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The Truth About the Trolls

Do You know what is a troll? The internet is full of them, and they're everywhere you can imagine, anywhere! A troll is nothing more than a person who has no other means of fun, they just want to ruin the fun of other people and make them angry. A recent example of the actions of trolls happened right here on Gamespot. Yes, those who remember the All-Time Greatest Villain Contest. Trolls dominated the polls, and influenced in a result that pleased few people! The unbelievable defeat of Sephiroth in the first round is just one example of what they produce. It would even be normal, but looking in the comments you can realize that it was the work of a troll! I saw comments saying: "It's good to see these fan-boys writhing in anger" or "I only voted in RAAM to let those fans pissed off, maybe they commit suicide." So this is the default action of a troll, he wants to ruin your life by any means ... and for no reason.

But it would be great to know the truths about a troll, the person behind the words of hatred and chaos, so I made a Vlog to try to show the reality about trolls, why they act in this way and how you can deal with their attacks. So, click in the play ... unless you're a troll!


Well, that's it, now starting to campaign, "Adopt a Troll" which will give affection and love for these creatures that never had find affection, and only know the evil side... they are so poor! Join this chain, "Adopt a Troll.

And finally, I leave a note here that, last weekend I recorded a videoclip with a Brazilian rock band called Zignal ... The project is a surprise, then when the video comes out, I'll post here! That is, I hope you enjoyed the blog and Bye!