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Diary of a Sick Man

I really tried ... but could not! When it came to me the idea of the questions Blog I would imagine that few people would ask, did not imagine the huge number of people ... and each asked three questions ... 70 people asked, that multiplied by 3 gives 210 questions ... 210 questions that I had to answer, and there came the impasse ... I could answer them all, but in a relaxed way, could not give an insightful answer as I like to do. Because if you asked me something, I make sure to give full attention to the question, but as said I'm too busy, and this time it is impossible for me to do this, I just pick a this time to write this blog.

By the way, this lack of time in the modern world has increased relatively with the advent of the Internet. The internet has brought good things, good ... but also took place in our lives, and sometimes Social networking life becomes more important than real life, and that's what worries me. I've always been someone who worked with the Internet ... I started doing comic strips for my blog in Brazil, then I had a TV series download site, then I created an account on Gamespot ... And I managed to keep all three for a long time. That's when I decided to make vlogs for fun and insight to criticize some things in today's society, and has thus emerged my Vlog on Youtube and that was how I could reach a place that I never imagined being in good conscience ... but here I am, aware of my new duties, mindful of what I need to do and what I do by choice.

But this subject has not left me calm, and to show what really happens to many people who use the Internet but are dominated by it, it was then that I decided to create the character Joao Silvestre (aka, John Sylvester), who is a man who was overwhelmed by all this technological turbulence we are living ... btw not, he lives in the year 2036. So I ask you to watch my new video (this time acting) is nothing like my previous videos, so do not be alarmed.


Learn what you just watched happen in real life and with many people, the pretext for the year 2036 that I used was just to give an idea that if nothing is done now, this may be worsen in the future, Joao Silvestre there may be many, but this is not anyone's fault of others, has no influence from anyone, just the person can change ... worldwide there are multiple paths, there are those who are for you, there are those that are for others and there are those that do not go anywhere ...

Just to finish, who became depressed with this video blog I'm sorry, I'll compensate with millions of super funny blogs that we love so much ... and an old series that I kept coming back here soon ... who want to know what this is, ask Just-Adam that he should imagine what (you win dude! :P )
So, that's all guys, I apologize again for not answering the rest of the questions, everyone had work to do these questions and should answer it, but this is beyond my reach ... was more a learning experience for my life (Yes, never do a blog while 70 questions may ask questions: P) and maybe it's just that I have to say, before you finish if you do not watch the video, try to watch, if not just read the blog with attention!

Bye guys, Saturday I'm back!