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@Ant_17: that's funny. Ps4 has no good shooting games. lol

Its also a bit ironic because the only thing he shot down was my dreams and hopes for God of War.

Him existing shot down my dreams of the best gow ever.

Some are even saying that the game is best if you missed all of the past gow games.

The developers came out and began to make excuses on why Kratos had to change when in reality they didn't.

I'm an Xbox fan.

I really can't think of any dream that hzd or gow can shoot down for me.

Well none that are Xbox related or at all.

Except playing Ps4 exclusives in 4k but that's not the games fault it's just cheap hardware.

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@tetsuosadvantag: digital foundry will most likely update, change, or remove their video if they are wrong.

Apparently vgtech has different unbiased and professional analysis as well and it supports the developers claims.

I think df just rush out these Xbox x analysis to try and stay away from the first few performance patches for games that didn't have enough time to optimize before launch.

This game is from an indie dev so that might have something to do with it. Not many or any AAA games perform better on the ps4 pro compared to the Xbox x. I think