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A blog in 2011

i didnt make a blog since October last year .. i think i have to update now.

ugh its hard to make something up at this time :x

well I started school like 3 or 2 weeks ago ( i dont remember exactly when) and im "enjoying" it so far ..

im taking it much better than last year , since im a total nerd now and i like to study and read .. but i still get that feeling of extreme boredom that makes you want to throw up every once and a while :|

the only thing that made me happy when i saw in the news paper that i got accepted in med school a year and a half ago that i wont study math and physics at all .. but i studied math and physics last year and im studying physics again this year :cry:

oh well .. as long as i get to study biology stuff i dont care >_> (even though i dont understand it that well in English :| )

enough about school :|

when it comes to my boring life nothing has changed ..just a few things

I'm thinking about moving but im not sure yet

my perviness faded away for a while and now it got a huge boost thanks to day dreaming .. and some other things >_> (im in wuv .. hee hee)

my brain has been struggling , thinking hurts me and languages mix in my head :|

as you can notice my English reached an unbelievable level badness and i cant fix it :(

this more than enough for an update!! i got carried away :o

[spoiler] *pokes everyone with a knife* [/spoiler]

thats a reward

and i hope you're all doing well *huge red heart*

P.S : i use this face :| alot .. no wonder why "someone" called me emotionless :P

ooooh i found something i made when i was a noob in GS .. dear god :o



This glitch

I saw this glitch today while i was checking things :o


so i think the last time i was here was 23 years before i was born :shock: that means i was here before they invented the internet we have now :P

it's an awesome glitch ! better than the level 0 one :3

A painfull story ..kinda

Komar was walking down the street ..when suddnly a strange man showed up from now where and shot him :|

the bullet got through his chest ..right to his heart


Komar didnt die though ..he wanted to take advange of his last moments on earth and walked to the closest internet cafe , and found his soulmate on some website while he was struggling to death :|


they met in real life and they went out on a few dates ..and komar was still struggling to death :|


so after things going so well ..they decided to get married ...and komar was still struggling to death :|


so ..9 months later ..komar and his soulmate had a childe ..and komar is still sturggling to death :|


Komar did his best when it comes to his boy ..he raised him well ..while he was still struggling to death :|


a few years later ..komars son finished his studies and graduated ..and komar attended though he was still struggling to death :|


Komar's son got married ..and 9 months after he had a son ..and komar was there for him ..even though he was still struggling to death :|


40 years later ..we see komar in a hospital bed ..struggling to death cuz of the bullet ..but he's there cuz he had high blood pressure and he's about to die :|


The end ...such a sad story ..tsk tskbut at least he took advanges of his last moment on eart :P

i found this story on a website called www.ibrigate.com ... though i doubt that you'll understand anything so i traslated things :P

anyways ..i always wanted to write a blog to thank a very special friend of mine ..


such a nice friend ..helped me get through alot of major problems and because of him i go to bed happy every night ..i love him , he's my BFF ..you really cant forget about such special ppl ..i once said that i wanna keep this person around me the next 20 years ..but now i wanna keep him forever :o

lots of love

I found a treasure !

I found a small kitty yesterday :shock:

I found it under a tree in my backyard ..and I took it with me ! I think I'm gonna keep it with me !

I'm still not used to it cuz I'm not the type that keeps pets and stuff , I only had 1 fish ..nothing more :|

you dont have to know why :|


It only stays in this place , it barely moves ..

I just hope that I wont squeeze it to death or forget about it :| ..If I got bored I'm gonna give to the maid , she has alot of these things :|

anyways . how are you ?


I vanished for a few days , and I didnt come back cuz I was cleaning my new semi-house :P

I had to move away from my mother's fancy house ..to a dungeon :| ..for some reason of course

(I'm gonna show it to you someday)

I took a freaky picture of my stuffed doggy :|


his eyes look creepy :|

this was my room in my brother's house ..or half of it :|


oooh Fancy ...:| but it was friendly :P

this is a pointless pic :|


I dont know why did I take that pic ..but it brings good memories back ..I cant eat such foods anymore :x

this is a weird blog


anyways , I finished God of war 3 .. it was nice , I like it but it was too short , and I wuved the sex mini game too :lol:

I will write another blog for that ..I dont like long blogs !

Yar har!

Hello there ..

I didnt make a blog for ages so I decided to make one :D

you should know that I vanished cuz I was a sick and other things happened , but every thing is alright now ..I guess :|

I'm in a mellow mood cuz I had alot of sleep , I dont feel like complaining

but the bad thing is that my brother Lily died and I got so sad I thought that I was going to die :|

but I sucked it up and I'm fine now !

I still love Ville Valo too :shock:



and another good thing is that my grandfather gave me alot of money ..ALOT of money ..which is enough for me to get FF13 , heavy rain and god of war 3 all at once :D

*throws confetti*

PS : I missed all of you :cry:

water ?!

Can you believe that I gained 9 pounds after drinking water :shock:

When I first stood on the scale my weight was 109 , then I drank a cup of water and I stood on the scale again .. I saw that my weight was 117 !!! :shock:

Maybe I was dehydrated or something :| , or maybe it was something fatty that tastes like water

thats it :o

[spoiler] http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu270/n-re/Untitled-2.png [/spoiler]


*throws confetti*

edit : and I spet one year in GS ..and I forgot :cry:

Future plans

This year we have to choose 5 universities \ colleges max and the majors we want :shock:

I'm confused , I dont know what to choose .. the teachers are making me more confused

Art teacher : you should do something related to arts ..It's you feild !

Biology teacher : med school is waiting for you :o !

Physics teacher : you should be an engineer ..you'll thank me in the future :D

Music teacher : I want you to take my place when I'm gone :o ..so music it is :D

English teacher : stay away from English :x ..It's not the field for you ..you spell As like Es :x

( I blame my accent -_-' )

and the other teachers didnt say a thing ..thank god :|

M mom said that I should be a doctor cuz I'll be able to heal my self and they pay well :P , my granfather said the same thing :P , my brother said that I'll be a good doctor cuz I dont get pissed :D and my step grandma said that I should be a nurse because of the cute unform :|

( they all work in the hospital so they want me to be like them ._.' )

The tattoo guys want me to quit school and work with them :|

( they only live for sex , drugs and booz.. they're great artists .but I think I'll pass this time I need something more srs )

So after thinking for a while ..I chose Art , engneering and medicine ..

but If I went to med school I wont be a doctor , I'll be a pharmassist :o ..Less work + me in a lab coat = deadly :|

I sent my application to the university of Iceland , with one of my drawings for the art college ..They replied after 4 days!

They said that I should count myself a member already :D ..sweet 8)

I sent this drawing to them :o



but still I'm not sure If'll go to the college of arts or the college of med or the college of engineering ..

my grades helped me alot ..so I just have to keep them for one year and everything is gonna be alright :)

at least I have an idea about my future now .. less thinking to do ..I only have to choose between those 3 , I dont think its going to be that tough ..

hopefully :|


bye bye :D

me + school = ??

me + school = I dont know yet :?

I just got back to school and I've been having alot of fun there ..

I'm in the same class with my brother and my nephew :o , and we're getting along just fine :shock: ..

And the teachers love me :D ..the Swedish lang teacher is a bad moody guy , he hates everyone :x ..He made fun of me at first but then I gave him a visit in his office and told him that I think he is a great teacher and I kissed his forehead ..and now he loves me !! he thinks I'm too smart for my age cuz I'm good at Swedish :P

he has no Idea that I speak flaunt Swedish :lol: ..the poor guy ..I fooled him !!

And I already got in trouble :| ..

and I have another big deal :o

My mom said that I cant talk to my l*sbo friend anymore :( , she doesnt want more homos in the family ..but I'm not a l*sbo I told her :cry: ..she said NEVER !!! :x ..

I'm sad :( .. I loved her ..:cry:

But I there is nothing to do ..oh yes there is ..I have uncharted2 :D

Thats it :D

~bye ..

the end of the blog ..no

my dear Hyper ..me or MG ?? :|

*stands on the edge of a 100000000 floors building*


and I want my ice cream blade :|

and I fell in love with dudersaper :o ..

The end :D ..

The purple guy

I drew something today :o

and I wasnt that lazy today , so I scanned it :D

I normaly dont draw guys or men ..


too bad I have to give it to the teacher :|

[spoiler] I have to disapear from thursday to monday ..dont miss me [/spoiler]