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quitin gamespot

i am quitin gs cuz well i got bored of it and id like to thank my frends for well bieng my frends, i might come back sometime but i doubt it any messeges from now on will not be read. thanx and see ya

plz join my union!

plz join my union its called the pur3 gamer union im making a banner for it at the moment but i need desingners plz help!

yey new blog banner!! made it myself

 yey! i made myself a new blog banner using GIMP. I know u cant read what it says very well but it says keep it metal then underneath nshots profile. i made my own grunge brush which i think was quite cool and scattered some slipknot images around i forgot to add mettalica but oh well

my unions almost running

those that i sent invitations to be charter members plz say yes and designers needed for banner.woops seems like i forgot to invite 1 or 2 people once the unions up and running (hopefully) i will make you people officers

i lost points!!

okay im a noob i still dont kno all the forum things but i lost points for puttin a post in the wrong forum i didnt even kno if ther was a difrent forum to put it in ahhh man :cry::cry::cry:
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