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The Vlog of Mario Bros.

This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of the most iconic (maybe the most) video game characters: Mario Bros. He appeared before with ohter games, but with Super Mario Bros. he became the major symbol of the major game company in the world, the Nintendo. But few people knows that Mario have a life, and to show what he feels with relation of normal things of his life, and other subjects like the rivalry with Sonic, Teen Bands, Vampire Teen Movies, etc... He made a Vlog!!!! Yes, a Vlog of the favorite plumber of everybody!! he's doesn't hide anything... He talks!!!

this would be perfect to fix in my blog series 'The Nintendo History', but I realized that he deserve a special place, just for him... So, with you now: Mario Bros.


"Mario dont breathe underwater!!! :lol:"

I was already fan of Mario, but now I idolize him... he's the Master :lol: ! I hope he make another vlogs to us, if yes, dont have doubt that I'll post here... and maybe Luigi appears in the next ones :P