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21st birthday

I know I'm a bit late but yeah it's my birthday today.

Me and SonicHomeboy of course!

It's my 21st and his is I believe 24th or 25th, cause he's like 3 or 4 years older than me.

So happy birthday SonicHomeboy, hope you had cool presents like I did.

Presents I got:

iPod Touch 4G and some new clothes!

Why an iPod Touch? My old iPod was all glitchy everytime I would go forward so I had to get rid of it. This one is actually nice.

Well nothing more to say, so yeah enjoy the rest of your day.


NS signing off


PS: Wait I acted like SonicHomeboy now! Sorry about that SHB!:P

Games that I am excited for

Wow haven't blogged in almost a month.

Don't worry I'm alive and well folks.

Anyways there are 7 games that I can't wait to have, some will come out this year while others next year.

So let's start shall we?

That's right, Sonic Generations, this game I can't wait to have it, it represents the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, being a Sonic fan for a long time this is a game that will basicly remind me of games that I played when I was a kid. It shall have Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog), Chemical Plant Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2), Sky Sanctuary (Sonic and Knuckles 3), Speed Highway (Sonic Adventure), City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2), Seaside Hill (Sonic Heroes), Rooftop Run (Sonic Unleashed) and Planet Wisp (Sonic Colors). Its release will be on November. Also you can play as the old school Sonic or the modern Sonic. So yeah that is it for this game.

Yep MGS HD Collection, gonna get it although I played one of the 3 games which is MGS3. Now the games that this HD Collection game has has 3 MGS games, but they're the extension versions, MGS2: Substance, MGS3: Subsistance and MGS: Peace Walker. I will definetly enjoy playing MGS2 since I faced Vamp on MGS4 so it's going to be interesting. Peace Walker I never played it so it'll be a new experience for me.

Yep DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi, now I have seen a demo of using a character of the Create A Character, it looks pretty cool. This game will definetly have all sagas with some of the most important clashes from Dragon Ball, DBZ and Dragon Ball GT. I always loved Dragon Ball, DBZ and GT so this game will definetly be in my hands.

Yes the Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations game, now this will probably have some more characters then UNS2, some like the Raikage, Tsuchikage, Mizukage.......and probably some more but this game will come out in 2012 so yeah I have seen shots of it and the game looks interesting, so yeah I'll wait for Q1 of 2012 (meaning it will come out on January, February or March). You can play as Naruto or Naruto Shippuden characters which is nice I guess.

It's not the normal FFX, but the HD FFX game. It was announced on TGS this year, most people wanted a FFVII HD but you know what I'm cool with an HD remake of FFX, never played it but I saw some walkthroughs and the story and gameplay look pretty amazing, I just hope that the Blitzball game gets better it was not the best thing of all things in the game. So yeah it shall come out also in 2012, can't wait.

Yep Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance, this game might be a good one, saw some trailers and it looks promising. You can play as Riku aswell which is nice, they have new clothes........well nothing more to say. I'll get that once I finish Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded, which I have lots of time for that.

Ok now I'm normally not into rhytmn games, but since this game has Final Fantasy themes I guess I can give it a shot, saw a video of some guy playing it on the 3DS and it looks like a real challenge for a rhytmn game. It must have a storyline, which I don't know what it is but I'm getting it. All characters are like the chibi selves which it looks pretty well done. Will come out in 2012.

And that is it, hope you liked my long blog. I'll see y'all next time.

August 4th, the day that I came to Gamespot 5 years ago

It's been 5 years since I joined this website, man the years are really passing by so quickly.......

The best thing of being here is that I have met so many friends over the years whether are my country mates or people from other countries, but mostly USA.

Man I have been playing Super Mario 64, which for those that don't know it is a Nintendo 64 game.

But I'm sure some of you owned it, or not I don't know.

5 years.......jeez I feel like a veteran of being here for so long.

Been through the old design of GS, new ones.......oh well.

Anyway I invite you to party right here right now due to here for 5 years now.

Let us dance and drink and eat........well you know the drill of that.

Let the party start!:D

I'm now officialy named Mr Big! (level up)

Yes I'm now on level 61.

Mr that reminds me of Get Smart for some reason.

Anyway everything's ok with me, got new games:

Mortak Kombat (PS3)

New Super Mario Bros Wii (Wii)

And that's basicly it in a nutshell.

Thank you for reading and be sure that on June 8th you start watching E3! I am, are you?

See you all.

Happy Easter to everyone!

Man I'm such a lazy man when it comes to blogging:P

Anyway I got new games:

That's right I finally got Dissidia Duodecim 012 Dissidia Final Fantasy, I have to say it's a good game. It loaded what I got on the previous game which is good and I decided to reset the characters's levels which I think everyone should do it for a more challeging adventure.

Got Heroes that's right, the ratings might not be good but me and RC3000 which is a friend of mine, decided to play this together on Co-Op mode and boy it's way more fun then on 1 player mode. The game is all right nonetheless.

Well I got my hands on the Nintendo 3DS and we're almost on May meaning that we can get GB and GBC games through E-shop.

My only 3DS is this one:

Yep Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, now I like the bottom screen for those that can't use moves of like for me I can't use Bison's moves or Guile's moves, use the bottom screen to use those moves! It's fun actually, thank god for that. I only completed 2 stories: Ryu and Ken.

Well nothing more to say I think. Let's all enjoy Easter while we can! Eat lots of Easter Eggs! Well I don't that anymore.

You can have these, happy Easter!

Holy crap! No blog for a month! Am I being lazy?

Well yeah......a month has passed since that confession blog if you want to call it that way:P

Anyway got new DS games since that blog, I'll tell ya the games now:

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, yeah I have never ever played Golden Sun in my life, I mean sure I owned a GBA but never heard of the game back then, now I got this game because I'm now interested in the game, I shall have the other 2 GBA games one of these days, cool RPG though.

Ace Attorney Investigations Miled Edegworth, I've played Phoenix Wright games (well except Trials and Tribulations) before now when I got this one I thought "Ok I'll give it a try" and boy it is cool this game, still in the beggining though gotta continue the 1st case (yeah I'm lazy:P) cool game.

Yep the new Pokemon Black/White game, I have the Black version, most people I know have that version.......anyway I got 2 badges now so I'm on the right track.......I think.

Well that's all I have to say here, so yeah.

OH YEAH! Forgot! I reached yet another milestone on Gamespot! Level 60! Huzzah for me!

That's all.

See ya!

Well hello and Happy Valentine's Day to y'all

Hey everybody!

Well I haven't talked to you in a while....

First of all Happy Valentine's Day hope you got your gifts from the person you love the most.

Well I'm also here to announce who's person here on Gamespot I have a crush on........

Oh this will be embarrasing for me.......:oops:

Ok..........*takes deep breath*

All right let's see who it is........hopefully we'll still be friends after I announce her name.

It's none other then my good country mate ultimate_kunai the person who I have a crush on!




I said it, there.

Now I will just go to my couch and be a man that I always wanted to be.

In other news, I shall get Kingdom Hearts Re:'s in stores here at last.

Well that is all from me, so see you!

What a way to do a blog like this...........

Been tagged! Man I soooooooo gonna kill the person who made this game up!

Anyway tagged by ultimate_kunai, apparently she's scared to tag her big sister (she knows who it is)

5 things that you might not know about me

1- When I get mad I get out of control.

2- I think I have a crush on someone:oops:

3- Well I play Tennis for like almost 15 years now.

4- Whenever I try to talk to a girl it's kind of a challenge cause I'm shy and never had a girlfriend.

5- I hate Metal/Heavy Metal music.

There I'm done one.

This is the last time I'll do this, I'm being serious.

Anyway if you all wanna know who do I have a crush on.......well for now I won't say it because it IS someone here from Gamespot..........I'm being 100% honest folks.

Oh what am I saying?! was the truth anyway:oops:

Well see you all later!

I'm now the Grin Reaper! (level up)

Well I'm now on level 58, Death=Adder.

It has a nice ring.

Well a little.

Also I got a emblem

Best of 2010 Word Spreader Icon

This is the

Best of 2010 Word Spreader

Harnessing social currency to drive buzz. These users shared how they voted with their friends on Twitter or Facebook, amplifying the social experience with relevant and engaging content.

So yay, I guess.

Anyway I have a cool videogame calendar, every month has a videogame.

January- Smackdown vs Raw 2011

February- Homefront

March- Deus Ex Human Revolution

April- Final Fantasy XIV

May- Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

June- Metal Gear Solid: Rising

July- TrueCrime: Hong Kong

August- De Blob: The Underground

September- Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

October- Call of Duty (a pic of CoD, just the name, not the CoD 2, 3 or anything)

November- Guitar Hero

December- WWE All Stars

There you go.

Well that's it see you all in the unions and stuff.