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The Milk's Gone Bad Charlie Murphy!

What's with all the people bashing each other so badly in the forums? I will admit I have succumb to this a time or two, but it needs to stop! The worst is in the System Wars Forum. Those guys get going and you can't stop them! If you make a peep about PS3 that someone doesn't like, you get an earful and it's always pointless banter! People need to respect the opinions of others. The opinions do need to be nice though or at least objective. Most of the time, someone just says they hate the PS3 because it's gay... No reasons, no facts, nothing to back up or explain why they think it's gay. How about some reasons! Explain yourselves people! We should be giving examples and discussing things, not just posting things to get people mad that also don't explain anything or provoke much thought. All you have to do is think before you type! It's that simple! If we put this to use, the forums would be filled with useful info that we could all be using! Just say no to thoughtless comments and snide remarks. It will make the Gamespot Forums a better place!

What is up with everybody?!?!

Have you noticed that people keep asking the same questions in different threads? Oh man! I mean, check through the forum before you post something that everyone and their dog has talked about! It's not too hard to scroll through a page or two. That's normally all you have to do to find the one you want. Especially if it is about GRAW! Also, where are these stupid questions and comments coming from? I know I don't always say the smartest stuff but it seems like more and more people are forgetting to think before they post stuff. Maybe that's just how I see it but I sure would like to see that change! Well, that's enough from me. I need to get back to work. Peace!

Is there any doubt?

Can anyone really deny football as the most popular sport here in the USA? Now take note that I am not saying that it is everyone's favorite or that you have to love it but everybody gets fired up for football period. Doesn't matter if it is for your local high school team, your college team, or your big league team if you are a sports fan there is nothing better than fall rolling around. I am a sports fan in general but football is my favorite sport to watch. Hockey and softball are my favorite sports to play but softball (mainly because there are no softball games shown on tv) and definitly hockey don't do anything for me on tv. Football just seems to bring out the competitor in all of us. Think about how many fantasy football leagues there are and then think of how many you are in. I am in three personally and I still can't get enough. Having a fantasy football team actually gets you to pay more attention to every game. My mom even pays close attention to all the games just because of her fantasy team! And what sports game is more well known and loved than Madden football? I am going to be playing that game 24/7 when Xbox 360 comes out. That's just the kind of hold football has on peoples lives! You can't get away once you get in. You don't want to get away for that matter. I just hope that people come to grips with the fact that football is America's sport and that's the way it should be!

Anime People!

So what is with people knocking on anime before they have seen it? I was one of those people so you would think I would have more insight but I really can't remember why I knocked anime. It was probably because it was considered a cartoon which most people associate with being a kid or acting childish. The funny thing is is that a lot of anime is just like a normal show, a sitcom, a drama, an action packed half-hour, etc. People don't realize how dynamic some of these shows are. Yes, there are animes that I think ARE stupid and childish but there are plenty that are just amazing and very very dynamic. Take Rurouni Kenshin for example, that is a wicked show! It packs some of the most amazing action I have seen with deep stories. It also throws in well timed comedy. What's not to love? Another one of my favorites is Trigun. That's along the same lines as Kenshin. Naruto is also a very good anime and there is a whole list of others. People need to give anime a chance before calling it kid stuff and throwing it away. It's actually pretty sweet stuff.

What is up with Chappelle!?!?

Where on Earth did Dave Chappelle go off to? I couldn't believe that they weren't going to air the 3rd season of Chappelle show which I believe to be the best sketch comedy show of all time (followed oh so closely by Mr Show)! Did Comedy Central not want to give him his money to keep him on there? Or did he just need to "find himself?" All I know is he is coming to Utah in Nov to do stand up and I can't wait to see him! And if the Chappelle show is done, I'm going to be one pissed off person! Know what I mean?