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narutoisapirate Blog

YU-GI-OH again..

recently got back into yugioh :oops:

im such a dork :P

but my friend got me into it, and im enjoying it alot!

its an slightly expensive hobby too, so i usually spend whatever extra money i have on it..

*sigh*so happy but so lost.

well i just had a great night with the girl i like, an i now know she likes me back:)

and my grades are....alright.

but my mom is ruining everything, she has taken my cell phone, which i wont get back, which im a teen so it sucks:P

and my dad is trying to get my custody, but my mom is being an arse about it.

but overall, im pretty happy right now, and the future is looking bright :D

bad news :(

my girlfriend's parents hate me :?

i am not even sure they are making it impossible for me and my gf to see each other :(

its really stressfull...i treat her good and everything,but they just hate me..and worst of all,they have never even met me.

so she got in a big fight with her parents about us causing me and her too take a break,so i am not in the best of moods.:(

but..home life and school is going well,so im hanging in there.

p.s.i got my new phone,and a zune :)


well,this is my first blog!cheers!

but onto the point,i am selling my dsi on ebay,since i have played all the games i wanted too,and not any games are coming out that im interested in.

so i will have some extra money,and im only 13 so i dont have to worry about bills and what not.and a couple months ago i lost my phone and my itouch:cry:so im going to purchase them again.but right now i will only have enough for one.and i cant decide:?