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Many think it's easy. Many search for something with no idea exactly what to expect. Overestimate all that when I do not see any reason for great pride and personal satisfaction. Though I must confess: when younger, I dreamed with all that is happening to me today.

Better if I knew, in those days, which there is really nothing much at all, or even more, knowing that would truly get to live what I considered a dream, but in the form of ordinary reality, neither here nor there, though somewhat more there than here.

The speed got me in a way that I could not provide. After all, it was fast, the forecast becomes an adjuvant. Along with this, the preparation also stayed away from hitting point. Without preparation, it becomes even more complex. The appeal generated by the shouts of crazed fans is something impossible to explain. How many were lost at this stage? What prevents me from walking the same suicide path? Or even, where will I get the strength to live with all this so as not to lose me? I do not know, just know that I know. Perhaps my upbringing has been the key, or my maturation process, the fact is that seduction is finding a shell that I could not imagine having, but absorbed the full impact has generated very unpleasant effects, which now need to win in an epic battle of one person.

I believe that almost all human complex are caused by fear. Fear sets a lot, greatly affect any human being. Today, I'm afraid. Although no one knows, although I see it as a safe person, this fear is something in my life. Fighting him is like hitting smoke or entering the Sheldon in an attempt to blow up his opponent's head with only a mental thing. Fear not knock on the door, does not warn that is coming and much less retires when prompted. Face the fear with attitudes and self-knowledge, starting from the first step, the confession of fear. I'm not ashamed to have him, moreover, would probably not share it boastful and arrogant, with a view everything that is happening in my life. Shouting security and emotional stability would be not only a liar, as a coward. And probably the first step towards ruin.

Not sure why writted this text. I'm at the airport awaiting my flight. I have no intention of publishing it, perhaps just a lone outburst, a way to make clear to myself, there's no fame, money or enough pleasure to handle their emotional stability. Rather, these are the key ingredients to a dysfunctional and dangerous life. I'm on top of everything and only now realize that, even in a smaller scale, involving all the artistic life really. I thought it was very easy.

Fear comes from the anxiety, insecurity, panic failure. But inside the package can also note the desire to prove to myself that I am able, though, I confess again, sometimes I get so violent in questioning this capacity. A whirlwind of emotions present in anyone who has lived on stage and based on his life in art, now elevated to the thousandth power. I can not say that all this will end, because was from the mouth of Fernanda Montenegro which I heard that there is no real actor who does not feel nervous before going on stage, unless the arrogant. I take my fears, I take my insecurities and promise myself that, whatever the challenge, these symptoms will never leave my mind and body control enough to make me not have the strength to overcome them. The artistic courage and commitment will get louder, always.

"Life is a play that does not allow testing" - Charles Chaplin.

If Games Had Super Easy Mode?

Glitchspot strikes again... because I tried to post your references to my blog "I learned playing video games..." and I writted the blog 3 times, in different ways... and not worked, the error is something called "your string quory... bla bla bla", I lost much free time working in it, and I lost it... and the worst is because it's your references... I'll try it again

So, I'll not lost this blog... no, not yet :D because here I'll write (no, I'll not write) about 'If Games Had Super Easy Mode?'


I'll not write about it, because the guys of College of Humor make a video which explain everything...

Liked it... if yes, wait for more good ones for this guys, because I'll post many other videos of College of Humor here...

and that's it guys, I finish it explaining why I'm not commenting o blogging frequently... the answear is juts one: Work!!! I'm really busy nowadays, but I guess this weekend I'll be more 'free" so it's... See'ya in the next blog

So There Is The Sucessor...

As I promissed guys, here's the third part of the Nintendo History... this not the final part, have more one to write (yeah, Nintendo history is looong)... by the way it's kinda interesting. In this part we'll follow the creation of one most importants consoles in history... the SNES! so, prepare yourself and enjoy the read

First Part, Second Part

And There is the Successor

1Masayuki Uemura, the man behind the development of the Famicom years ago, was named to head the team that would develop the next generation of video game. And so, in late 1990, it launched the Super Famicom in Japan, which soon became a success. The console, being almost two years younger than his rival (Genesis/Mega Drive), had good graphics and visual effects more sophisticated than the rival. He could put up to 256 colors simultaneously on screen, a palette of more than 32,000 colors; moved sprites with effects of rotation, zoom and transparency; its control, although not as anatomic (looked like a bone) as the Mega Drive, but had eight buttons.

1The sound card also was powerful, probably the biggest difference between the Super Famicom and Sega Genesis. During the development of console, Nintendo wanted a better sound chip than the Genesis, a Yamaha synthesizer-FM, considered well advanced by then. To combat the limitations of the Sega, Nintendo had to outsource the services, because the work was beyond their abilities. For that the company contacted Sony to produce the audio chip for the Super Famicom, but the Sony at that time was not interested in video games (who knew? :P ) And refused the job. However, one of Sony's engineers saw an opportunity there. His name was Ken Kutaragi, the man who just a few years would be the "father" of the PlayStation.

Kutaragi began working in secret with Nintendo, without the suspicious of his employers. Thus, Kutaragi was developed the audio processor that Nintendo was looking for, a Sony SPC700, capable of wonderful soundtrack, as the game Actraiser. Sony executives, of course, did not like the unauthorized use of its resources. The use of Kutaragi was hanging by a thread, then when Nintendo offered a lucrative trade by sound chip, which Sony agreed soon. So, Sony made a lot of money by Nintendo and then
Kutaragi proved to his employers that the video game market could be so much lucrative.This was the kickoff for the Sony entered the video game market and after a time to dominate the industry with the his PlayStation, also designed by Kutaragi. Ironies of life.

But the console had a powerful Achilles heel: its processor was too slow, which ran at only 3.57 MHz and occasioned constant slowdowns in some games.
So, Lost heavely to the Mega Drive, which ran at 7.67 MHz. May seem little, but it would make a difference to the kind of games released for each console. Super Famicom RPGs would run (the preferred genre of Japanese, so the big hit in Japan) with greater ease, because that games are "slow" and did not require much processor. Since the Genesis would be fine with sports games, shooters and platforms. that would require more processor. And so, with the monopoly of the best software houses making exclusive games to its powerful video game's Super Famicom quickly was a huge success in Japan

11But Nintendo made a strategic mistake, and took the game launch in the U.S. market. Only in late 1991, almost three years after launching the Genesis in American soil, is that the Super Nintendo Entertainment System then arrive in stores with a new look resembling a shoebox (yes, Nintendo has never been very good with the design of their consoles) and in white, following the pattern of his predecessor. It was originally sold for $200 and was accompanied by Super Mario World. In Europe it was released a few weeks later and here in South America only matter.

1However, the dominance of Nintendo in the Japanese market was not repeated in the U.S. and European markets. With the delay in the launch of Super Nintendo, Sega gave plenty of time to consolidate firmly the Genesis in Europe and USA, with attractive prices of the console and games and an aggressive marketing campaign in the U.S. The Super Nintendo has sold well, but since Nintendo dominated the market with 8 Bit Nes, Sega was now dominating the market, 16 Bits. It was then that Nintendo took the hardest blow from Sega in the form of a blue hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog. Sega plays hard and puts the charismatic character to compete with the Super Nintendo.The Sonic-mania has spread throughout the world with the ultimate action game, helping Sega to continue selling its 16-bit with a large advantage. In that way, nor with the 500 Super Marios the SNES could come close.

And Nintendo had to swallow a second, but she would not let cheap, so never hand over the leadership of American and European market. The rivalry between the two companies grew as never before, and Nintendo and Sega produced what is probably the most notorious war of consoles in history. Gamers were split between one or the other. The war ended up in the hands of the games as much as another threw a game better and better. Until, one day, Nintendo saw a light at the end of the tunnel...


Okay, maybe the final part come out in the next saturday...

and now some updates here, who shared in the last blog new stuff to "I leaned Playing Video Games..." stay calm in the next blog I'll put all... I guess it's all, if I remember something I'll update this blog :P

See'ya guys!!

I Learned Playing Video Games...

No, this is not the third part of the Nintendo History... I though I would finish today...but not!!! I preffer to achieve it... but this doesn't means that I can't blog right? and for the first time of week I'll not talk about VMB (Win :P )... I decided to make an blog about things that I learned playing video games... 50 things to be exactly. I guess many of people that played games on childhood or keep playing it, will identify these things. Most refer to old games... so if you are older enough to be played these games, I'm almost sure that you'll be indetified in this situations... well, let's go:

I Learned Playing Video Games...

1 - I learned playing video game that the measure of courage is inversely proportional to the distance from the save point.
2 - I learned playing video game that the princess is always in another castle.
3 - I learned playing video game that even you can not read what people around us speak, we speak to them all!
4 - I learned playing video game that the smaller and more attached to clothing, the woman is more dangerous
5 - I learned playing video game that I can take a feather and fly
6 - I learned playing video game that have a green monster here in Brazil
7 - I learned playing video games with a handful of sand, I can turn back time
8 - I learned playing video games the Roman numerals from 1 to 13
9 - I learned playing video games that chickens are extremely vengeful
10 - I learned playing video games that I can play guitar.
11 - I learned playing video games that covered the walls with bullet holes miraculously return to normal after a while
12 - I learned playing video games that if I tilt my body or the joystick, no use at all in the curves
13 - I learned playing video games that elephants are afraid of rats when they are under the light
14 - I learned playing video games than any stage of his life could be worse if it had water or lava
15 - I learned playing video games that a person needs to take several shots to die
16 - I learned playing video games that experience is something that can only be won by killing enemies
17 - I learned playing video games that I'm better than my father
18 - I learned playing video games that terrorists and anti-terrorism exchange fire in a pool.
19 - I learned playing video games that a blue hedgehog is the world's fastest animal.
20 - I learned playing video games that the white car takes less gasoline, but is the slowest.
21 - I learned playing video game that starts a CG in any game is better to prepare.
22 - I learned playing video game that reincarnation exists.
23 - I learned playing video game that mushrooms are not psychedelic drugs.
24 - I learned playing video game that you can blow a dragon, but not a locked door.
25 - I learned playing video game that ghosts lurk covering their eyes.
26 - I learned playing video game that is 999x easier to try to hit the 3-digit passwords, than back in the game to look for it.
27 - I learned that playing video games the best damn guy you gotta kill is called the "Boss". 28 - I learned that playing video games when my heart is beating faster I'm almost dying.
29 - I learned that playing video game ninjas, barbarians and even dolphins piloting aircraft.
30 - I learned playing video game that usually resolves all jumping in the enemy's head.
31 - I've learned playing a video game that no matter what the safety tip you will not obey it
32 - I learned that playing video games in six squares you can keep handguns, machine guns and rifles.
33 - I learned playing video game that if a person is poisoned, you just dont walk and the poison do not make effect.
34 - I learned that playing video games to turn on the light, cut a small tree, etc etc ... we must have a pokemon.
35 - I learned playing video game that does not matter which fighting game, but if I try to do 'half moon' forward + punch "always leaves something interesting.
36 - I learned that playing video games 80% of bosses have a further transformation after he's defeated.
37 - I learned by playing a video game that is more fatal stab someone than shot him.
38 - I learned playing video games that the ability to fight a woman is proportional to the size of their breasts.
39 - I learned playing video game that mushrooms dont just make you grow, they also serve as the nitro.
40 - I learned that playing video games if you give the opponent a Uppercut, you go for the scenario above.
41 - I learned that playing video games if I'm underwater, just swallow a bubble of air that my breath back to normal.
42 - I learned playing video game that mushroom is better than yeast.
43 - I learned playing video game that the number of girls attracted to you is inversely proportional to the number of games that you have beat in life.
44 - I learned playing video game that the image of the AV channel is always better from the other channels.
45 - I learned playing video game that if the sniper hits, it kills. No matter where you hit.)
46 - I learned that playing video games every time you talk about something like - "The stone was spread into 4 pieces", you'll have to join them, no doubt.
47 - I learned that playing video games all the kingdoms has exactly one city.
48 - I learned that playing video games that starts a panic music at crucial moments to shake the nerves of people
49 - I learned playing video game ever, EVER! there's something behind the waterfall.
50 - I learned that playing a video game monster touch me I'll be wearing only boxer shorts.


So, can you identify some of these references, from ? tell at least 5 (or more), and if you have some other things that you 'Learned Playing Video Games" tell in the comments too, because I'll make a blog (if I get enough ohter things) just with your new ones "I learned playing video games..." of course, all the author will be linked

to finalize, I want to dedicate this blog to the mom of my favorite polish GS user that always read and love my blogs: hey Mrs.Jadwiga, here's Felipe Neto sending a kiss with great affection to you, I hope you keep enjoying my blogs and Vlogs, this blog is all dedicaded to you :roll:

to make this more special... Kasiabartek is entered in a contest of beautiful lips... yeah! and HERE"S THE LINK TO VOTE, if you're reading this blog, please vote! and after enter the page, click in the words "Podoma mi sie" (have a small fingers up) below the photo... you can vote everyday I guess!

Ps: the third part of Nintendo History will came out saturday... see'ya!!

Try to Feel Too!

been a long time since I've posted a blog ... a real one! and this isn't one also, because I'm still writing the third part of the Nintendo History... so I can not post them yet.

but once here, I'm talking about the feeling of winning the VMB ... but calm, dont stop reading the blog (or stop if you want) ... you saw the video of the delivery of the prize to me (I hope you have seen) But you just saw
what the MTV camera transmitted ... BUT, Remember That PC Siqueira came with me on stage? okay, he was recording the video with his camera ... and he made a video with all the reactions of That Moment ... Who want to see, here's the real VMB


I think this will be the last time we'll talk about VMB (NOT), I'm getting bored about this subject (NOT), so you're probably too (SURE)!

To complete this blog... I want to advice one thing ... I created one album in my Images of GS That I'll post some pics That my friends post ... Especially When he/she/you shooted/drawed;made it...all the copyrights from the people That are uploaded first the image, not me!

about the lack of the blog's, I'll keep probaly missing, But I'll try to post something and comment in your blogs, but I'm not sure about anything, I'll try!

another quick advice too, I'll Probably go to New York in November ... I do not know anyone here That live in NY, if you exist, know That I'm going there!

The Most Important Blog!!!!

First of all, Sorry, because this is the 3rd blog in less 24 hours.. you probably are tired to see my face in the feedback... but yesterday was one the most important day in my life!!!!! I'm not kidding... who follow my blogs at a certain time, realized that I get nominated to VMB (MTV Brazilian Music Award) in the category Webstar... yes, I dont sing... juts sometimes! but the reason of my nomination, almost all here know... it's because my videos on youtube!

when I received the news that I'm nominated a few times ago... I got surprised, but very happy! This award is so important that every artist in Brazilian music have the objective to get it... and I'm nominated (WTF right :P )... maybe for this the world in lost... kidding :lol:

so who followed my 2 blogs of yesterday... one I talked about Twitter, but I also talked that I'm going to VMB at this exactly moment... and the second blog (maybe the worst blog of all-time in GS) I was too happy to call for aesthetic... why guys?


and who saw the second blog... saw a strange message saying "now PC Siqueira for the first time will talk with you"! and that's not a lie... after I get the award, PC Siqueira (he also got nominated... well, you'll see on the video :P ), followed me to back on stage and we used the Laptop of the PC girlfriend to write that blog... so, I'm really trying to convince him to make one GS account to join us :)

okay, let's return to subject of this blog... I ran to VMB +/- in 19:00! in the MTV Studios I recorded a lot of participations in 2 programs of the channel, one called Furo MTV and the other Scrap MTV (yes, the same program that I made that interview, who remember?) and here's the video with my participation in the comedian program Furo MTV...


:lol: I was in shorts using suit!!! Is bette to everyone never see this... :P

okay, again we go back to the most important! The Award... for who don't know, I'll explain again what is the category Webstar that I was nominated... is a category that will nominees, the most important persons in Brazilian Internet... also with me, PC Siqueira as nominated, MisteryGuitarMan as nominated, Katylene (one animation created for a blogger that make videos too), and The Creator (exactly, the Twitter of "God" make a lot of sucess on Twitter using the codename of the almight creator)!

Never had any favorite... anyone can knows exactly who exaclty was real chances to win, nor me!! and when the Mexican singer Christian (ex-RBD - who is latin american certaily will know him) climbed on stage to present the Winner... I had butterflies on my stomach... and so... well... see to know!


PC Siqueria climbet the stage together with me for many motives, he's also deserve the prize, he's the precursor of the vlogs in Brazil, he's my great friend... the prize are for us!!


and that's it guys... I'm really sorry again for the 2 blogs yesterday, I'm really sorry to not comment in your blogs yesterday, I really dont had time, I'm sorry if I'm excessive egocentric in this blog, or in another blogs...

I guess all will turn back to normal here... probably I return in three days to make another blog... but in this time I'll comment in your blogs... for who want, this is my Twitter (Felipe_Nachi) follow me, and I follow you back!

Guys, thank to read the about the Most Important Day of my life... and the High Thanks to everyone that voted in me to win the Award. Guys you all are fantastic!! See'ya!

Just a quick update...

this is a calm and relax updating and this blog, sorry for the two blogs in a day....


f#&c(#NG CrAZY mAN!!!!!! The DOOOG Is MIIIIINEE!!!

I don't know if tomorrow I'll post the video...I'll try... I love so Much you ALLLLLLL!! and for the first time PC Siqueira will talk something to you... he'll write now!!

PC Siqueira: I'll change the font because I dont like the, all of you like games eh? if I Join the Gamespot, what is good to do here?

someone like draws, or dinosaurs?

Answear to PC Siqueira it... I'll try to convince him to make one account here too... please guys encourage him, and you know him by the videos... and he like and understand more of games than me!!

Anyway, I dont know what I'll do Now, in 20 minutes I'll do an Interview to MTV and after that if the PC ans his brothers accepts we will go to a ballad here in SAO PAULO... BECAUSE THIS IS THE NIGHT!!!!

Tomorrow who knows, I'll try post the video of the AWard here!

about the last blog, who have Twitter Follow me, make what you want...

With This GS Will Be More Fun


At this moment I'm writting this blog in one Hotel in Sao Paulo, because in few hours (22:00) will happens the VMB (:D) I'm just writting this blog, to try one new thing around all GS members... I'll try to convince you to have a Twitter!

I know that half of the people that is reading this blog now... leaved it when I'm talked Twitter... if you stay here, so read with attention!

First of all... when Twitter appeared, I'm not liked it so much too... but it's because I though that: "it will took me much time"... but after exploring the possibilities of the Twitter... now i found it one of the most importants things on the Internet...of all time! Why?

well, I always loved to write... much! but sometimes I dont have any desire to write... especially large texts (yeah, because small texts don't work in blogs) and this Twitter solved with maestry! because you just post anything that you're doing in that exact moment... or a link of one interesting stuff! and It's done... all your followers will see, and your work has no more :lol:

and now you talk... why we GS members have to create one... we have a blog to write everything we want... why join Twitter?

I'll post first some GS points that I'll be a very fun when you use Twiiter:

you posted in your GS blog that you're playing for example God of War 3!!! ok, now all your friends (your real friends) know that... you're playing God of War 3! but after 3 days you post in your GS blog... "I beat God of War 3"!!! okay... but in 3 days your friends just are thinking how you're playing GoW3... they've to imagine what you're doing... they've to imagine your progress, and wait 3 days to know that you beated the game... but in Twitter you can post your progress in real-time and everyone can know it, in a fast-way... you can put a message like this "Wooow, Hades it's too HARD, but I beat it. the battle has EPIC. I saved my progress and I'll keep playing after cinema" and all your best friends of GS can know it... and the best it's they can comment your Twitter, another example "@nachi_lobo hey congratz for beating Hades, this has my my favorite boss in GoW3" and another "@nachi_lobo Yaay, I have to play this game too". this is some magics that Twitter give to us!

I talked about GS oportunnities in Twitter, to you with your GS friends... but now, let's talk about your oportunitties. I always see various lists in GS blogs like this "my Top 10 bands" or "my Top 10 actors/actress"! You know that most of them artists, singers, bands, comedians, whatever have Twitter accounts? and you can see what they're doing in the exactly moment that he posts some message... example (just an example) You like Paramore? because Hayley Willians have a Twitter... here it's! if you clicked on the link you see what they talked in some minutes ago... and the most important, you Can send one message to Hayley! and sometimes the artists answear it, and the other fans are looking the Hayley Twitter, see the answear directed to your twitter account and you become a legend (ok, this part is a lie, but you can imagine the feel to be answared personally be your idol) to be most exactly... You Talked With your Idol... even if she/he not answear your message, have certainly that she/he looked and readed it! This is one the best things that the advent of internet can offers to us! ( I did the example of Hayley Willians, but almost all artists have Twitter, almost all)

Ok, I'll post another example of a GS utility with a Twitter account! for example... some people couldn't see all blogs of his they friends... in that case, yu can post in Twitter "I posted a new blog *put the link here*" and it's done, all people that track you, probably will click on the link... and will read it! for me is a lot more useful than the feedlinks of GS, that's glitched a lot... especially when you've many friends!

Ok, now I'll post another great examples to create a Twiiter account:

  1. Keep Track of Breaking News- One of my favorite things about Twitter is it keeps me up to date with all the news that's important to me. I'm not just talking about world news that you can find on CNN or anywhere else. I mean industry news that often flies under the radar. By following the right people, I always have the latest niche news I can't find anywhere else.
  2. Monitor Your Reputation- If you're using twitter for professional purposes, it can be an effective tool for online reputation management. Track your name to keep tabs on what people are saying about you at any given time. This information can be useful for fixing in-house problems, and it can also help you eliminate any untrue rumors that might be spreading around.
  3. Fast Answers- If nobody is around to answer your question or you just want a fresh perspective on a topic, Twitter is one of the best ways to get a fast response. Simply pose your question to the community, and within minutes, you'll have an array of responses from your followers. It could even spark a larger discussion that gets you some attention.
  4. Gain Exposure for Your Website- Perhaps the most obvious benefit of Twitter is generating traffic to your website. When you're connected with followers who care about you, they'll help spread your content by ReTweeting it to their friends. Just be careful that you don't overdo the self-promotion as that will drive your followers away. Use Twitter responsibly, and you'll experiencemore traffic to your blog and website.
  5. Stay in Touch- Whether it's a business contact from across the country or a friend from down the street, connecting with them on Twitter is an easy way to stay in touch. You'll always know what they're up to, and you can engage in brief discussions through DM or @ messages. Even if it's someone you see all the time, you might get to experience a whole new side of them by following them on Twitter.
  6. Meet New People- But you don't have to follow just the people you know. You can also make valuable new contacts with Twitter. It doesn't matter if you're looking for people to work for your company or you just want to interact withothers who like the same music as you, you can find all the new contacts you need through Twitter. Take the time to look through their profile, website links, and past Tweets to determine if it's someone you'd be interested in following.
  7. Be Several Places at Once- Let's face it–you can't be everywhere at once. You can't always afford to fly out to that conference across the country, but you can keep up with it through Twitter. People often Tweet live updates from various events, meaning you can be in several places at once.
  8. Build Your Authority- If you're using Twitter to discuss a particular niche, you can build your authority by writing high quality Tweets. A few ways to build your authority on Twitter are to send out links to useful resources, provide useful tips to your followers, give insight into relevant topics, answer questions, and engage in discussions with your followers.
  9. Learn New Tips from Others- In addition to sharing tips, you can also learn new ones from others. That's one of the things about Twitter that hooked me . So many of the people I'm following provide useful information based on their unique experiences. There really is a wealth of knowledge out there if you know who to follow.
  10. It's Entertaining- Lastly, Twitter is just fun. Come on, You can get involved in some great conversations with your friends, and you're bound to see some hilarious Tweets that make your day a little better.

Ok, I talked so much (how, it's almost time to me leave to go VMB :P ) but now I'll offer one thing!

This is my Official Twitter that I use to talk what I'm doing... but it's directed just for brazilian people, and people that watch my videos on youtube... as you can see (by the number of followers) it's too hard to me track all people, because I dont know any of those! and if I'm brazilian of course I'm post messages only in portuguese... so don't make sense you follow me and I follow you in this account!

So, I created another account, just for GS frirends! That I just will use to talk with my GS friends... yes, I'll post the link here, if you already have a Twiiter account, follow this Twitter, not the other! and if you dont have a Twitter account... what you're waiting to create one :P do it know. and it's important to know... all my followers and my followings are people in GS, so you that will create one account now, follow the other GS members too... this is the objective of my post, create a comunity in Twitter just for GS members, we work a lot in our blogs, we can have our particular group too :)

So, It's talked... please hear me, Let's make now, one of the most coolest things in GS story! If you liked this message, please talk it in your next blog too (no reply this blog, talk with your words) so your best friends will hear you, and will create a Twitter account too... and the fun will be infinity!

That's It! below is the link of my new Twitter especially creted for GS cause! Follow me and I'll follow you back, and let's begin the Fun Baby! (:o now it's serious, I have to goo, if not I'll be late in the VMB :P )

My Twitter - Felipe_Nachi (please, if you've a different nick in Twitter, identifies to me know who are you :D)

I almost forget... I'm truly experient in Twitter, if you're new in this, please PM me and I'll teach you everything that is important in Twitter... you dont idea of how many things you can do with it... post photos, links, twitcan.... etc1 you know, if you need PM me, or talk help here in the comments bellow :)

Justin Bieber?! No, Thanks!

Have a long time that I dont post a Vlog...since my return I had not published any. sometimes I even forget that I make videos for youtube, and I forget that I can publish them here too! so I think it's time to return them!

this time, I chose one of the most controversial topics of all among whom I could talk (along with Twilight, which was already posted here) so, I'll talk about the teen idol in the music of the moment ... the new King of Pop *cof cof NOT cof cof*... Justin Bieber!

if you really think he's the new King of Pop, please watch this video ... if you do not, watch too! I could even write a little about it here ... but I think all I have to say, is on video ... then click on the play and enjoy :D


if you're a fan of Justin Bieber and felt offended in any way with this video ... first, try to analyze what I said, but without hate, think! makes no sense what I said? if you really think so ... I probably can not do anything for you, only time will open your eyes and then you realize that all that was said, makes sense! or not!

Now we go to some personal notes that I forgot to mention in previous blog ... Who here remembers when I said that I was nominated for the VMB (MTV brazilian music award) in the category Webstar (yes, because I do not sing). You remeber? No, so this is the link When I talk about it!

okay, now you know ... so, I forget to say that, this Thursday which is the day will happen the Award... and for those who speak Portuguese or Spanish, and think I deserve to win, I'll leave the link here for you vote for me ... or if you want to vote for the PC Siqueira as well, okay ... but preferably vote for me :P (you know that my name is Felipe Neto, right?)! enter to vote

in the next blog I'll bring you the news of the event ... if I win, and I do not know what I'll do for real :P ... but until then I decide!


Nintendo Dominates the World

This is Second part of my editorial called 'The Nintendo History'... If you don't read the first part, here's the link

Enjoy the second part...

Nintendo Dominates the World

Late '70s and early '80s, the world market, especially the American, was dominated by Atari and similar video games, a fever. The thing was so good that there were thousands of games, mostly bad, in the consumer market. This amazed the people leading the famous "videogame crash" in 1984, who broke almost every videogame companies, including Atari. It's like a nuclear bomb had devastated the video game industry.



Some 'Gems' that helped the crash of 1984... to bright you the condition, the Atari buried a lot of copy's of 'E.T' in a desert, shamed with the failure of the game!

But on the other side of the world in 1983, almost 100 years after its creation, Nintendo will launch the "Family Computer" or simply "Famicom" (the Nes 8-bit). The technical specifications left the adversaries (mainly Atari) in the "slipper." Sales in Japan were going well, until the date of the crash was already sold 2.5 million units in Japan and a lot of companies that wanted to develop games for the system.

installed in the U.S. in 1981, Nintendo of America decided to release the victorious Famicom in their land of Uncle Sam. But earlier it was not well received because people were still scared by the crash of 1984. Nintendo had a tough job to convince retailers to sell their product. It was shown for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 84, with a look not pretty and full of paraphernalias. The public did not like.


the US public don't liked the first version of the NES

At CES the following year the console has returned, now completely redesigned and the named of Nintendo Entertainment System and the acceptance was better. After spending the sole of the shoe to convince the stores to sell the NES, the videogame ended up being a success, and the U.S. was the country in which most sold the console.


this is the NES that we love

Mario? Who is Mario?

1This is a Mario that everyone should know. Mario's first appearance took place in the arcade Donkey Kong, established in 1981. Mario has the look of today thanks to low-technology in 1981:

Hat: There were not enough pixels to represent the movements of the hair when Mario's jump, then Miyamoto gave to Mario a hat to cover his hair.

Mustache: Again, due to the limited amount of pixels allotted for the character, Mario has a big nose and a mustache because Miyamoto wanted people to notice that Mario had a nose.

Overalls: To see the movements of the arm of Mario, his arms had to be of a different color than her body. Miyamoto gave Mario red overalls to solve this problem. Mario had red overalls and blue shirt for Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. The colors were changed to red shirt and blue overalls when Mario Bros. broke out in arcades.


But the stardom, came just in 1985 with the release of Super Mario Bros. One of the first side-scrolling platform games. The success was so that the game was responsible for the sales success of the NES console. Super Mario Bros is one of the best selling games in history of video games, even its sequels didn't sell much as him. It's good mention that was the great success of the Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, the main responsible for the success of Nintendo.

But what took Super Mario Bros. and its proceedings to have all this success? The formula could not be simpler: a simple, but extremely entertaining and addictive game. And Super Mario Bros was launched at the right time. In 1985, the world once again had gamist forces after the crash of 84. People were surprised with the new genre of play, before accustomed to flat-screen games with the Atari, but now Mario formated a new kind of side-scrolling platform, a new game mechanics, that's still popular today even with 3D gaming. The screen "roll", revealing a large map, with elements of exploration and many secrets hiding in blocks or secret passages inside the famous pipes. The range of scenarios was huge compared to the old Atari games, with maps they had tickets to phases in the heavens, oceans, and a wide variety of enemies.

But for someone who has already rivaled the popularity of Mickey Mouse, Mario eventually found a rival to its height, a stone in your shoe that bothered him for some time in the form of a Blue Hedgehog. But this is another chapter in this history!

The Epic Rivalry Begins

1In 1984, a reputable arcades firm resolve to stop the monopoly of Nintendo. Sega appeared in the market for home video games with your Master System. Although technically superior to the Nes, the Master did not have long life in the U.S. and Japan, but made huge success in Europe and South America (in these places the Master System was much more popular than Nes). But not enough to threaten the empire of the Big N.


So, In late 1988 Sega shows its claws and then launches the powerful Mega Drive, the first game of 16 bits: a beautiful and bold look, perfect anatomical controls, impressing everyone with sophisticated games and compatible with the arcades of the time. Interestingly, Japan was the only place where the Mega Drive not scored. But in the U.S. and the rest of the world it has known the glory in the early 90s. Released in the U.S. under the name of Genesis, he quickly fell in love the Americans. Was very successful also in Europe and South America, repeating the success of the Master System in these continents.

Nintendo, for the first time in its history was threatened. Despite having 90% market share with the Nes, was losing ground to the 16 Bits new market that Sega started. Nintendo needed a successor to his acclaimed console Bits 8 to face the new threat of the black console.


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