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Gaming log

I'll just make a gaming log instead of just writing about my life's problems.

I finished most of the games in my "Now Playing" list. I should consider taking a whole weekend to update that list, but I'm not always in the mood to write reviews. It's not like I'm being paid to write them anyway.

But I was supposed to be playing either Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Diablo 3. I do play Diablo 3 on the weekends, but for some reason I decided to get a couple of achievements I missed from Assassin's Creed before going back to Call of Duty.

Also playing Team Fortress 2 on the weekends. That one will stay in my "Now Playing" list for a very long time, specially with the Meet the Pyro about to be released.

I give up

Ignore my last blog post. Apparently, I'm completely unable to pick only one game at the time and with this huge amount of cool games to play, I've barely been able to keep up with only one from the beginning until the end. So there you have it, now I'm totally into the Ryu ga Gotoku series.

Re-picking my games

Gosh, I'm doing it again, aren't I? Adding too many games that I barely touch on the weekends. Shame on me.

Ok, I'll pick two games: one for the big console and one for the portable and will dedicate myself to only those two games until I finish them. Eventually I'll play something else, of course. I can barely keep myself away from Tekken 6, you know, unlocking the characters and stuff.

I feel like I'm in need for a game that requires time to grind the characters and, at the same time, a game that is quick to finish. Something more like an action game.

Therefore, I pick Eternal Sonata for Playstation 3 and Final Fantasy Crisis Core for Playstation Portable. I know that my 360 and my DS (and my PS2, I haven't forgot it yet!) will be feeling a little bit "left out", but I'm not being able to keep up with so many games at the same time. Sorry, kiddos.

Next for 360...

I've just finished Soul Calibur (my concept of "finishing a fighting game" is getting to the end of Story/Arcade Mode with all characters rather than obtaining all achievements or all the weapons/extra clothes/whatever). I'm trying to keep playing at least one game from each platform and I'm wondering what I should play on 360 now. My fingers are kinda sore lately, so I think I should avoid button-bashing games, such as fighting games. Of course, I could stop messing around and go back to a PS3 RPG, but I'm not exactly happy with Eternal Sonata's level of difficulty. I hate playing frustrating games. I like to have fun when playing games. Simple as that.

Perhaps I should play an RPG for a change? I don't spend hours in a row playing a RPG since Final Fantasy XIII. I'm not sure if I should continue Blue Dragon, continue Star Ocean or start The Last Remnant...

Well, I'll try to come up with a conclusion in the next fifteen minutes.

Heavy Rain

Managed to get the Platinum trophy today and now that I did so, I kinda regret the fact that I wrote such a puny review for it. I missed a lot of details. I don't know what was wrong with me in the day I wrote that review and it's a pity I didn't write many details about the gameplay or the story itself.

End of the weekend

Is it just me or the end of the weekend always brings the feeling that something is missing? It feels sort of agonizing to know that tomorrow's going to be a tough day. I can already imagine the pile of work to do, more work after work time, no time for gaming, not too much time to sleep and exhaustion...

...yeah, I guess no one can help that.


Hah, I knew it wouldn't be a nice idea to put that many games in my "Now Playing" list. I ended up adding Guitar Hero: Metallica, which I recently bought (already unlocked all songs, a couple of achievements, finished Career Mode with Guitar and Bass - directly from Hard difficulty, which happened to be quite easy compared to Rock Band), already removed it from the list too and wrote a review for it. Totally worth buying.
I also added the Samurai Warriors expansion pack for XBox360, even if I didn't finish SW2 (my goal is to finish all characters' Story Mode), which happens to be the game I'm playing more often (when I'm not desperately trying to unlock achievements). I still have lots to go before removing Warriors Orochi from my list. There are four or five more characters to unlock (maybe even more than this) and my stubbornness only allows me to remove it from the list when I unlock them all. I won't do that to SW2, though. Too much trouble to unlock Ranmaru and Okuni. Besides, they're already unlocked in the expansion pack.
I'm not even touching Nintendo DS anymore. It's been hard to find some time to spend with each of the consoles. I'm not even half way of finishing Sengoku Basara. And I didn't even include any game for PS3 simply because I don't turn on the PS3 anymore. It's been already more than 6 months. Maybe a little less. I played Soul Calibur 4 two weeks ago. I'll play something on PS3 as soon as... I don't know, as soon as remove two or three more games in my Now Playing list?
Lots of games to play.

Breaking the habits

Yeah, against all odds and my own rules, I'm putting four or five games in my Now Playing list. Which means that my gaming process will seem to slow down a little. Not only that, I seem to be having a LIFE now, which is great, even though it is giving me less time to play video games. But I'll still stick with what I said: I WILL finish each of them and write reviews about them.

Perhaps the next one I'll finish now will be Warriors Orochi. After that, I want to dedicate full gaming time to Kingdom Hearts DS and Samurai Warriors 2. Which doesn't stop me from occasionally playing other games. And I'm still playing Rock Band.

Gaming world, I love you.


Ok, I know, I still need to write a review for the previous games. That was the "agreement" when I first created this account and I don't intend to break the "promise". I'll do that as soon as I have some time. Maybe on Sunday if, for some miracle, I happen to have some time. Yai.

Oh, yeah.

I have already finished Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but didn't have the slightest mood to write a nice review about it. In fact, I still have to make a review for Rock Band 1 and 2, but I've thinking a lot lately about "how can you consider that you FINISHED Rock Band?". Well, I've been through the whole Solo Tour in the Medium difficulty on the first game (with all three instruments) and unlocked all songs for the second game but... oh well.

Meanwhile, I haven't been having many achievements with Star Ocean. In fact, I'm taking my time with this game, unlike Infinite Undiscovery, which I could barely wait to see what happened next. In Star Ocean, I just feel like spending some more time doing a couple of level ups, some quests and stuff like that. And, well, I'm not exactly anxious to finish this game (but earning some achievements once in a while would be quite nice).

I'm also thinking about buying Dynasty Warriors 6. I miss some unreasoned beating up game (but I can't deny that the story of the Ancient China is fantastic). There goes my paycheck...