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They're Back!

After million of complainings (joke, only some :P ) the craziest triplets across the blogosphere are back!

is serious, you thought I would stop posting them? for those who do not know, I still work with them...

I do not update much the original site so much, because of vlogs now being my priority at the moment but I will not abandon them ... it's my creation, I love them more than you realize. :roll:

For those who were wondering...


Id always surprised me :lol: I don't doubt anymore of him!

Wait, is not over...

I was digging in one of the coolest Web tools, the Google Maps... And I ended up running into one of the greatest mysteries of mankind .... you want to know what it is?

of course I will not spoil the surprise, then do the following:

1 - Enter in the Google Maps (of course) :P

2 - Type: 16 Hardgate, Aberdeen (type exactly this) and click 'Search on Map"

3 - Drag the yellow smiley close to the letter A in a red ballon!

4 - See anything strange?

after seeing this big mistery, talk here what is?