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yesterday I announced that I would return to MTV to participate in a program that would argue about the success of the Twilight Saga!

in fact I'm posting now and not at night as I usually do, just because I'm going to the airport in a few hours ... because MTV is headquartered in Sao Paulo and I live in Rio de Janeiro. In the interview for the channel, they came to my house, but now I have to go there ...

well no matter what I say in this blog is just explain why I was chosen to participate in the bench who will discuss Twilight!

everybody here knows (I hope so) I have a Vlog they did, well, success here in Brazil ... and oddly enough my video most famous and most watched (more than 3 million views) is just about Twilight ... so this is why I have been invited.

then who has not seen my video about Twilight, here it is....


The video is not full, because it contains more than 11 minutes and I'm not so I can, upload it full here ... but underneath the preview I'll let the video link on youtube, where you can watch it complete

so if you're not a fan of Twilight, watch. If you're a fan, too watch!

well, you just watch two minutes of video ... but this is just one part of the video

click on the picture (of me eating the book), or click on writted link to see the full video!


Click Here to see The Full Vlog

this is not a mandate for the Twilight fans no longer like the saga ... it's just my opinion (I can give my opinion because I read books and watch movies, so I know what I'm talking about)

if this helped you change your mind about the saga ... good, but I did not force anyone to!