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Hollywoods effect on gaming

First let me start off by saying this is my first ever official blog (oh how I hate that word)

I have been gaming since the days of Atari and Texas Instruments so maybe my views are a little jaded and out dated for the younger generation. But hopefully you feel where I'm coming from. If there is one thing I think we can all agree on it is that movie adaptations of games SUCK. There really shouldn't be an argument on this issue. We can look at past titles as references. Double Dragon, Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat, DOA, Tomb Raider, and even though I own them, the Silent Hill and RE film versions are way off story and loaded with bad acting and poor direction.

But never has a movie release directly effected a game release. (at least to my recollection) Now it is. Street Fighter IV has been completed for some time and granted it still has some bugs for online play. It will not be released til the end of february to coincide with that cinematic abomination starring the girl from Smallville, the Dbag from American Pie, Liu Kang!? and the guy from the Black Eyed Peas as Vega. Tekken 6 has been on a backburner since before the PS3 ever even made it to shelves. Am I to deduce that Namco is waiting for the release of the film under the same name? What about Prince of Persia? Or God and Gears of War? Max Payne? All are currently in production.

Not only are the powers that be in Hollywood sullying these once great franchises by dilluting the storylines and ruining our former perception on the series by dumming it down for the movie going masses. They are now effecting when we will get our hands on the actual game itself. As a gamer this has me nervous. If this is the future to come then what are to look to next. Movie/game bundle packs for a hundred bucks a pop? Having to wait an additional six months or year for a game because the bastardised film version is caught up in post production red tape? I certainly hope not.

Don't get me wrong folks. I'm all for games making it to the big screen. I'm sure someone will get it right...eventually. I love the cinema just as much video games. I can get just as wrapped up in them. I just don't want one to be detrimental to the other. And I don't want rushed copies of lackluster games that were hurried as a result of them both "needing" to come out on opening day.

Hopefully there are those of you out there in Gamespot land that agree with this. I know a majority of you like and are anticipating the flicks mentioned above. It is not my intent to bash anything you like. Or start some sort of fanboy forum as a result of this text. I just wanted to maybe open a few eyes out there as to why we STILL do not have some of our favorite titles in our hands and our thumbs calloused from hours of hadukens.

Thanks if you read this far. Guess I just busted my blog cherry. Lemme know what you think.