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In the Theater

since childhood I've always been interested in theater ... this has already indicated that I would be a person that maybe one day, could work with it, maybe. Fortunately now, with the advent of the internet, if television does not help you to get famous, we have youtube for that ... and so, everything worked for me.

Last week I published the video of a German comedian called Kesslers Knigge where it shows 10 things one should not be made on occasions ... and he is back.

This time, he shows us 10 things you should not do when you're in a theater!


Put Your Hands in The Up :lol:

using this blog, I mean that probably I will return to Sao Paulo, again ... to participate once again the Debate MTV, only this time the theme will be the subject that I really understand: Vlogs!

will be there with me and PC Siqueira and a lot of Vloggers here from Brazil ... but now, the program is in Tuesday, so probably I go Sunday and I stay in the PC Siqueira House at the Tuesday... dont worry I can post anything in the PC House :P