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What I hope for the next gen games ?

Sure gaming could be a great fun if it had u, but how?

After many years of gaming, it becomes repetitive to play games one after another, take the shooter games for instance, call of duty after Medal of Honor, then battlefield, then dead space after years of war.

What should happen in gaming planet? Maybe more interactive games, more real game needed. Let's talk this way. Imagine we get caught in a shooter game. Then we have a chance to escape prison to get back in the action, or we have a chance to disarm an enemy instead of getting captivated!! A kind of mixture of games, for instance, in a game we have a choice to disobey what we don't like. Maybe that happens sometimes in army of two the 40th day. Or kill any person in game if u doesn't like it. But more for that imagine a world fully capable of being destructed not like red faction guerilla but everything, even the trees or humans. Maybe I should live in a world of the Matrix movie, so I could alter what I want.  :D