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another 3 day weekend

Well here I am at my second 3 day weekend and I have no way of spending all of the days. So if anyone has suggestions for what I should do please suggest away.


Well I'm back. I had quite a bit of homework so I think I'll only do weekly until a long break.

Beyond that I love all my classes and I've been able to do somethings that I didn't think I would do at this time yet.


WEEKEND! My week at school went great. I have completely new teachers that are fun and many of them are lite on the homework right now so it's all good. I have so much to do this weekend because my mouth is finally starting to feel better after getting the wisdoms out and I have had a lot of stuff pialing up.


Well, today was the first day of school for me and it went pretty great! I had a little pain but I was excited enough that it didn't matter.

New Things

Well I'm going to school on the 5th of next month. Wish that school wasn't starting yet I like being by myself a lot now. I got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and my jaws is more annoying the what little pain I have.