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My Participation on MTV

Yesterday I said that MTV was here at my home, to shoot my interview with one of the programs of the channel ... the program presented by the wonderful Marimoon called Scrap MTV

today aired the program, and I have a surprise, I already have video here. And of course, as I said, I uploaded here on GS for you watch too ... in the interview I talk about some pretty cool stuff, so watch ...


in the interview you can see some videos I've ever done, which are already on YouTube. where I talk about Justin Bieber, Trolls .... I Promise that I'll translate all of then, do not worry!

and I could not fail to mention again my new friend now, Marimoon ... that drives the Scrap MTV ... she is very cute. I knew she was nice, but not know it was so much... I was surprised when I meet her!


Sorry Guys, we are friends now :D :lol:

That's it guys, hope you enjoyed my participation on MTV, and I hope many other interviews appear in my life. Bye