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#1 Posted by narakubeloved (53 posts) -

Your best option depends on whether you are buying for PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360.

Once you get Spyro's Adventure you DO have a portal, *but* if you're buying for Wii or PS3 it is a battery operated one which means you will end up spending additional money. 

The second game (Skylanders Giants) is $60 for the game + a copy of TreeRex, or it is $75 for Game + Portal + TreeRex + Jet-Vac + Cynder.

The characters are $10 a piece, so if you are getting the PS3 or Wii version and only have the battery operated portal, you're saving $5 off an additional character and lord knows how much on batteries. 

If you're on 360 it's a tougher call and totally up to you. Gopd luck! 

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#2 Posted by narakubeloved (53 posts) -

Seems we're both in a smilar situation. Here is the research I have gathered:

Since you are getting the two starter packs, that should mean you have (1): Water, Tech, Magic and Undead that will work with BOTH of the games. You also have (1) life (TreeRex) and (1) air (Jet-Vac) who will work only with Skylanders Giants (since Tree is a Giant and Jet is a new character for Giants that was not present in Spyro's Adventures.) 

This means that for maximum cross-game playability you are going to need (1) Air, Earth, Life and Fire. *OR* You could get Earth and Fire and then decide if you love the games enough to fill in the missing gaps. 

To make sure that a character is compatable with both games, check the front of the box and make sure there are green check marks next to "Works With..." which is to the right of the character's name on the box. 

As for choosing the best characters, you can learn the characters stats on the Skylanders Wiki. You might also want to watch some character footage videos on YouTube. Classic Game Room has done a nice series of showing off each character in general, or you could check out CoinOp TV's Skylanders 101 for a more in depth presentation. 

Consider the characters you already have. How do you like to play? Fast? Slow? Up Close? Far away? Lots of direct attack abilities, or characters who have some defense / support? 

Last and most important, don't let it stress you out. :) Depending on how you want to play--collecting the figures for artistic reasons, just looking to get things unlocked, or w/e--the important thing is to have fun. Good luck! 

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#3 Posted by narakubeloved (53 posts) -


They should autodetect little kids on headsets by their high-pitched voices and boot them from the game. :twisted:


What if it was a girl. She might be old but have a high-pitched voice. Think about that one... :) You don't want to ban all ladies from games now do ya?

Indeed this is an issue. Although I am sure there is actually an active component of the gaming community who would either be willing to take this sacrifice or possibly even see it as a bonus. The trouble is not screechy kids with mics: its lazy parents not following the ratings on game boxes. Its a shame there is not some type of touch technology that can monitor age of someone giving a finger print or something, so that when you turn on a headset or even touch a controller it will scan you and set up legal pre-sets appropriately. Then again, that sounds far too much like 1984 and the whole Big Brother thing for me. In all truth, the mute button tends to do the trick of parents don't do the right thing from word go.

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#4 Posted by narakubeloved (53 posts) -

I'm very strategically minded when I play a game. I want every extra goody possible that will give me the edge over whatever I am facing. I also need this since I am technically not a strong gamer due to a couple physical limitations. I would also consider myself a social gamer since I love playing with friends, as well as a collected (I like being rewarded with stuff) and an explorer (I like seeing new places). I am also hugely into good story and deep (and preferably customixable) characterization. So you can see there is a lot that can attract me to a game and the more of these things that a game allows or encourages the more likely I am to be interested. :)

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#5 Posted by narakubeloved (53 posts) -

As much as we all likely think our ideas are great, each one I have seen comes at a possible price. For example, banning short campaign modes would only give deleopers reason to dilute the quality of the campaign to pad it and make it longer. Forcing all non-continual content to be free would mean developers would have no reason to make non-continual (content that effects game play rather then cosmetic things) anymore. Banning entire genres is rediculous: we already have a massive over-population in certain genres as it is. This would not help the gaming industry.

Me? I would ban the ability to ban things. Because whether you, I or anyone else likes or dislikes something is a matter of personal choice and integrity. It is our responsability to decide what we feel is acceptable and to take action regarding our own purchasing habits to ensure a quality gaming experience for ourselves. Doing this at the expense of another's experience to the profit of sheer personal laziness is absurd, and would forfeit such an individual any logical right to have the power to make such decissions in the first place.

Am I too serious about this? Yes, indeed. But I see far too much in this industry that is wittled down into being repeated copies of the same things over and over again. Anything of this nature would only add to that problem.

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#6 Posted by narakubeloved (53 posts) -

I'm getting MAG and I am getting Uncharted 2. MAG for large group play; seems like it will be fun regardless of whether you are incredible at shooters since there are so many people. If me and a bunch of friends make a squad we should have some fun. As for Uncharted 2, grabbing this to play along with my best friend since it is going to have co-op. Also looking forward to checking out the online as well.

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#7 Posted by narakubeloved (53 posts) -

To all of those pointing out that I did not get MGS4 there are two reasons: 1) I never played any of the previous games. and 2) I am not sure I would actually be able to play it, honestly. I'm sure one of my brothers were grab that up quickly and then I will try it out since it is a greatest hit now. Oh, and quit calling me "sir" !!! :P Hope the pink does not hurt your eyes, but I am sure it will remove some of the confusion. :p Anyway, I have about 6 friends who have PS3s, it just happens the two who did buy Red Faction Guerilla chose to grab it for the 360. As usual, thanks for all your responses.

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#8 Posted by narakubeloved (53 posts) -

Congrats on getting the system and also out of those 8 games i would have picked something else up instead of World at War (something like Red Faction ect)


Just to clarify, World at War was a request from my brother since he has real life friends with a PS3 who play that. He is paying for half of the cost of my LittleBigPlanet to make up for that. As for why I didn't get Red Faction Guerilla? My friends have that for Xbox 360 and if I got that for PS3 instead I think they would be rather annoyed. ;) But truthfully Call of Duty has never been my cup of tea. Just something nice for my brother driving me, etc.

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#9 Posted by narakubeloved (53 posts) -

I got an HDMI cord online a couple weeks ago so it would already be here. As for why I bought so many games so fast? a) I had a ton of old stuff that I was finished with to trade in. b) I got some of those games as bonuses with my system that I did not even count on. and c) I do not drive and I live in a small town where the only game retailer is WalMart, so I had to take advantage of being at EB Games while I could. (Although I will admit I do use Amazon as well.) Anyway, just waiting for LittleBigPlanet to be ready and then I will start playing. Thanks for the responses. :)

Quick Edit for the person who asked what I traded? Lets see if I can remember all of it and why...

- Mirror's Edge (my brother traded me for Two Human to be traded since neither of us cared for it), Prince of Persia (my brother let me trade this one; he found it too easy, and its not my genre), - Fable II (I beat it and had no intent to play the evil side of the game anyway), - Kingdom Under Fire (Just not my genre really), - Infinite Undiscovery (boss battles did not suit me and I couldn't get into the characters), - Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wario Ware Smooth Moves, Super Mario Galaxy (traded the first since I didn't know anyone to play with, traded the other two since I couldn't play them due to partial paralysis in my right hand and its effects while using a Wiimote + Nunchuck combo), - Trauma Center 1 + 2 for DS, Advanced Wars: Days of Run (did not like the story), Pokemon Ranger (beat it), Final Fantasy IV DS (too small a screen and I have FF Chronicles anyway), Disgaea DS (love Disgaea, hate Disgaea on small screens), - Silver Daxter PSP, Daxter (game), LocoRoco, Final Fantasy Tactics, Jeanne D'Arc and Metal Gear Acid (traded PSP + games since I hadn't used it in a year. Great system but hand-helds are not my strength).

So yes, I did trade quite a bit of stuff. Then add to that the fact that two of my games (Killzone 2 and COD:World at War *which was originally suppose to be LittleBigPlanet) were Buy 3 get 1 Free while I got Disgaea 3, Bioshock, Ratchet and Clank, Folklore, an extra controller and a headset with the left-over trade in funds. Uncharted and Resistance 2 were both bonuses from my system purchases and I actually paid for LittleBigPlanet and InFamous from other stores.

Hope that clears a few things up. Overall I am very pleased with how today went.

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#10 Posted by narakubeloved (53 posts) -

I just got back from getting my PS3. I traded in a bunch of old stuff I no longer need for credit at EB Games. I got InFamous for $29.99 canadian at Best Buy (psst, canadians: EB has it for that price as well, at least they did in Kingston). I then got Killzone 2, Folklore, Call of Duty World at War, Bioshock and Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, as well as the ps3 bluetooth headset and a second controller with my trade-in funds. Due to deals for my system, I got my 80gb ps3 with Resistance 2 (could also have chosen Motorstorm: Pacific Rift) and my choice of heavenly sword, untold legends or uncharted drake's fortune (I chose uncharted). Anyway, the only thing I wanted that I did not get was Valkyria chronicles and I think my parents are ordering that off Amazon for my birthday, so I am really happy right now. Not sure if any of this info will be of use to anyone or anything but I am just really excited and wanted to share all my good news. :)

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