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Job Search


Thought I'd blog this because I kinda felt like it. Anyways, I've been trying to find a job lately.. It's easier said than done. Now, I'm not particularly picky when it comes to getting a job BUT ... holy crap is it hard to find ONE period. Idealy I'd like to get a job in electronics/retail as that's what I know quite a bit about but it's practically nonexistant. I've been offered a job at a upscale bar/restaurant through a family friend but I don't know if I'd enjoy that very much. At least with electronics I'll have SOME fun, jobs aren't meant to be fun btw lol.

But yeah, it's troubling becuase lately I've been knee deep in financial sh!t. There's probably a lesson about money management in there somewhere too.


Hope all is well with you all. Totally forgot about this site, thought I'd come back for a blog or two. Later.

The Music Industry ...

It's pretty simple actually, the music industry sucks. Being a fan of hip-hop, everything has gone to hell post 90's. Money, cars, women.. It's all its about nowadays.

Listening to the likes of Tupac has really made me appreciate what musicTRULYwas. There may be some that don't listen to hip-hop or "rap" .. But Tupac was and is a legend. The amount of things he talked about, the variety, is untouched by todays rappers. He was a prophet, a poet, a voice of the people. Lil Wayne would pop a vain trying to make HALF the content that Pac did. Basically screw the music industry today. It's true what they say, the good die young.


Heres a few of my fav songs from PAC:

Had to put it out there.


Yet another blog.

Recently took advantage of this Fuse thing on GameSpot and I'm impressed. For those of you that don't know about this, it basically syncs up your achievements from Xbox 360/PC to GameSpot. It can be seen on the left side of my profile and its quite epic.

I never really cared for achievements/trophies on the PlayStation 3 but for the XBox 360, I am HOOKED. I'm not sure what it is, but I've got to get my gamerscore up. Its weird because I always looked at people that got trophies/achievements in a different light before, now I do it myself.

Another thing I wanted to touch on was a thing called Raptr. This whole Fuse thing is backed by a website called Raptr. This website is THE website for gamers. I can't believe I hadn't seen it before. Its really cool because it tracks games you play, for how long, trophies/achievements/everything.. I'm really digging it thus far. They also offer a client for your desktop which monitors all of your consoles, your friends etc. So you can basically see who is on, what they're playing etc etc. It can give you updates as to when they get on as well. Definitely worth the look. You can find my Raptr profile HERE

Thats pretty much it for this blog. I hope you guys take a look at Fuse and Raptr, its definitely worth a glance. If you decide to go through with it, feel free to add me as a friend on Raptr. A bit of friendly competition never hurt anybody :P

Thanks for reading, pce homebro!

New Look + Gears of War 2 + Video = Awesome blog!

I'll try to keep this short :)

I recently changed up the look of my blog page, and I think its for the better. The old one was well, old. I got tired of seeing the same thing over and over again over the course of a year. It didn't quite reflect me, bland and bleh. So what better to put in my profile than Crash Bandicoot? Nothing. Crash Bandicoot is arguably THE game and THE character that got me started in gaming. It was also the first character that I really fell in love with as a child. I have some fond memories of playing Crash Bandicoot and thats why its a central theme in my profile. What do you guys think of it?

As some of you guys may know, I recently picked up an Xbox 360. I'm really enjoying it thus far, its a lot of fun. I don't have many games for it but I recently purchased a game off of Amazon. The game I'm talking about is Gears of War 2. Gears of War has been a series I've always wanted to get into since I first saw it back in 06. I always thought "If I get an Xbox, I am SO getting this game!".. And so I did. I skipped the first because I was told I wouldn't really be missing a whole lot, the story is straight and to the point. With that being said,I'm really liking Gears 2. The graphics are great, story is awesome and it controls very well. Really all I need in a shooter. It also helps that it has co-op, and some other online modes. Beating Locust ass with a buddy in single player co-op is really, really fun. I've yet to play the competitive online component of the game, but I haven't heard good things. Then again, I didn't buy the game for competitive online play. I may do a review on this game later on but for now.. Its a lot of fun.

Heres a little video, captured by me, that I thought I'd put up for you guys. Its the definition of bad ass!:


Before I leave, I wanted to discuss one last thing: Achievements. I never really cared for PSN trophies in the years that I've been on PS3, but all of a sudden.. I've gotten this urge to get 360 achievements. Its strange, but I'm slightly obsessed with my gamerscore. I can't quite explain it. Anyone have the same problem?

Thats roughly that for this blog. Might make another one down the road, we'll see.

Thanks for reading, pce homebro!

Purchased an Xbox 360 Slim

Haven't blogged in a while, but I'll keep this short. Soon after the Xbox conference at E3 2010, I made up my mind about an Xbox 360. What sold me was not any of the games but the new hardware that was announced. An Xbox 360 "slim" with a 250 gig hard drive and built in wireless all for 299.99. To add to that, a slimmer design, more ventilation and a hell of a lot more awesome looking. Who could possibly pass this up? My initial thought was "oh, its probably going to be out during Xmas 2010".. When they said "its shipping NOW!" I nearly creamed my pants. The hunt was on for an Xbox. For nearly 2 weeks after the conference, there was no Xbox in sight. Whenever stores got them, they were sold out immediately. This lead to some frustration on my part as I really wanted the console and to think they were this hot of an item was screwing with my brain. Luckily a Wal-Mart near me had gotten in 3 the morning of Monday June 28th 2010 and guess who got one of them?... So far my experience with the 360 has been good. The console is very quiet and runs pretty nice. I'm fairly pleased with most if not all the features that it has to offer. I've really been enjoying Xbox Live, party chat, and a ton of other things. At the moment I only own one game, Call of Duty 4.. I plan on getting some exclusives such as Gears 1 & 2 as they've intrigued me quite a bit over the years.. I wish I could go into more detail about this whole thing, but this is getting way too long.. I'll save it for another blog.. So, with that out of the way.. I'm looking forward to my experiences with the 360.. Should be fun times. What was my outro again? Thanks for reading, peace homebro? lol.. Yeah that.

Big month...

Well, boredom strikes again and I feel like talking to people I've never met in my life..

So the month of March seems to me like the month that marks the end of my social life as we know it. So much gaming to do in such a short amount of time. 2 titles that will be taking up most of my time will be BFBC2 and God of War 3.. I already purchased BFBC2, now its only time before GOW3.

Im really enjoying BFBC2.. For those contemplating getting this game, or are on the fence, do yourself a favor and get it already. The single player is very fun and entertaining, but the multiplayer is where its at. I've logged quite a few hours into it already and its a blast. Playing with your squad, ranking up.. Blowing stuff up, crazy amounts of fun. Though, if you don't have a squad, it can be hard to play the game as you will find yourself getting owned pretty badly. As the name suggests, its Battlefield Bad COMPANY, without a company, you're bound to just be, well.. Bad. Happy fragging.

As far as GoW3 goes, I've had that title pre-ordered and paid for since October. I ordered the ultimate edition which features the very awesome and badass looking Pandoras box. I had a ton of fun back on the PS2 with the previous 2 titles, GoW and GoW2.. I remember staying up nights playing that game to no end. I also remember at one point when I never had a PS2 memory card just leaving my PS2 on all night just so I could continue where I last stopped. Good times indeed. Kratos, god he's so epic...

Well, anyways.. Thats about that for now I guess. I will be posting a review on BFBC2 soon... If Im not lazy and get around to it. Enough talking for now, my keyboard needs a break.. haha..

Thanks for reading, pce homebro.

Umm, hey?

Im probably talking to some 3 people right now, but whats going on people? I haven't been on here for quite some time I guess.. This site is just not the same, the atmosphere and all.. Half the people I knew left. Whatever though, its all good..

Let me know how you people have been? Anything exciting?

Thanks for reading. Pce. Homebro.


Long story short, I didn't go to India as planned... As I write this, I am tired and jet lagged from one hell of a vacation to germany.

Thats why I will save the details and junk for another blog... Just here telling you 4 people Im not dead... And am back from what was quite a trip.