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almost lvl 5

gettin to lvl 5s takin long and i wana upload vids i need to get to lvl 10 and the rate im goin ill never get there anyone got any tips to make my lvl go up faster i kno the basic tips but i mean which of em makes u go up faster than the other one thanx.


have any of u got a frend thats like a pro at a game. i do i was gona go play fifa street for the first time in my life and my frend was a huge pro at it. and the first time he thrashed me. second time he thrashed me but at the third time for some reason trust me he was still playin his best i thrashed him big time he didnt scoreany goals and i think thats the biggest gaming miracle that ive pulled off and trust me wen i say pro i mean PRO

new banner

yes my new banner is finally up thanx to mariomaniac92, gman32x and blazing star
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