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You Can Be a Model

Who saw the title, probably became interested in the message ... but you can only be a model if you have a 12 years neighbor! :lol:

in the last blog I commented the bad music that is idolized today ... but may have forgotten who idolizes this song ... mostly of these songs just do succeed, cause the idolatry of the teens who have not menstruated ... yes, them!

if you want an example, well, fans of Justin Bieber, speak in their Twitters that they are the Girfriends of the Justin Biber .... how you can be the girlfriend of a person who does not know you? :|

I will not waste my time here talking about it, because I will talk more deeply on another blog ... wait and see.

If you became curious to know why you can only become a model if you have a neighbor of 12 years ... well watch this video of my friend, also vlogger PC Siqueira.


of course I'm not judging this girl who thought the PC was a model ... just used as a 'hilarious example' of how today's teens, seems are becoming increasingly alienated ... and this worries me!

changing the subject ... I will say some nice things that happen to me today ...

First: I was in second place worldwide in TT's Twitter ... (For those who do not know, or TT are the issues people most commented on Twitter in the world or country, in my case, was the world... Hell Yeah!) all this because I posted a new video on youtube (Vlog) where I criticize exactly The Artists who cheat these fans, making them think he loves them, and actually, he just wants you to buy his CD ... (like the music of Jon Lajoie in the last blog )... most people who spoke to me, of course, were the fans of these artists who cursed me with words of curse and hatred ... like silly :lol: ! and I had a discussion with an artist who does exactly what I have criticized ... then was that mess ... His followers began to curse me ... and then my followers retaliated (of course the damage of my followers were higher, cause many dangerous people follow me on Twitter, I dont have gay followers ... I've heard of some murderers, so do not mess with me)

All this passed, it was a great day on Twitter about it, because my name (Felipe Neto) was widely reported ... and that is why I love people who hate me ... because without them wanting, they disseminate my work!

The second cool thing is that: today MTV was at my house shooting for one of programs called Scrap MTV ... and the subject is.... about me! we talked about my vlogs, my fame on the internet... about the VMB :D

sure I'll post it here, then wait, maybe next week!

it is, maybe I see you tomorrow ... or maybe not, if I find something better to do!