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When I talked "be criative" I didn't expected so much :lol: :lol: guys you're really amazing, I'll love to answear some questions here. Were many question and I'll need to divide the answers in 4 blogs... a today and the other tomorrow,etc... to many questions :P ! if you're reading this and not asked any question, you can ask in the comments to enter in the answers of the next blog (just aks 3 questions.. it's simply). Some questions were really interesting, some I never answered in all my life, neither in the magazines interviews which I did... like I said before, you guys are amazing! I organized the blog in this way, I'll put the author of the questions above in a green text color (I'll not link, glitchspot, you know... I dont want to lose my blog), the questions are in bold and the answers are below in normal font!! okay, time to stop talking and let's go to the answers:


1 - What is the worst video game in your collection right now?

Super Double Dragon (SNES). This game sucks!

2 - Do you have a girlfriend?

No! In this moment I'm alone, by choice!

3 - How did you gain fame?

I did videos for youtube in a Vlog format. In that vlogs I talk about controversial issues like Justin Bieber, Twilight, etc. After the 5th video, the number of views reached in 1 million. And I keep with this 'work' until today.


1 - What are your favorite games, books and songs?

My favorite games are: Vagrant Story (PS1), Bahamut Lagoon (SNES), Super Mario World (SNES) and God of War II (PS2)

My favorite books are: The God Delusion (Richard Dawkings) and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (J.K. Rowling) - yes, I'm a Harry Potter fan!! :P

My favorite songs are: With or Without You (U2), Chop Suey (System of a Down), The Blower Daughter (Damien Rice) and Riders on The Storm (The Doors)

2 - What are types of art do you prefer?

Perfoming Arts - My dream, my passion and my work...

3 - What are you defining skills?

I'm not sure about it, I preffer to leave to people around me talk my skills and qualities. And based in this, I hear a lot of people talking about my capacity to transmity my messages and opinions to people and for this the Vlog thing has sucesfully.


1 - what are your views on abortion?

A good question! I defend the life, mainly when this life means a child, a baby, a innocent... in the moment of the fertilization of the ovum, there's a life, and nobody can threaten this life, neither the mother. Abort dont have any relevant justificative because today anyone have information of contraceptive methods. In case of sexual abuses, I change my opinion, the mother can choose the future...

2 - What is love in your opinion?

Love is a feeling that has no description, it may arise from a simple look, a hug or anything that touch your heart. Love is there to comfort the sorrows of life, to overcome challenges, to forgive who ask for forgiveness, to be forgiven... we dont need to acquire the love, because it's already inside in each of us. We just need to separate love and passion... we can ve passionate for everyone, but love, you just feel for special people, that born to be loved for you. Love is something unexplainable.

3 - Do you believe in afterlife?

No! I'm atheist, and I thik that we've just one life, one chance to live... for this we must enjoy every moment of our lifes, because there's only one chance to live in this world.


1 - Chocolate of Vanila Ice Creams?

Chocolate... and it cost me a lot of acnes.

2 - How old are you?

22 years old!

3 - Would you wax your legs for money?

Yes! because I know in my actor career, more embarassing stuuf will appear, I need to get used for these things!


1 - What's the meaning of life?

Live in this crazy world and enjoy every moment of our passage... and try to not became crazy with the human stupidy!!!

2 - How do you pick up girls and your favorite line?

Hahahaha I did a Vlog about that issue, and it was my first video that hitted the 1 million of views. I'll translate it to put here. but briefly answering, I'm a shy person, so I dont hunt girls... is the opposite :P

3 - What's your most embarassing moment ever?

When my mother tried to talk about sex with me for the first time... was terrible!!! because I already knew about the subject , and she tried to explain in a innocent method, and she scrambled all the time... terrible!!


1 - Global Warming: Scientific fact or liberal propaganda?

No doubt that Earth's climate is changing, but I guess it's not like some nature groups are announcing... but it's good to take care now!

2 - Favorite era of music?

90's, because i lived in this era :P

3 - Fan of comics? If so, personal favorite?

I'm not addicted in the comics world, but i like it. Batman is my favorite character!!


1 - Have you always lived in Rio de Janeiro?

Yes, always!

2 - What's your favorite game?

Vagrant Story (PS1)

3 - How Did you gain fame?

I did videos for youtube in a Vlog format. In that vlogs I talk about controversial issues like Justin Bieber, Twilight, etc. After the 5th video, the number of views reached in 1 million. And I keep with this 'work' until today.


1 - why are you the most awesomest person ever?

Because you're telling it!!! :P

2 - You going to buy a 3DS?

Yes, I'm looking forward to it, I already got a GBA, a DS and now I need one 3DS...

3 - When you going to be in movies?

Hahahaha... I guess it will take a long time!!! But I'm recording a music-clip to a brazilian rock band!


1 - What's like being semi famous?

Nothing diferent of a normal person, people just knowmy name! I live in the same before I started with the videos, I dont have a car and my bank account not growed so much!!

2 - How many languages you speak?

Two... I speak portuguese and english!

3 - Who is your favorite singer?

Jim Morrison


1 - What current gen(s) console you have?

SNES, PS1 and PS2!

2 - Why?

SNEs was my first videogame, PS1 is my favorite console ever and the PS2 I played it for many hours of my life, and I have good memories with it!

3 - Would you kill a man for eating your taco?

No! I kill a man for drinking my coffe! :|


1 - Which in your opinion you think fits a girl more.. a girl with glasses? or without glasses?

I dont have preference. I dated and engaged a girl with glasses, it's her charm... but girls without glasses have others charms too!

2 - ?

3 - ?


1 - What do you think of Motion Sensing?

Is the future of gaming together with the 3D technology, but nothing can replace the joystick, mouse and board!

2 - What are your most anticiptated games?

PES2011, The Last Guardian, Crysis 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, F.E.A.R 3 and Medal of Honor

3 - Best game your ever played?

Vagrant Story (PS1)


1 - Favorite ice cream flavor?


2 - PC or Mac?

I've both! I use the PC for simply work, fun, internet and gaming. And I use the Mac to edit my videos with the Final Cut!

3 - Blondes, Brunettes or Redheads?

I'm sorry for the blondes, but brunettes and redheads are my favorites! :P


1 - Who put Nachi in your Lobo?


2 - Do you currently have any picks for your zombie survival team?

Not yet...

3 - If you could nut punch a twinkling vampire, or a redneck.. Which would you choose?

Easy one! A twinklink vampire, of course!


1 - Have you ever gone to E3?

Not yet :cry:

2 - What is your fav food?

Lasagna :D

3 - What was the last thing u lied about?

The last question, my favorite food is Pizza :lol:


1 - Can you speak english?

Yes! click here and put on 3:55!

2 - What do you work on the most?Youtube or Gamespot?


3 - Who is your favorite Youtuber?

PC Siqueira

4 - Who is your favorite friend on Gamespot?

My brother!!

5 - How does it feel to be famous?

I guess this answear this question... click

6 - Have you met any other famous youtubers?

Yes! Joe Penna (MisteryGuitarMan) is my friend, yesterday I talked with him for telephone to pick some tips of vdeos edit, and i talk with him almost everyday by Twitter... and I meet WheezyWaiter too!

7 - Whats your definition of life?

Stay in this crazy world and try to not became like the stupid people around us!!


Okay, I guess that's enough... tomorrow I post the other answers... and if you couldn't aksed for me, you can do it in the comments below! Thanks for who asked and I hope you enjoyed the answers! Bye!