, I can no longer play it (although it's certainly not as torturous to play as the previously mentioned). Castle Crashers does a lot of things right to me, the control is flawless, the rpg elements do bring some life into a nearby dead genre, the differing spells from each character and unlockables incentivate replays (although a lot of these extra characters are basically just new skins), and online play. I think every multiplayer-centered game needs some sort of online option as not all of us have the accesibility to play with friends under the same roof anymore, and I'm grateful Castle Crashers did this (despite some connectivity issues) and that's one of the main reasons why I find Scott Pilgrim vs the World to be such a mediocre game (there I said it). Now onto the games main issues, it drags on a bit mainly because of 2 stages, the volcano and the dessert. These are too long for their own good, the volcano has no checkpoints so death pretty much means starting all over from the beggining, and the dessert is just such a dull overused theme no one enjoys because they are so empty and boring. That asides, I think this is the closest I'll get to love the beat em up genre again, unfortunately everything else just doesn't entertain me anymore.

43# Nights Into Dreams...


Nights is pretty much considered the game you'd have to own if you owned a Saturn and one of the few great games for the system, not to say the Saturn had a lacking library, but if you want to enjoy the console to its fullest you'd have to mod it so it can read imported games, as pretty much all the great games were left in Japan unfortunately. Anyways, the game is pretty fun, flying feels great and the controls just make the experience more enjoyable. There's so much I can say about the game due to its simplicity, but my main grip against it are some of the bosses, that while not hard, they feel a bit cheap at times if only because they have wonky collition detection. I'm glad this was recently released on the PSN/XBLA, because before the only way to get around playing this game was buying a Saturn (or importing the PS2 japanese version), but now a new generation can get access to this nice gem that looks, sounds and plays great.

42# Bully


I don't like Rockstar or its games, they catter to a completely opposite crowd than mine and overall I just don't have that much fun with their games. Bully is the exception if only because of its school ambience, I can't really relate to the characters no, as I was pretty much someone that barely cared for the others in school and they didn't pay me much attention either, but I feel that each character is practically an a**hole in the game, just like nearly everyone was in school, so what better way to vent rage over annoying school classmates than by torturing fictional idiots? I'm not someone that generally hates other without reason or tries to act like a prick neither in real life or in videogames, buuut when they deserve punishment in fiction, why not give it to them? So yeah, I enjoy Bully because you get to treat idiots like they deserve it (although your character is also one of them, I suppose).

41# Tales of Symphonia


Tales of Symphonia is actually one of those games that takes a while to pick up, but when it does, you won't want to stop playing. The story starts being a bit cliche, your everyday save the world story, but after a certain event around 8-10 hours into the game, the story and gameplay really start to pick up. The game stops being a complete button masher by adding some more moves variety and upping the difficulty, and the plot just moves at a much better pace. There was a lot of times where I thought the game was ending when in reality there was a lot more to be done yet, and all of these were actually pretty good twists. The characters are also pretty good, I'm not really fond of the Sage siblings as they both annoy me, but everyone else is in my okay book. Unfortunately, I think this is a one time love series, while I want to import Vesperia for PS3, I can't really say any previous or later entries of the series interest me that much, but as far as Symphonia goes, it was a pretty darn good time while it lasted (slow first hours aside).

Favorite Game List: 60-51#

60# Dynamite Headdy


While Treasure is generally known for shooter-esque games (particularly of the rail shooter type), I think Dynamite Headdy is one of their most solid products. While the game becomes ridiculously hard halfway through, I greatly enjoy all the powerups Headdy can get to interact with the level and defeat enemies/bosses, this actually reminds me a lot of Kirby due to how many different powerups there are, although clearly this is the much harder game. If there's something else I can remark about this game, it's how bizarre some of the bosses are, seriously Treasure, what up with that tradition in your older games?



Punch Out is often criticized for being merely a graphical update with a new control scheme added to the game, and while that may be true, as someone that never played the older games, I must admit I thorougly enjoyed the game. Granted, it's not exactly the game with the most content, but I think it offers enough to make the game worth the 20-25 price. I appreciate that the game seems to differentiate itself from a boxing game to a more strategestic kind of thing, although it may rely a bit on trial and error at times. My favorite part of the game though would have to be its whole presentation though, the cartoony cel-shaded graphics just fill the game with a lot of charm, and that's the main reason why I decided to give this reboot a shot.

58#Spiderman 2


What's this complete in deusth thing... It's surprising there's a game published by Activision at all in this list, but I remember enjoying Spiderman 2 quite a bit when I was younger, the game is incredibly short and once you beat it there's really not much to do asides from mess around (unless you are obsessed enough to go and get every hero achievement possible), but while it last it's pretty enjoyable. Sadly, it seems every Spiderman game after this went downhill one way or another, kind of makes me glad I didn't care enough to try anymore games.

57#Super Meat Boy


I'm not exactly the biggest Indie fan, I often find their game to receive a lot of praise only because they manage to release a product with low budget, but they often fail to have an endearing gameplay or decent mechanics (hence why I don't care for Braid or Limbo), but Super Meat Boy is a pretty good platformer....and a ridiculously difficult one. Beating this game was brutal, and I don't think that anyone that wants to keep their sanity should go for 100%. I do think it's worth the 15$ price tag, there's a lot of extra levels asides from those of the main story mode and a surprising amount of different playable characters that do alter the experience (generally for the better too), now if only I were capable to unlock all of this.

56#3D Dot Game Heroes


3D Dot Game Heroes is an obvious shameless Zelda clone, but it's far from being a bad one, although it doesn't quite reach greatness either. The game is a lot of fun for the most part, the character builder can be addictive if that's your thing, the amount of sidequests is plentiful and for the most part they do give decent rewards, there's plenty of old games references (which are mostly funny) and the whole "power up your sword" concept is pretty cool. Unfortunately, 3DDGH suffer 1 big drawback, it has a very bland dungeon design, if there's a reason why I don't quite consider this to be on par with the 2D Zelda games is the lack of interesting puzzles or bosses, and it doesn't help that the 5th dungeon has the worst gimmick possible (basically if you die, you have to start the whole thing all over again until you reach the warp tile, a nightmare especially on spelunker mode) and the 7th dungeon is a rehash of all 6 previous dungeons, with bosses included. Still, considering how long has it been since a console 2D Zelda game, this is a decent enough replacement if you are craving one. It's not the longest of game, but there's a surprising amount of content, especially if you go for the platinum.



Journey is probably the only other Indie game I enjoy asides from the previously mentioned one, which is surprising as I cannot stand either FloW or Flower. The game is really short and its price tag is rather questionable for anyone, but the experience is unique and there's really no other game like this. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is suprisingly fun, flying around and sliding on the sand just gives a relaxing feeling. The way you interact with your partner through the whole game is also pretty interesting, considering you don't know who he is nor you have any proper way to communicate with them, but at the same time you form somewhat of a bond as long as you travel with them trying to progress through the game or finding the hidden secrets. If it was either longer or more replayable perhaps Journey would have made it higher onto the list, but while the game lasts, it's a great change of pace.

54#Bugs Bunny Lost in Time


What's this, more licensed games? and from a cartoon!? Believe it or not this was actually the first 3D platformer I have ever played, and while at its core is a fairly similar Mario 64 clone (clocks instead of stars much?), I think the level design was fairly interesting. Granted, it's not as massive or as ground breaking as Mario 64, but I think there was plenty of enjoyment to be had with this game. I haven't played it in ages to see how it holds up (and my ps1 is broken now), but I think it should still be a pretty fun game, there's a surprising amount of variety within each level gimmicks and playstiles. The main drawbacks from the game would be the dull bosses and there's really not much of a point in collecting all blocks, the reward simply ain't worth it (you get to see the credits, wooo...).

53#Kingdom Hearts


Years ago this would actually figure among my 10 favorite games, but ever since then not only I played more stuff, but I also realised something, Kindom Hearts has an atrocious story and it's one of those games I can't really reccomend to anyone, they are the exact definition of a guilty pleasure. Combining Final Fantasy with Disney is simply goofy, and it's very understandable while fans of the former would hate this considering how much they butchered each Final Fantasy character (especially Setzer in KH2, a sequel that gets an awful lot of praise for simply making the combat mash X till the end), buuut I do think the combat was enjoyable enough to bring me to finish the game. I do agree the overall plot is very cheesy at its best, the original characters and overall maind themes of the game feel super cliche and they don't really do much to differentiate itself from other stories of the sort (rescuing your lost love, comfronting evil and whatnot), but it's pretty sad to say, this is still the game with the best story in the series, as everything afterwards becomes a massive clusterf*ck. But yeah, the main reason why I enjoy the game is the action RPG combat mechanics, it suffers from a lot of problems and it's much more understandable why someone would hate this rather than enjoy it, but at least the gameplay is decent enough right? As long as we ignore those oh so awful gummi ship sequences...

52#Odin Sphere


If you ever heard me talk about Odin Sphere before, chances are you think I hate it, but that's far from being the truth. Granted, this game has aggravated me because there's an awful lot lack of recovery frames that SHOULD be in the game and the difficulty is absurd at times. It doesn't help you go through the same locations and face the same bosses 5 times or so with little to no gameplay difference (with a particular atrocious character that has the worst beggining stats and combat, if you thought it was the fairy, you guessed right). But cheapness aside, I think the game has an amazing story, you'll probably have no idea what the story is really about until you get to Velvets story, but the patient players will be rewarded by an excelent portrayal of a pretty well known event. I do think the combat is fun and that the use of alchemy is pretty good (you can cheat the game for being cheap that way as long as you abuse pain killers and unlimited power), but since you go through the same thing 5 times, it becomes awfully repetitive. The graphics are amazing, simply one of the most stunning looking games ever produced, but it's a shame the rest of the game wasn't as fantastic as this, otherwise this would be a lot higher. Those that can stand incredibly cheap battles and repetition will have a pretty good time with Odin Sphere, everyone else move with caution though, as the game is very flawed.



Chances are you never heard of this game as it only made it outside of Japan through the Wii's virtual console, but this may as well be one of gamefreaks best games. Before Pokemon, there was Pulseman, a pretty awesome Genesis platformer that involved a half man, half virtual thing boy that could travel through cyber space and use electricty for his advantage against various threats. It's a shame this never got localized during the 90's, as it's one of the games that exploited the Genesis capabilities to its limits. Fantastic presentation, awesome music (which is saying something as I find Pokemon music to be fairly bland) and a fair amount of awesome levels (although some of them hurt my eyes if only because there's so much going on in the background). There's not much complaints I have about this game, it's just one of the definitive titles of my childhood and one of the best I played back then.

Next time we actually begin with the top 50, so huzzah.

Favorite Game List: wannaplays and 64# to 61#

I may as well try to write this list that I always wanted to do before the site completely crashes and erases any sign of its existance. I've been thinking to do this countdown for a while, but I always had a reason to wait before doing it, I wanted to save it for a particular date, there was more games I wanted to try out, whatever it was it kept me from doing it. But with little to no new IPs calling my attention and losing interest altogether in what devs focus nowadays, I thought this would be a good time to do this. The same rule as in all my lists apply, one game per series, it may be a bit restrictive, but I want to give as many series a chance to appear as I can. Now, 64 may look like a random as hell number, no it has nothing to do with the N64, if I made this a top 100 then I'd start placing games I never cared for much on the list when they do not deserve much appreciation from me, while reducing it to a top 50 would just make me ignore games I wanted to give a small shout out, so screw tradition, I'll do this list on my own way. Before starting the coutdown though, I feel there's a couple series that deserve some attention, as I want to try them out but I have not had the chance to do it, so here we go:

-Proffesor Layton: I have heard a lot of good things from the Layton games from various users whose opinions I consider trustworthy, while puzzlers aren't exactly my thing, I think the story may give me enough motivation to try going through the series, even if I don't go for 100% completion in them.

-Yoshi's Island: I'm between those people that consider this an altogether different franchise from the standard Mario 2D platformer. I heard amazing things about it, hearing people go as far as calling this the best 2D platformer ever made, while the whole baby gimmick isn't of my liking (I absolutely hate babies, toddlers, etc), but I should be able to ignore that minor issue if the game is as wonderful as everyone says it is.

-Radiant Historia: it's an RPG from Atlus, while I heard the combat isn't that great, I'm sure it's decent enough and that it probably excels in every other possible area.

-Prinny Can I Really Be the Hero?: surprisingly, even though I give jack squat for Disgaea (it reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics, a game I'm not fond of), I do love prinnies. They are hilarious creatures, so the moment I saw they had a game fully focusing on them, I was pretty interested, especially because it wasn't a tactics RPG. While I doubt it'll be anything particularly mind blowing, I'm sure I'd enjoy it enough to at least have a place somewhere in my list.

-Ghost Trick Phantom Detective: I heard excelent things about it and the guy behind the AA series collaborated creating this if I'm not mistaken, so it's well worth a shot.

Anyways, enough mentions, lets start with the actual list

64# Bomberman 94'


While Bomberman has some of the most lackluster and uniteresting single player modes I've seen, I do think the multiplayer is great fun. I haven't played much entries of the series (as if you played one you probably are close to have played them all, unless it's one of those weird spinoffs for the N64), but I mostly chose this because the kangaroos are awesome and made the experience so much more fun. Sadly, I always played this game alone against AIs, but hey it was still fairly entertaining. I don't hold this game on such a high regard as I did when I was younger, but I can still have my fair amounts of fun with it.

63# Golden Sun


One of the games in this list I have not finished yet. While I have to say I'm fairly dissapointed on the game (especially considering I loved the first Shining Force), I can say it's an enjoyable enough RPG. The combat, while a bit generic at times, is pleasant to look at, and obtaining new djinns that help you learn new techniques is always very satisfying. Unfortunately, the dense dialogue, slightly underwhelming story and (especially this) uneven pace kept me from finishing this game so far. It's like if the game was a rollercoaster, a lot of the moments simply feel slow and boring, when after a while you suddenly get to the fun parts again. I saved Ivans master and then I simply stopped as I had no idea what to do anymore, but this is a game I'd certainly like to finish at some point, as it was entertaining enough (for the most part).

62# Darkstalkers 3


While I'm not the biggest fighter aficionado, I do enjoy a game in the genre every now and then. Darkstalkers 3 stands out because it's a fairly stylish and interesting game, I feel the characters are far more interesting than in, say, Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive and so on if only because they feel more unique being creatures of the night and such. Unfortunately the game has some stiff controls being an arcade port to the PS1 more limited hardware and I feel the learning curve is very steep (I still have no idea how to play all that well), it doesn't really help that, even on low AI settings, the computer will obliterate you in combat. But I think the game deserves props as it actually has more single player content than the fighters Cashcom pulls out now to exploit them with DLC (can you believe that?). Talbain is probably my favorite character in the game.

61# Shadow Dancer: the Secret of Shinobi


Yet another game I haven't finished in this list, if only because it can be so ridiculously hard (damn Contra logic, 1 hit and you die). Difficulty aside, I really do enjoy this game, the action is intense, destroying enemies with your ninjutsu is awesome and this is probably one of the first games in recent memory to feature a great animal companion. I don't have much to say as I have not beaten this game, but I do slightly prefer it over Shinobi 3, yeah that game has a life bar thankfully, but there's some really annoying platforming sections nearby the end of the game and I absolutely hate how finicky the double jump is.

So that's all for now folks, I'll carry on with this list whenever I find myself in the mood to do so, see you next time.

RIP Capcom

I'd say I'll miss you if you haven't done so much sh*t this generation. After killing plenty of series od stealing everyones money by releasing unfinished games and selling the rest of content as DLC, no one can honestly say they are a good company anymore. Quite saddening as the previous gen they pulled out plenty of games that I loved (Okami, Devil May Cry 3, Ace Attorney, Resident Evil 4), but now they are officially on my developers black list.

Unfortunately, it's not only Capcom, Square has also gone to hell, they have only made 1 single good game in the last 2 (that game being The World Ends With You) generations, that's absolutely terrible. And I'm sad to say Insomniac is also getting close to losing their polish, admitedly I haven't really played Resistance to judge, but even then, the Insomniac I knew developed great cartoony platformers that were good fun for all ages, looking how their newest IP seems to be turning out...I wouldn't be surprised they'd mess up big time.

Considering I just buy games from a selected bunch of developers (not intentionally though, it just happens that they all make the type of game that attract me), it's unfortunate to see many of my previously trusted companies fall onto the disgrace pit. And with that there's only 5 devs/publishers left that I somewhat trust

-Atlus (unsurprising choice from me)

-Nintendo (even though they screw up big time every now and then and I'm heavily disliking how Mario is getting milked, I still love a lot of their games)

-Sega (I'm surprised to say this, but SEGA did publish plenty of games I loved this generation)

-Konami (I haven't really bought something developed by Konami from the last 2 years, but Mirror of Fate and Ground Zeroes look good)

-Valve (only western developer on list)

May as well share this

I haven't really cared to make a blog because of this site being as glitchy as something can be and my paranoia of losing all what I wrote, but I took this picture a while ago sooo I may as well share it... here's my videogame shelf (with some other stuff in it)


It's worth noting that most of my GBA games are inside the DS cases and I generally got cartridges alone and I own plenty of digital games as well. Hopefully, one day I'll get to at least replace the mangas with games and I'll be happy with my collection. Anyways, feel free to comment and ask anything you may be curious about.