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Anyone still remember me?

Okay, have a long time since my last post here in GS... too much time to be real. Unfortunately, I don't see a change in this, it's really impossible to take care of updated blog here, but I'm not going to delete my account or nothing like this. I guess some topics and blogs can be writted be me sometimes, like this time :P

I'm certain about one thing... one posts is too short to talk about everything that happened with me in this time of my ausence, but I'll try. Let's begin...

In the moment that I writted my last blog, I was dealing with a channel of TV here in Brazil (I'll not make drama, direct in the point :P ) called Multishow, we did a contract and I they gave me a chance to star one TV show called "Será Que Faz Sentido" based on the name of my youtube channel 'Não Faz Sentido'. In this sitcom I play myself (Yes, myself Felipe) a guy that searchs to be an Actor, and crazy things happens everytime wiht him (oh wait, not with him, with ME xD) That's it, I already recorded the first season of the Show, 15 episodes with 15 minutes each. And that's it all my busy in these days...

Here's a chapter of my TV show... watch at least the 6:02



With this images and the video you realize that my TV show is very "normal" right :P

I finished all the recordings but events and some other things took my time, I can't do anything to evade this...

About the Christimas and the New Year... I really sorry to not pick a time and wish Merry Christimas and Happy Neew Year to you all, really sorry for that... the case is, I was in Paris, so the last thing that I see in that local is Internet, I was of vacation of all :P


Moulin Rouge

Anyway, if still valid my Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You All (late but done).

Another point is, a lot of people are asking to me here in my inbox about the flood in Rio de Janeiro, my city, friends, unfortunately a lot of people falled with this disater, the state of calamity are declared here... fortunately, Me and family and friends are okay, our houses aren't in risk areas. But i felt sad for the people here. Thaks to all that asked and remembered me, even I far from here (I talk about GS) for a long long time... really my Thanks! Again, it's everything okay with me.

And that's it, I wish i could talk more her, I have things to talk, but it's best to leave to another updade right...

Oh, and my gaming life it's okay... I'm not a traitor od the games :P

Thanks for the read, I don't know when I'm back, but this is not a goodbye :)

image 004

Pause to Work

If you noticed my absence these days, I need explain it... I'm very very very busy! And some work was not planned, but they appeared, and I can't deny it! For this, I'm taking a pause in GS form a time, I don't know how long this will be... I guess not so much time, but I'm not here for the next month I guess... sorry if I miss your blogs in this time, but these projects are very important... and some of then, maybe I can post here! anyway, if you want to talk with me, PM me anyway, I'll answer! and you can look my old post, some are really interesting to revisit!

That's it! Hope you don't forget me... and soon I'll be back!

The Power-Ups in the Gaming World

2 weeks ago, I reveived a PM from my friend Kasiabartek. She asked me a partnership to write a editorial, about the power-ups in gaming world. I accepted the mission, and here's the editorial. Writing this, I realized how interesting this issue can be... well if I realized it, maybe you like too...

The Power-Ups That Made History in the Gaming World.

Doesn't matter if you're an avid player for a long time (which is in the gaming world since the 1980s), or began to explore the virtual territories recently. The reality is that in one way or another you've ran into something that increased the strength of your character for a moment.
I'm talking about the Power-Ups, present in most games, since actions-adventures until puzzles. They may appear as medallions or feathers, and are found in chests, released by the enemy or be unlocked through some action.
Today we'll recall some of the most iconic, including the notorious "invincibility", "attack power increases" and even the "hero change into infernal beasts". With the introduction to the subject, let's go!

The Greatest Icons

1To start our special blog, nothing better than the mythological Altered Beast, produced by Sega during the 1990s. In the game you control a strong man who sought to save his beloved from the clutches of a dark lord, finding a bunch of zombies, snakes, wild beasts and flying-eyes down the road.

The Power-ups in a sphere form were released from the bodies of blue-pigs (with two heads) that came bouncing toward him. Each sphere increase a little his physical constitution, until the third sphere, when he turns into a real beast - among werewolves, dragons, bears, etc ...
But the most iconic is the narrator (Zeus) before the animation of the bestial transformation: he lets out a sonic scream, saying, "POWER UP!"

Beat It!

The next power-up is "Bubbles, The Chimp". Yeah, the Chimp in Michael Jackson`s Moonwalker game, also from Sega. That game is pretty much based on his movie, so the plot is following: Mister Big has kidnapped girls and making them slaves. It`s up to you to use you character`s powers. Release your little friends (scattered throughout each stage) from a neon force field then you will see the chimp on your character`s shoulder. He appears in each level. The chimp transforms Jackson into a robotic version of the singer. Attack enemies with more power. Shoot them with death blue laser bursts from your arms. There's nonstop fun in this game.

Mushrooms and others Nature Weapons

1What? Calm down people, I'm referring to the great pop star of Nintendo: Mario. Stop and reflect for a minute there in the gaming world a protagonist who faced so many power-ups in your lifetime? If you have doubts about this, here's a brief relation of the magic items that he faces.
Let's start with the traditional red and white mushroom, which's there since Super Mario Bros. for NES. You grew in size, could crush distinguished enemies and even won resistance against an attack. In the New Super Mario Bros. the trip was even greater, since Mario can eat a giant variation of the item and go stomping and smashing everything in his path.

1After minor changes, like the flower (which enables you to shoot fireballs) finally arrives the animals variations. Things started with the Tanuki clothes (a type of asian dog) that allows the plumber to float for a short period of time.
Then we had penguins and bees - present in Super Mario Galaxy for Wii. Although the paths of this journey were feathers for flight, green mushrooms that increase the number of lives, stars that make you invincible, and others. To defeat the evil Bowser everything is permitted!

Call for Contra!


Going to a more violent side in history (but without abandoning the kind of platform) we fall directly on the territories of Contra. For those who had no contact with the game, just imagine a Rambo-sty!e hero, which tries to penetrate enemy bases "in a bad@ss way". With a deluge of enemies and shots coming in your way, what could be the best thing to appear on the screen?
A power-up, duh! And Contra had many of them. The main and most desirable were those that expand the number of bullets fired by you (called Spreaders), followed by many others.

Who is that?

1Mr. Saturn from EarthBound and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (as a power-up item and trophy). How do you call that thing? A creature? A little big man? Whatever you call him you must know that the origins of Mr. Saturn race is unknown. Maybe he came from outer space, who knows... A face with big nose, a single strand of black hair and whiskers - he`s crazy enough. His purpose is to scare children. Many people says that he is useless item in that game because he`s not into fighting (In Super Smash...) and he can be thrown at foes for minimal damage.

Shields and invincibility for the Hedgehog

Sonic is one of the series that most has changed over the years. The simple beginning took strangers directions when started in the three-dimensional world without getting even a fraction of the success that befell Mario and the Nintendo 1side of things. But leaving aside the failure and returning to the roots, we see even in the first Sonic a lot of Power-Ups.
They were collected when the player broke monitors (inspired by ancient Macs), when jumping or rolling in then. The mainly ones are of invincibility, which acted almost as a type warning "run without stopping towards the end of the stage." The fun in see enemies bursting was guaranteed!
The protective shield and the boot speed had minor roles in the journey after. The arrival of the third episode in the Genesis Sonic which now has other skills (thanks to shields), such as floating through the air in a ball of fire or breathing underwater.

But not only of good items was made the Sonic life. Some of the boxes which contained a picture of Robotnik (Dr. Eggman), if blown up: or kill the player or made him lose all the rings.
The funniest thing is that Sonic was not the first to adopt the technique. Two examples that came before in market are Super Mario Bros. 2 and Alex Kidd. In case of Nintendo's hero, there's a dark mushroom that poison him. You'd think that would be good, but ended up with a less a life.

Space: the final frontier

It's hard to find someone who hadn't the pleasure of play Gradius or R-Type. In these games the displacement of ships is horizontal, with a flood of aliens coming your way. With the opening shot (a "ball" at a time) you would have no chance of escaping with life, and your salvation lies in more power-ups, now made of small capsules that bounce in the scenarios.
In general, the shots are accompanied by three strength levels, which rise every capsule collected. The problem is that you must collect three of the same color to maintain strength, otherwise the whole effort will be down the drain. Imagine that you are developing the red shot and gets the blue by accident in the front of a boss ... It's time to say goodbye friend!

The party for the carnage

The formula of the multiplayer first-person shooter games is pretty standard, usually involving some medical kits scattered across the landscape, along with powerful tools that guarantee the advantage to those who know every bend of the stage. But the Unreal series went on, inserting the item "UDamage".
He made the user gun shine differently for a few seconds. For opponents it meant that it was clearly time to run because they would die with almost any shot. The issue is that the UDamage amplifies the damage, making you climb the rankings quickly.

The Cl@ssic of the Cl@ssics


1Okay, after so much gain of strength and madness we take another leap into the past, to bring to you the best of all Power-Ups: The Giant Pills of Pac-Man, called Power-Pellets.
It reverses the situation completely; causing the ghosts (formerly untouchables, eager to grab you) began to run, since you had the ability to digest them briefly. They inserted strategy in the games, so that the players must plain the speed of the journey in search of the item help.

In Some Situations the improvement is Permanent...

While the construction of this editorial, I faced with a impasse. Be named Power-Ups only those related to the collection of items that affect just one character, even for a short and specified period of time?
Admittedly, this is the original purpose, but it is undeniable that the implementation of Power-Up is being expanded to other borders. The latest headlines treat the term as applies to any increase in strength of character and their weapons, even if such changes are permanent.

The Dracula Story

51Beginning with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, we can draw a parallel with the syndrome of shoot games: the possible loss of the desired item by accident. This happens often with the auxiliary arm, which can be changed inadvertently when you touch another by accident (losing the ray gun to get the holy water isn't pleasant).
But if the theme is permanent power, nothing like the fog on his poisoned form. After grabbing the relic that allow this transformation, it's just sufficient to press a button and travel smoothly with spines, heads and skulls, without taking damage and without any concern. That's a good life eh Alucard?

More hearts = More energy

One of the great symbols of Zelda series is the marker of life in the shape of hearts. To expand the power of Link was necessary to seek the big hearts, scattered in trunks, in holes in the ground or even lost inside the bodies of the bosses along the way defeated.

Boots and shots make up the menu of the day

I9n terms of items that are integrated with the inventory or the game's character throughout the narrative, none can overcome Mega Man franchise. Since the days of the NES the blue robot has earned a different weapon with each boss defeated, which served to attack the weaknesses of the remnants.
But it was with the X series that things got even more interesting. Mega Man now has the support of Dr. Light, which sparked a series of capsules through the stages. The highlights are the boots (which allow air slides and provide impetus for distant platforms) and for the improved armor, which cuts the damage received in half!

Welcome, God of War!

89At the end of this section will be only the chaos! The reason is simple: we talk about Kratos and his blades! In God of War III the warrior finish his saga in a great sty!e, largely due to the presence of new weapons, which can receive a "Power-Up" with the sacrifice of the souls that you collect.
My favorite was the one obtained after the fight against Hades and there are many reasons for this. Firstly, it gives you total control over the souls, when you attack, three skulls protect you and swallow your enemies. If that's not enough, there are special attacks, which Kratos unleashes his wrath and make the tips and chains dance across the screen, while enemies fly to all corners. The result is phenomenal!


Phew, how many things eh? But despite the huge wall of text, I'm sure that you must have identified some of the Power-Ups showed in particular. Surely, lacked many examples (including InFamous, which was used as a call to the story).
But now it's up to you to list what are your favorite items to increase strength, and of course the most useless, bizarre and entertaining. Until next time and a great weekend to all readers!

and my thanks for Kasiabartek, that writed some parts of this editorial!


The Truth About the Trolls

Do You know what is a troll? The internet is full of them, and they're everywhere you can imagine, anywhere! A troll is nothing more than a person who has no other means of fun, they just want to ruin the fun of other people and make them angry. A recent example of the actions of trolls happened right here on Gamespot. Yes, those who remember the All-Time Greatest Villain Contest. Trolls dominated the polls, and influenced in a result that pleased few people! The unbelievable defeat of Sephiroth in the first round is just one example of what they produce. It would even be normal, but looking in the comments you can realize that it was the work of a troll! I saw comments saying: "It's good to see these fan-boys writhing in anger" or "I only voted in RAAM to let those fans pissed off, maybe they commit suicide." So this is the default action of a troll, he wants to ruin your life by any means ... and for no reason.

But it would be great to know the truths about a troll, the person behind the words of hatred and chaos, so I made a Vlog to try to show the reality about trolls, why they act in this way and how you can deal with their attacks. So, click in the play ... unless you're a troll!


Well, that's it, now starting to campaign, "Adopt a Troll" which will give affection and love for these creatures that never had find affection, and only know the evil side... they are so poor! Join this chain, "Adopt a Troll.

And finally, I leave a note here that, last weekend I recorded a videoclip with a Brazilian rock band called Zignal ... The project is a surprise, then when the video comes out, I'll post here! That is, I hope you enjoyed the blog and Bye!

Animes in Real Life

I've never been addicted to Animes. When I say I've never been addicted, I mean I like some anime, but I don't want to deepen into this genre. I just like shonen animes, a genre that is intended primarily for men (most teens). Even restricting myself to just one group, I still liking few ones ... But the ones that I like I defend with my life, as is the case of my favorite anime: Saint Seiya. Among others I like are famous animes like Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto and maybe another three or four that I cannot remember the name now ... As you can see almost all these animes are successful, being popular inside and outside of Japan.

But maybe I have an explanation of why I am not an anime addicted: because most animes are too surreal, and then translated into our daily lives, not consistent with anything in our real life. That's not a bad feature, not really, but that does not attract me! And if you, which is a fan of Anime is already saying "stop talking silly, Felipe!" Okay, so I have to show how would be if an anime being translated into real life ... Just watch!


It is clear that the intention of this blog from the beginning was to show this video (hehehe), we can recognize in it Animes features, such as the Japanese's obsession by humans with animal tails or ears... Seriously, why they like it? It is permissible when they have an explanation for this, as is the case of Dragon Ball Z and Goku's monkey tail! But many Anime nor take time to explain anything, the tail is there and you'll have to deal with it! Things get worse when we see animals walking like humans ... Would be acceptable too, but the Japanese designers use techniques to make this animal a "sexy woman" ... And believe me, there are people that really think this animal is "gorgeous" and are sexually attracted to them ... these people are called Furries. And there are several other features such as cute pets (as seen in the video), a usually silly man protagonists, schoolgirls with mini-skirts so small that it was better to have just dress underpants (not going to make any difference), giant breasts, horny tentacles and etc... they're hallmarks of anime that can attract obsessive fans, and obsessive enemies too (in this case trying to degrade the image of the Animes) ... I end up staying in the neutral state, I am very restricted to what I watch in relation of Animes, and if I end up liking one I get really addicted to it! And speaking of that, I'm currently watching one called Lost Canvas, which already is in my opinion a masterpiece. Excuse me for something, and I hope you enjoyed the blog!

This blog would be just happy, but this morning I received the news that's the Mayra's Mom passed away… for who doesn't know, Mayra's is the GS user called Cosita46, I'm not good with words in these moments, they just flew up from my head, and I'm end up getting afraid to say something wrong in these sad moments. But I just want to say, Mayra, my thoughts are with you and with your family at this moment…

They Returned... To Make Fun!

This will be a special blog, those who follow my blogs since the beginning, probably will remember them...


Before the vlogs and before the creation of my GS account, me and my cousin Geraldo Neto created a comic strips blog in Brazil called The Brain Brothers. We achieved a relative success with the blog, and kept until today ... the blog was a little outdated because I'm focused on other things and my cousin is also with other projects, but we decided that we will return with the Brain Brothers in December.
I'm just saying this because I intend to return with The Brain Brothers here in GS, and for this I need to repost an old blog that I did 4 months ago because in this moment I've many new friends, and then are probably saying: "WTH is this?"
Then I will talk a little about them to you. The Brain Brothers is a series of comic strips which is starred by the triplets: Id Brain, Ego Brain and Superego Brain. The three were based on Freud's theory of the subconscious of the human mind, so the personality of the three is totally different, and living in the same house, the difference in thinking between them is what makes the stories interesting and hilarious.
That done, we'll explore the characters:


Ego Brain is highly intelligent and studious. Always thinks twice before speaking or acting. Always trying to ease the standoff between the Id and Superego.


Id Brain is a very impulsive person, always happy and with good mood about life. Funny, lives laughing at everything and every situation, it is extremely irresponsible.


Superego Brain is the opposite of the Id, he never see any reason to be happy. It is extremely moody and always repress all desires of the Id.


But this presentation of characters is not enough for you to realize the real personality of them ... You need a monologue for each one to get it ... So see how each reacts to the same normal situation, like stepping on an ant:




Now you understand what I'm talking about, now imagine these three living in the same house! Various situations of everyday life take place in the Brain Brothers, but the difference between them is what makes simple things become funny in our eyes.

But as the assembly process of these strips is a little tricky, there is also another form of Brain Brothers act here on the blog ... they will comment on certain posts! Have not you heard wrong, they will comment on certain posts about the issues posted here. It's hard to explain, so let's go one more example, look what Justin Bieber said a couple of days ago:



Ego Brain: He's just a kid, probably he doesn't know what Kurt's represent!


Superego Brain: So, we're expecting your suicide Justin!


Id Brain: Has anyone noticed that his hair looks like a penis?


That's it guys, The Brain Brothers were presented, don't expect they in all blogs here, but when these guys appears you know what means! now just wait for new posts. Bye!

Diary of a Sick Man

I really tried ... but could not! When it came to me the idea of the questions Blog I would imagine that few people would ask, did not imagine the huge number of people ... and each asked three questions ... 70 people asked, that multiplied by 3 gives 210 questions ... 210 questions that I had to answer, and there came the impasse ... I could answer them all, but in a relaxed way, could not give an insightful answer as I like to do. Because if you asked me something, I make sure to give full attention to the question, but as said I'm too busy, and this time it is impossible for me to do this, I just pick a this time to write this blog.

By the way, this lack of time in the modern world has increased relatively with the advent of the Internet. The internet has brought good things, good ... but also took place in our lives, and sometimes Social networking life becomes more important than real life, and that's what worries me. I've always been someone who worked with the Internet ... I started doing comic strips for my blog in Brazil, then I had a TV series download site, then I created an account on Gamespot ... And I managed to keep all three for a long time. That's when I decided to make vlogs for fun and insight to criticize some things in today's society, and has thus emerged my Vlog on Youtube and that was how I could reach a place that I never imagined being in good conscience ... but here I am, aware of my new duties, mindful of what I need to do and what I do by choice.

But this subject has not left me calm, and to show what really happens to many people who use the Internet but are dominated by it, it was then that I decided to create the character Joao Silvestre (aka, John Sylvester), who is a man who was overwhelmed by all this technological turbulence we are living ... btw not, he lives in the year 2036. So I ask you to watch my new video (this time acting) is nothing like my previous videos, so do not be alarmed.


Learn what you just watched happen in real life and with many people, the pretext for the year 2036 that I used was just to give an idea that if nothing is done now, this may be worsen in the future, Joao Silvestre there may be many, but this is not anyone's fault of others, has no influence from anyone, just the person can change ... worldwide there are multiple paths, there are those who are for you, there are those that are for others and there are those that do not go anywhere ...

Just to finish, who became depressed with this video blog I'm sorry, I'll compensate with millions of super funny blogs that we love so much ... and an old series that I kept coming back here soon ... who want to know what this is, ask Just-Adam that he should imagine what (you win dude! :P )
So, that's all guys, I apologize again for not answering the rest of the questions, everyone had work to do these questions and should answer it, but this is beyond my reach ... was more a learning experience for my life (Yes, never do a blog while 70 questions may ask questions: P) and maybe it's just that I have to say, before you finish if you do not watch the video, try to watch, if not just read the blog with attention!

Bye guys, Saturday I'm back!


When I talked "be criative" I didn't expected so much :lol: :lol: guys you're really amazing, I'll love to answear some questions here. Were many question and I'll need to divide the answers in 4 blogs... a today and the other tomorrow,etc... to many questions :P ! if you're reading this and not asked any question, you can ask in the comments to enter in the answers of the next blog (just aks 3 questions.. it's simply). Some questions were really interesting, some I never answered in all my life, neither in the magazines interviews which I did... like I said before, you guys are amazing! I organized the blog in this way, I'll put the author of the questions above in a green text color (I'll not link, glitchspot, you know... I dont want to lose my blog), the questions are in bold and the answers are below in normal font!! okay, time to stop talking and let's go to the answers:


1 - What is the worst video game in your collection right now?

Super Double Dragon (SNES). This game sucks!

2 - Do you have a girlfriend?

No! In this moment I'm alone, by choice!

3 - How did you gain fame?

I did videos for youtube in a Vlog format. In that vlogs I talk about controversial issues like Justin Bieber, Twilight, etc. After the 5th video, the number of views reached in 1 million. And I keep with this 'work' until today.


1 - What are your favorite games, books and songs?

My favorite games are: Vagrant Story (PS1), Bahamut Lagoon (SNES), Super Mario World (SNES) and God of War II (PS2)

My favorite books are: The God Delusion (Richard Dawkings) and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (J.K. Rowling) - yes, I'm a Harry Potter fan!! :P

My favorite songs are: With or Without You (U2), Chop Suey (System of a Down), The Blower Daughter (Damien Rice) and Riders on The Storm (The Doors)

2 - What are types of art do you prefer?

Perfoming Arts - My dream, my passion and my work...

3 - What are you defining skills?

I'm not sure about it, I preffer to leave to people around me talk my skills and qualities. And based in this, I hear a lot of people talking about my capacity to transmity my messages and opinions to people and for this the Vlog thing has sucesfully.


1 - what are your views on abortion?

A good question! I defend the life, mainly when this life means a child, a baby, a innocent... in the moment of the fertilization of the ovum, there's a life, and nobody can threaten this life, neither the mother. Abort dont have any relevant justificative because today anyone have information of contraceptive methods. In case of sexual abuses, I change my opinion, the mother can choose the future...

2 - What is love in your opinion?

Love is a feeling that has no description, it may arise from a simple look, a hug or anything that touch your heart. Love is there to comfort the sorrows of life, to overcome challenges, to forgive who ask for forgiveness, to be forgiven... we dont need to acquire the love, because it's already inside in each of us. We just need to separate love and passion... we can ve passionate for everyone, but love, you just feel for special people, that born to be loved for you. Love is something unexplainable.

3 - Do you believe in afterlife?

No! I'm atheist, and I thik that we've just one life, one chance to live... for this we must enjoy every moment of our lifes, because there's only one chance to live in this world.


1 - Chocolate of Vanila Ice Creams?

Chocolate... and it cost me a lot of acnes.

2 - How old are you?

22 years old!

3 - Would you wax your legs for money?

Yes! because I know in my actor career, more embarassing stuuf will appear, I need to get used for these things!


1 - What's the meaning of life?

Live in this crazy world and enjoy every moment of our passage... and try to not became crazy with the human stupidy!!!

2 - How do you pick up girls and your favorite line?

Hahahaha I did a Vlog about that issue, and it was my first video that hitted the 1 million of views. I'll translate it to put here. but briefly answering, I'm a shy person, so I dont hunt girls... is the opposite :P

3 - What's your most embarassing moment ever?

When my mother tried to talk about sex with me for the first time... was terrible!!! because I already knew about the subject , and she tried to explain in a innocent method, and she scrambled all the time... terrible!!


1 - Global Warming: Scientific fact or liberal propaganda?

No doubt that Earth's climate is changing, but I guess it's not like some nature groups are announcing... but it's good to take care now!

2 - Favorite era of music?

90's, because i lived in this era :P

3 - Fan of comics? If so, personal favorite?

I'm not addicted in the comics world, but i like it. Batman is my favorite character!!


1 - Have you always lived in Rio de Janeiro?

Yes, always!

2 - What's your favorite game?

Vagrant Story (PS1)

3 - How Did you gain fame?

I did videos for youtube in a Vlog format. In that vlogs I talk about controversial issues like Justin Bieber, Twilight, etc. After the 5th video, the number of views reached in 1 million. And I keep with this 'work' until today.


1 - why are you the most awesomest person ever?

Because you're telling it!!! :P

2 - You going to buy a 3DS?

Yes, I'm looking forward to it, I already got a GBA, a DS and now I need one 3DS...

3 - When you going to be in movies?

Hahahaha... I guess it will take a long time!!! But I'm recording a music-clip to a brazilian rock band!


1 - What's like being semi famous?

Nothing diferent of a normal person, people just knowmy name! I live in the same before I started with the videos, I dont have a car and my bank account not growed so much!!

2 - How many languages you speak?

Two... I speak portuguese and english!

3 - Who is your favorite singer?

Jim Morrison


1 - What current gen(s) console you have?

SNES, PS1 and PS2!

2 - Why?

SNEs was my first videogame, PS1 is my favorite console ever and the PS2 I played it for many hours of my life, and I have good memories with it!

3 - Would you kill a man for eating your taco?

No! I kill a man for drinking my coffe! :|


1 - Which in your opinion you think fits a girl more.. a girl with glasses? or without glasses?

I dont have preference. I dated and engaged a girl with glasses, it's her charm... but girls without glasses have others charms too!

2 - ?

3 - ?


1 - What do you think of Motion Sensing?

Is the future of gaming together with the 3D technology, but nothing can replace the joystick, mouse and board!

2 - What are your most anticiptated games?

PES2011, The Last Guardian, Crysis 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, F.E.A.R 3 and Medal of Honor

3 - Best game your ever played?

Vagrant Story (PS1)


1 - Favorite ice cream flavor?


2 - PC or Mac?

I've both! I use the PC for simply work, fun, internet and gaming. And I use the Mac to edit my videos with the Final Cut!

3 - Blondes, Brunettes or Redheads?

I'm sorry for the blondes, but brunettes and redheads are my favorites! :P


1 - Who put Nachi in your Lobo?


2 - Do you currently have any picks for your zombie survival team?

Not yet...

3 - If you could nut punch a twinkling vampire, or a redneck.. Which would you choose?

Easy one! A twinklink vampire, of course!


1 - Have you ever gone to E3?

Not yet :cry:

2 - What is your fav food?

Lasagna :D

3 - What was the last thing u lied about?

The last question, my favorite food is Pizza :lol:


1 - Can you speak english?

Yes! click here and put on 3:55!

2 - What do you work on the most?Youtube or Gamespot?


3 - Who is your favorite Youtuber?

PC Siqueira

4 - Who is your favorite friend on Gamespot?

My brother!!

5 - How does it feel to be famous?

I guess this answear this question... click

6 - Have you met any other famous youtubers?

Yes! Joe Penna (MisteryGuitarMan) is my friend, yesterday I talked with him for telephone to pick some tips of vdeos edit, and i talk with him almost everyday by Twitter... and I meet WheezyWaiter too!

7 - Whats your definition of life?

Stay in this crazy world and try to not became like the stupid people around us!!


Okay, I guess that's enough... tomorrow I post the other answers... and if you couldn't aksed for me, you can do it in the comments below! Thanks for who asked and I hope you enjoyed the answers! Bye!

Ask Me...


this is something I always wanted to do here on GS... I did a video for youtube answering a few questions about my life, etc ... and also did one that was posted here, where I talk a little about me ... but I think this time is not feasible I do a video, then I'll do the old fashioned way ...

Ask me anything...

to be more exact, ask me 3 questions, about any subject, anything ... seriously! I guess it will help some people know a little more about my real person...

I will answer all questions on the next blog ... and please guys, be creative!

The Vlog of Mario Bros.

This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of the most iconic (maybe the most) video game characters: Mario Bros. He appeared before with ohter games, but with Super Mario Bros. he became the major symbol of the major game company in the world, the Nintendo. But few people knows that Mario have a life, and to show what he feels with relation of normal things of his life, and other subjects like the rivalry with Sonic, Teen Bands, Vampire Teen Movies, etc... He made a Vlog!!!! Yes, a Vlog of the favorite plumber of everybody!! he's doesn't hide anything... He talks!!!

this would be perfect to fix in my blog series 'The Nintendo History', but I realized that he deserve a special place, just for him... So, with you now: Mario Bros.


"Mario dont breathe underwater!!! :lol:"

I was already fan of Mario, but now I idolize him... he's the Master :lol: ! I hope he make another vlogs to us, if yes, dont have doubt that I'll post here... and maybe Luigi appears in the next ones :P