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Sony let both Evolution and Liverpool go. The evolution team joined codemasters. Why buy what you once had? Sony did the whole studio thing last generation. They had a lot of great games that did not sell.

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In short, the PS1 Classic should have never existed because third party licensing is more expensive than putting games from in house developers. Sony had hardly any first party games during the PS1 era. It is unfair to expect Tony Hawk, and Grand Turismo. The licensing for those games would have been through the roof. Even jet moto had product placement from mountain dew. Wild arms and Persona were not hits in the west. to be fair, Toshinden, Jumping Flash, and Destruction Derby did sell consoles at launch.

I do not hate the list of games as much as other people. Tekken 3, FF7, Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter, Cool Boarders 2, and Ridge Racer were all great titles to have on the system. Cool Boarders had 5 games on PS1, so I do not know why people complained about that one. Twisted Metal and Resident Evil were good picks, but the wrong iterations were chosen. The second title in both franchises should have been on the classic. Wild Arms and Persona should have been replaced by Final Fantasy and Tactics or Suikoden 2. Mr driller should have been replaced by Hot Shots Golf. Rainbow 6 should have been replaced by Tenchu. Intelligent cube and puzzle fighter should have been replaced by Breath of Fire 3 and Legend of Dragoon. Destruction Derby should have been replaced by CTR, and Battle Arena Toshinden should have been replaced by Spyro 2. Grand Theft Auto should have been replaced by Tomb Raider 2, and Jumping Flash should have replace by parappa the rapper.

Sony could not have even put Wipeout on the classic due to licensed music. Sony should have went for the PS2 classic, this way it could have put down some first party titles. Licensing on various killed the chance of a great PS1 classic.

Even Nintendo added filler with Super Punch out and Kirby's Dreamcourse. "We paid the licensing for Earthbound, and we are not paying for Chrono Trigger." Still cool games but they were not classics.