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5 things you probably don't know about me - VMB

Today the blog is super special ... Why? secrets will be revealed today, things you never knew about me you will know now ... *evil laugh*!

the point is that a chain is occurring in the Brazilian Internet, all bloggers or
Vloggers we have to talk 5 things that people probably do not know about us ... and I was invited, and of course, I accepted the invitation.

then, with you ... some secrets that until now I had never revealed .... because they were secrets! :P


note of clarification: you probably do not know what is PROJAC, so I have to explain. PROJAC is the Production Center of the largest TV broadcaster in South America .. there are recorded novels, sitcoms, TV shows, etc.. and that is why I was asking for a job there, since I live in the same city of the PROJAC (Rio de Janeiro).

Now that you know what I pretend to be an actor ... err ... will not change anything to tell the truth ... then what the hell!

And now something very, very, very, very Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice ...


Every year, happens the VMB (MTV Video Music Brazil) ... which is the main prize of Brazilian music ... but not only the music, because there are other categories like Webstar!!

and this is the coolest part ... I got nominated!

I'm really very happy with the statement, and I wish very much win this award ... I'm not being egocentric to say that I want to win this award. by chance is egocentrism want to win one of the most important prizes of the Brazilian internet? You also would want to win and. .. well you understood ... the fact is that I wanted to announce it here, because, if I win maybe my life change too much, I do not know, but who knows?

but what is the criterion to win this prize? There is only one: the public! because whoever wins has the most votes, and is the public vote via the Internet ... which makes me even more hopeful

unfortunately the link to vote does not work for other countries ... then that means that you can not help me

that's it guys, this blog was one of the best I've ever done, both by video, either by this news that I just give you ... I hope you enjoyed it ... and if not liked, well, kill yourself! :lol: Bye!