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Animes in Real Life

I've never been addicted to Animes. When I say I've never been addicted, I mean I like some anime, but I don't want to deepen into this genre. I just like shonen animes, a genre that is intended primarily for men (most teens). Even restricting myself to just one group, I still liking few ones ... But the ones that I like I defend with my life, as is the case of my favorite anime: Saint Seiya. Among others I like are famous animes like Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto and maybe another three or four that I cannot remember the name now ... As you can see almost all these animes are successful, being popular inside and outside of Japan.

But maybe I have an explanation of why I am not an anime addicted: because most animes are too surreal, and then translated into our daily lives, not consistent with anything in our real life. That's not a bad feature, not really, but that does not attract me! And if you, which is a fan of Anime is already saying "stop talking silly, Felipe!" Okay, so I have to show how would be if an anime being translated into real life ... Just watch!


It is clear that the intention of this blog from the beginning was to show this video (hehehe), we can recognize in it Animes features, such as the Japanese's obsession by humans with animal tails or ears... Seriously, why they like it? It is permissible when they have an explanation for this, as is the case of Dragon Ball Z and Goku's monkey tail! But many Anime nor take time to explain anything, the tail is there and you'll have to deal with it! Things get worse when we see animals walking like humans ... Would be acceptable too, but the Japanese designers use techniques to make this animal a "sexy woman" ... And believe me, there are people that really think this animal is "gorgeous" and are sexually attracted to them ... these people are called Furries. And there are several other features such as cute pets (as seen in the video), a usually silly man protagonists, schoolgirls with mini-skirts so small that it was better to have just dress underpants (not going to make any difference), giant breasts, horny tentacles and etc... they're hallmarks of anime that can attract obsessive fans, and obsessive enemies too (in this case trying to degrade the image of the Animes) ... I end up staying in the neutral state, I am very restricted to what I watch in relation of Animes, and if I end up liking one I get really addicted to it! And speaking of that, I'm currently watching one called Lost Canvas, which already is in my opinion a masterpiece. Excuse me for something, and I hope you enjoyed the blog!

This blog would be just happy, but this morning I received the news that's the Mayra's Mom passed away… for who doesn't know, Mayra's is the GS user called Cosita46, I'm not good with words in these moments, they just flew up from my head, and I'm end up getting afraid to say something wrong in these sad moments. But I just want to say, Mayra, my thoughts are with you and with your family at this moment…