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Today I will not post the second part of the history of Nintendo ... the reason is that every Saturday will dedicate this blogto a new serie that will debut now called WeekLinks! not quite a series, far from it ... only links are those that I considered the best or most creative blogs this week! Every Saturday I'll post 10 links from other blogs here in GS for those who did not see, see! Let's Go! (the order dont mean nothing... )

the critery that I use... the blog can be personally with own opinions, but diary blogs (like games updating and just it) are not considered, top 10 *whatever* are not considered too (less when I agree with the opinion :P ), I consider reviws of games, but just if it are in blog form (yes, copy and paste it to blog) and if you want put a link to people thumbs up in the page of the review after the read, the realtion that I've with the people here n GS don't have influence in my opinion... I'll post a lot of links here of people that I never talked... if I'm your friend this does't menas that I'll post your blog here (just if it are really good).. dont have way to me read all blog's, can happen to you writte a excelent blog and I dont read it... so if really think that your blog is good, PM me!

Try to read all blogs... really is a worth read and if you don't track the guy/girl, it's a good time to track him!

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10 - Asagea_888 - Final Fantasy XIV... not as wonderful as it seems?


That's it... Hope you enjoyed the links... and if someone that's is tagged dont wanna to be your links here, please talk with me... I'll remove it!

As personal notes, I created a Tumblr that I'll write somethings... it's in portuguese, but who talk portuguese here (I know, few people talk) and wanna check it here's the link

It's necessary to remember to... today is 9/11, a sad date to all world not just to USA people... is a human tragedy... its time to reflect and (if you're religious, it's not my case) pray for the family of the victims!

I almost forget... who remeber of my friend PC Siqueira? Beyond to be Vlogger like me.. he works (a lot) and he have one of the coolest works of the world.. he's cartoon colorist... and cartunist too :P and if you wanna see some pictures of his work.. here's a link to his DevianArt page's... enjoy it!

the second part of the Nintendo history will be posted in Monday probably... so, See'ya friends!

The Nintendo Story

I said it... I'll make these kind of blogs!

My old friends here, probably will remember when I did a blog (in 2 parts) talking about the Playstation Story... okay, now Sony pass the baton to the... I have to admit... The Main Game Industry of The World!! And here we will talk about the creation of this "Giant" on the principles of its existence, when it was just one... Decks Industry :o until the creation of most important console of its Life, I'm talking about the SNES!! this serie will probably divided by some parts, it's impossible to talk about Nintendo in just one blog, so in this, I'll talk about the creation of the Nintendo Enjoy It!!!

Nintendo - Industry of.... Decks??

The history of Nintendo's older than many imagine. It all began in 1889 when then Fusajiro Yamauchi founded Nintendo Koppai, a manufacturer of playing cards situated in Kyoto. The decks in question are known as Hanafuda, which consists of 48 different cards. There are 12 sets of four cards each. Each set represents one month of the year and the flower that blooms at this time. Each card is illustrated with the flower of the set and may also contain other elements as objects, animals or humans. Yamauchi achieved some success and money, selling his decks in Nintendo stores in Kyoto and Osaka. His deck was so successful it even members of the Yakuza (the Japanese mafia) used to play at their meetings and gambling. With demand growing, Yamauchi hired a staff to help him make the deck on a large scale, becoming then the "Godfather" of Hanafuda.


Hanafuda Cards!!

And so the popularity of Nintendo Koppai was growing, as well as business. As early as 1900, the company already had partnerships with other companies to sell their cards. At this time, Nintendo Koppai became the first company to produce and distribute western decks to Japan (just remembering that at that time Japan was quite conservative and did not allow foreign products at the country, including decks). In 1929 Fusajiro Yamauchi, already filthy rich, retired, and then left for his "ciccerone" Sekiryo Yamauchi, who is actually his genre, the largest decks industry in Japan.

western decks

Western cards with Hanafuda draws

Sekiryo was 20 years in the power of the company, being recognized as a good leader and businessman. In 1949 it was his turn to retire, leaving the place for your son, Hiroshi Yamauchi, but unlike his father, he was not well regarded by employees, which they said he was arrogant, unpredictable and quite temperamental. But thanks to him and his iron hand command, Nintendo is now the largest in the gaming industry. If Sega had the Hayao Nakayama, Nintendo had Yamauchi. He retired in 2002 and declined to 9 million retirement thinking that the company would make better use the money.

Hiroshi Yamauchi

Hiroshi Yamaushi

In the 10 years following Hiroshi made several changes. Changed the company name to Nintendo Karuta Co. Ltd, moved the company base building and began production of laminated playing cards.
In 1959 Hiroshi struck a deal with Walt Disney to produce playing cards with the famous American characters, with satisfactory results. In 1963 Hiroshi then changed the company name again, to Nintendo Co. Ltd, name one that continues today.

One reason for the change of name was so he could expand the branch of the company's products in addition to the decks, which were being made for more than 70 years. Some of these new "products" were quite different than the original founder had imagined.

Hiroshi then assembled what we call ... "love hotel" ... rooms were rented by the hour, to do ... you know what it is, who would say, the conservative Nintendo has already formed the Motel! (Curiously, these "Love Hotel" seems to be very popular there a network in Japan, so, isn't a name exclusive to Nintendo). And of course, Hiroshi took very advantage, going to visit his love hotel a few times (of course it was just to oversee their business :P ), which did not leave his wife very happy, not agreeing with the venture.

Besides the hotel, he also created a taxi firm, which lasted until a few time, but in a few years Nintendo has started losing money when powerful unions of taxi drivers have increased their salaries.
Hiroshi closed the taxi company and shortly afterwards closed the doors of the love hotel's.


Nintendo Hotel and Taxi

After their unsuccessful attempts to venture into other businesses, Hiroshi created in 1964 the first center for research and development of Nintendo, simply named "Games" which were children's toys, nothing to do with electronic games. That until a young employee named Gunpei Yokoi (just the mind behind the first Game Boy and games like Metroid, Donkey Kong and Super Mario, along with Shigeru Miyamoto, another legend in the world of games). Yokoi began to come up with innovative toys that were successful, as the Ultra Hand, Ultra Machine, Love Tester (huuummm) and Ultra Scope. Nintendo then struck a deal with Sharp Electronics to use its technology to optical sensor in some of their toys, games and so born of handguns with sensors.


The toy department of Nintendo quickly flourished, with Gunpei Yokoi leadership in the manufacture of electronic toys, including the manufacture of arcades with guns sensor. In the mid '70s, Nintendo has pro financial problems because of a crises in Japan, and wanting to maintain the recent success of Nintendo in the entertainment area, Yamauchi decided to enter into an agreement with the Magnavox to distribute the videogame Oddysey on Japan. The Oddysey sold well, but Nintendo had ambitious plans in mind. Hiring members of Sharp and Gunpei Yokoi, Nintendo decided to get into the videogame business. Created some arcades, which have some success, but they were no match against the Taito Space Invaders or Pac-Man and Galaga by Namco.

Be Continue...


That's it... this is the first part of the Nintendo History, in the next part we will see how Nintendo dominated the game industry with the legendary NES.

Hope you enjoyed, See you soon! :)

I Can't Resist!!

it seems that I can not stay long away from here .... then the solution is to adapt myself! I say this because I decided... I'm blogs in GS, just will not be blogging daily as before ... I think three blogs per week is great! This will gives me time for work, and give me time to write a really good blog... because I do not blog for me, I do for you who read, I like when people like my blog because I know that the person who read it took something out ... or learning a few jokes :P , or aprecciate something that only the interned offer to us, or listening to good reviews about ALL!

I am preparing some new features such as new themes, new series (anyone remember the old ones, like the suicide-bunnies, and super effective?) but the old series will keep, dont worry! Wait for many reviews of games too, especially the Old-School Games that I'm playing... yes, SNES, PSOne Genesis and others game masterpieces, all this will be detailed here and who never heard about these games, will be presented to it!

will debute here, the comedy series of videos of the group "Anoes em Chamas" that means "Dwarves in Flames"... the guys have a lot of funny videos and will join the vlogs and other crazy thing that have in this blog!

then this is oficial... the blog is back! and who are wondering about the Vlogs, hehehe they never stop... PC Siqueira, Me, and other's Vloggers (that will debute) will continue to terrorize your lives! hauhauhauhauahhauah....


All Enden Well

on the case of kidnapping of my cousin in Portugal, a lot of people already know, but some do not, the Portuguese police (in a good and fast work) discovered that the kidnapper was his biological father it, and that he had fled to Belgium ( home country) ... and this afternoon we received a phone call at home from my uncle's saying he had surrendered to police and that Maria Eduarda is okay, and not suffered any type of injury . And having 5 years of age and be with his biological father, she did not suspect anything what it was a kidnapping ... this is good because it will not leave psychological trauma in her, I'm very relieved at the end of it all, and that everything has happened as best as possible ...

wanted to thank everyone who sent messages of support to me and my family, I thank you all for your prayers and words of comfort:

Kylts - IrithAyllistira - Hintaki - JokerPRO10 - kevorksalloum - Rheinmetal - nsoliveira - -INKling- - CoolKid006

s_h_a_d_o - Skargamer - gopulpfiction - exber - Tarixon - Backslash24 - FojMohsin - Nintendo-Staff

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Thank you very much all you guys!


Yesterday's joy over ... simply the worst way possible! I'm really shocked by what happened.

I just got a call from my uncles who live in Portugal saying that their daughter of five years (my cousin) was kidnapped ... I'm really shocked by this, and who lives in Portugal and has some information, please contact me

this is a picture of her, her name is Maria Eduarda...


as far as I know, she was kidnapped in Portugal
northern, because my uncles were traveling there, but they live in Lisbon.

I'll try to find out the name of the city, then do an update here.

meanwhile, I have to rely on the work of the police in Portugal.


Visiting My Old School

No, this is not my official return... just an update here!

Today is one of most exciting days of my life... just because I visited my old school, that I passed 11 years of my life studying like a crazy!

Were unforhetabble moments of nostalgia for me... Ahhh how is good when we are in the school... you get pissed off sometimes, but we have to admit, the school is our 2nd Home!

The first objective of my objective, is to the kill the longing... and the second objective is to participate of a theather play with with the students, to incentive the taste for theather... I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot!

Oh, of course I picked some photos of this moment! :P




( :lol: )






Ok, it's a lot of pictures... I can't upload all here... but if you want to see the other pictures, click here!

Finishing this special blog... I repeat that I'm not returned to my regular blogs, at least for this moment... but I'll post some blogs in ramdom times, so keep alert :P !

That's it...


Sad Annoucement

guys, I'll try it as soon as possible ... as you know, positive I've said it before ... with success on youtube, it was kind of obvious that more opportunities should arise in my life .. and this is what happened ... I want to announce that I am returning to the stage on the theater, I will not dwell on it ... what is important to know is that, because of this, I can not continue with blogging here on GS, at least for now ... then you'll notice at least four months away from blogging ... just stay with my Youtube channel at constant updates ... I am grateful for all the support of some who wished me luck when they learned what I did ... and well, I will not completely leave the GS ... if by chance you want to talk with me, send me a PM I'll answer it ... Because I will not close this account because it is possible that at the end of the year I go back to blogging ... (With much more material) and I will constantly update my Games Lists here.

That's it ... I hope that within four months you have not forgotten me .... (Who wants to kill the longing, just look at my older blogs, I think they are worth to be reviewed .... especially the vlogs)

last thing: This is my Youtube channel and my Twitter for those who want to follow me:

Twitter - Felipe Neto

Youtube - Nao Faz Sentido (My Channel)

Stupid Fans...

if you looked at the title of the blog, well, I have to explain ... Of course good things happens to you, when You become ... well, a bit famous ... But of course the bad things exists ... things unbearable, also occur.

do not know if I explained this already here, but there we go again ... PC Siqueira and I started making vlogs there are 5 or 6 months ... these vlogs and suddenly began to have much impact, more than expected by us ... but then as the success came together ... emerged that nonsense created by some stupid guys: Who is the Best?

arrgh ... I can not say how stupid is this ... because my vlogs are totally Different vlogs of PC .... I talk about impact Subjects ... PC and talk about him own life! understand? dont have way to compare ... so we had to make a video to finish this.


all that was said is true ... this really happened ... and sometimes still happens, it is interesting to see how there are stupid people in the world ... so we feel a little smarter.

to finish this blog ... today is the Debate MTV ... I'll Participate along with PC and others Vloggers!

and about the T-shirts ... it's going... soon

That's it, Bye!

Best Lipdube Ever

you dont know what is a LipDub?

Created by German students, the LipDub is a video that combines a catchy soundtrack and a group of people miming the song. And what makes this video more interesting is how it's done without cuts. The recording ends when the song ends.

The idea is simple. Just gather a group of people, choose a track and record the clip. But to have a nice result, this clip must have spontaneity, authenticity, participation, and especially fun.

I have seen many Lipdubs on youtube ... but I have to admit that the best of all is this what you will see now ... I have nothing to say ... Just "The Offspring"


Why this is my favorite? Because the perfect music, the good synchronization, the theme, they have the "Guns N' Roses", The Girls :P... and to remember me my times of college... ah good days!

well, this LipDub was organized by students of a University in Montreal called Faculte Droit ... I really liked the job, really, that should give a lot of work to be done.


now going to the side of gossip-magazine of the blog ... well, I'm already in Sao Paulo two days ... I'm in PC Siqueira House (if you do not know him, just see my last post) ... and I have to say I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I will again participate of the Debate MTV ... I hope the time passes quickly.

and if you think I'm not doing anything here... I'm working hard ... want to see...


My life is very hard as you can see!

joke :P ... I'm solving some issues here, like the T-shirts one for example ... but I went to a ballad last night ... and guy... Sao Paulo has the best ballads of Brazil... That's it, Bye!

Left-Hand, Faces and Lola

I'm right handed!

I always wanted to do things with left hand, but never got ... well ... some things I can not. :lol: :roll:

there is always a discussion of who is more skillful, the left-handed or the right handed. I think all this doesn't make any sense, because many left-handed's people are murderers or love Twilight ( :P ) ... and also to right-handed ... in statistics, the right-hander, would be more forward on these things ... but I think it is because of most people are right-handed, not left-handed ... and a smaller percentage are ambidextrous ... and some do not have hands or feet. xD

this issue could take hours to write in a blog ... then my friend PC Siqueira made a video talking about this ... and talking about other things too, like people being cut in half.


hahaha the PC does not trust in left-handed people ... I do not have this problem ... I usually do not trust in people generated.... kidding!

about seeing faces in everything, I also have this complex ... has sometimes I think my wardrobe is going to say something... I remember as a kid, I could not fall asleep because of it ... there I slept with my parents. :|

okay, I have to warn everyone, that soon after this post I'll go to the airport ... exactly in four hours and half my flight leaves to Sao Paulo (Here I go again)... I never thought I'd post because the flight schedule in a skirt and then realized it was later (silly) ...

Another cool thing I wanted to speak, is soon to be released the T-shirts of the 'Nao Faz Sentido' that the name of my youtube channel, that is, in my vlog ... (It is written on my banner, if you want to see, just look at the top of the page :P ). I can not tell how cool is this.... T-shirts ... hahaha one of the reasons I'm going Sao Paulo is to settle the last details with the graphic, as the company that will distribute it from there too (in fact, almost everything in Brazil is in Sao Paulo)

okay, so after I post the time goofing off until it was time to go...

I'll track some new people to spend time... if you're now tracked by me... dont think that I'm crazy :P But I'm!