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Hi Champz, i'm not leave alone this blog, dont worry... but my time at the moment is from Beyond Humor, i'm working hard to take a chance to growth... if you wish help me, recommend to your friends in your relatiosnhip sites, blogs, sites whatever! Even a adversiment in GS is valid :P ok, today is day of Once Upon Saturday



Things that should not have been created...


That is the Question



Impossible (or no) Crossovers

I'm very interested in the new Marvel vs. Capcom 3, a crossover is hard to be as expected. Thinking about it, see some crossovers than likely never happen (if it happens, would be a huge FAIL)!! See...


:lol: Fatality on Toad :lol:

and do not forget to visit the "Beyond Humor" with your help, I can proceed with the project.

I Finally Finished It

Today is a very important day for me because I finally finished I created my blog! yes, now I have my own blog. actually I already have one, but in Portuguese. but I now after four months of experience and posts in English on Gamespot, I decided to create one especially for those who speak English. I want to thank everyone here at GS because without you I would not have the courage to create this blog (yes because I have four blogs, not counting the GS).

the name of the blog is what you see in the image above, Beyond Humor!

I'll basically post the same things that I post on GS, but there I have total freedom to post whatever I want with no restrictions, and best, without glitches.

before they ever speak, I will not abandon the GS, scratch that, I'll keep posting here but I ask that you visit the Beyond Humor too, because there I also update every day. Surely there will be more funny blog, because as I said, I have no restrictions.

Another thing, also created a Twitter that will serve to communicate with all people who read the blog, Twitter anyone can now follow me.

as I have not yet advertising on the blog, I will have to advertise the blog here on GS and if you allow, also in comments!

below are links Blog and Twitter, visit the blog and subscribe to his email feed to receive daily updates, and also add Beyond Humor to your favorites, and leave your comment on posts, this will be very important for growth and maintenance blog.

follow me on Twitter, because there'll also make a Twit-Humor with wise and funny phrases.

Please, Visit and Comment

She Wanted to Disable the Google

I want to apologize for yesterday, I do not have time to post anything interesting, so I uploaded the most short video I had and posted, and it did not work as I expected, but ok, also want to apologize for that today I promissed to post a cartoon of The Brain Brothers, but did not finish yet, probably tomorrow I'll post it. No more stalling, let's go to the blog.

Everyone loved it when the Google celebrated the birthday of 30 years of Pac-Man, delivering the game on your page. Ok, but know that many people do not have much familiarity with the computer, had some complications with this ... Sometimes I think the computer was not done to all, see why!


This Deserves One...


I Need Time...

I do not have much time, saturday I'll be back with The Brain Brothers! So stay with this beautiful little girl ...


Werewolves Teenagers Strikes Again

You know when you think it was a pioneer in something, but then appears someone did this before you?


I think she was disappointed :lol: :lol:

You don't understand? see this video so...


Teen Werewolves... O Rly

Finally, OMG, I could finally post a video ... I hope this glitch from hell never come back.

Okay, let the blog, you know that teenagers today have multiple personalities, each more bizarre than the other, the urban tribes has multiplied, and we do not know the names of them all, and every day new ones tribes appear. The most famous are goths, emos, punks, skinheads, nerds, Justin Bieber fans :lol: ...

but I guess sometimes, young people overdo it and end up playing the ridiculous, as these young students in San Antonio.


This is serious? Werewolves, it is very difficult for me to believe, please if you are part of a group like this, see a psychiatrist more fast as possible ...

Let's see the wise owl have to talk us about this


What you can do with one rib?

is serious, what's wrong with this site? I'm a week trying to upload videos here and I can not, the upload page simply does not appear. and to make matters worse, now my videos are gone, I can not watch my own videos! I seriously worried about the GS. Does not take much to solve this problem?

I better leave this anger back and keep trying to make my blog (even though the GS seems to be trying to stop me from doing this). Ok, after a little time of ausention, here's back Once Upon Saturday!!

Once Upon Saturday

What you can do with one rib?


I'll be crucified for this :lol: :lol:

The Creation of the Eve...


Now Adam have company, it's getting more interest the Once Upon Saturday comics!

4 Reason to Carry a Shovel at All Times

Ok, Today is Sunday, so this is a quick Blog (Now every sunday is)! Today you will see the importance of carrying a shovel at all time. See and Learn:






Now, you've known the importance of carrying a shovel at all times. ;)