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What do you want from Sony? All of the first party studios have released games on the PS4, and they are moving onto PS5. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and Ghost Tsushima will most likely launch along with the new console.

Insomniac is now hiring for a Sony exclusive game. This is more than likely Spider Man 2 or Ratchet and Clank PS5. Sony has Death Stranding, Medieval, and Shenmue 3 for this year. Final Fantasy 7 comes out next year in March. This will be the PS4's swansong along The Last of Us Part 2. Studio Bend, Sony Santa Monica, and Prolyphony released titles rather recently. Same goes for the Gravity Rush team. Dreams has yet to receive a full release.

Sony's first party studios are working on PS5 titles. Would you want trailers without gameplay?

Nintendo is on it's own schedule and in year 3 of the Switch, so of course that system will have games galore right now.

Microsoft did show anything exclusive to its platform except Gears of War, and Halo. The company made it look like all of the games it showed were exclusive to Xbox when nothing was. Good showing, but you are also advertising for Sony too. Phantasy Star Online 2 will come to PS4 in the West. Yakuza and Judge Eyes are PlayStation centric, so why should Sony spend money for a booth and show time when MS, Namco, and Square can advertise for the company?

I know my comment will come off as being a Sony Pony, but PlayStation played smart and had everyone else do the leg work.