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so guys as you all know the past few previous versions of fifa have been scripted (i dare you to say they werent) and it is terrible, it ruins the game. what id like to hear is this version in 15 going to be scripted as well or do you think crappy ea is finally going to dump it due to how many people all over the internet are complaining about it? if they dont should we all shove it in ea's face and switch to pes15 for a more fair game as in if you deserve to win you should most likely win not like fifa where it makes whoever it wants to win win ?

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Ok as you all know this years fifa14 is totally scripted just like the previous few fifas and if you say its not you need to go jump off a bridge, honestly its made me so frustrated when playing online seasons that i have lost sleep. I have done a lot of research and noticed there are people all over the internet complaining about this script. My question is do you guys think ea is finally going to get rid of the script in fifa15 or continue to be the piece of crap company they are and just continue with it, i dont possibly think the scripting could be any more obvious but hey with ea anything terrible is possible. Also I am very seriously considering switching to pes 15 hoping that this game will make the player who played a better game win and not who ever the game feels should win. Would pes 15 be a better switch for more fair gameplay and no scripting ? or should i stick with the game in fifa which i once loved but now ea is just destroying it.