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Its Been a while!

Its been years since ive posted on here! But if anyone is into gaming videos please check out my youtube channel. I do a series called Real life where i film video games in live action! Please check it out and if you enjoy please subscribe!

dbz tankaichi 3 best one yet

wtI take back everything i sed about tankaichi 3 being disapointing because when i got it friday after collage it was bloody mint i cant explain how good it was the story is short nd leaves out alot of fights but the ones they have got make u feel like u are in the anime its that good. I completed the dragonball z story that night nd then completed gt db and the what ives on saterday and i finished the game with a fat smile on my face cause its so good. The new characters are amence ive got to unlock 4 more i think there in the ultimate battle but ive got all of the story nd world tour ones except 1 so ive only got to get future gohan kid chi chi king cold and fasha. the new fight system is great because there is so many teleports u can do now its unbelevable nd i cnt wait for the wii version for online


november is such a good month for me lol im getting 3 games maybe 4

number 1 Dragonball z budokai tenkaichi 3 been waiting bloody ages for this game lol this comes out on the 9th

number 2 Mass Effect been waiting since last year well when ever the trailer came out lol been wanting this game because i loved the knights of the old republic game and this is ment to be similer 18th

and lastly Resident evil umbrella chronicles you who know me should know tha tim a big ressie fan so this is anouther to the collection and looks like an amence game and it will make me understand the story better plus ALBERT WESKER STORY!! WOW 30th

and the game i dought i get this month but is comming out is assasins creed i aint seen much on this game but my m8 loves it and he told me about it and it has cought my intressed but i need to wait nd find out more about it before anyhting

Dragonball z budokai tenkaichi 3

seeing theres more and more infomation comming in about tenkaichi 3 i thought id make my part towards it by giving ppl links to vids on the game. The hard core fans of the series proberly already seen these but the ppl who have not been able to find any videos on the game here you go.

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

here are the trailers all the rest are gameplay vids this is a new ps2 trailer a custom made vid of tenkaichi 3 e3

Im Back

Ive been off gamespot for along time nobecause of my Gcse which are finished now and because ive just recently got my 360 so yea im bc now nd i will start doing more blogs again later on today i will be doing a top 5 metal gearsad momentsndones on resident evil and dragonball zso i want to ask you all to comment me with the most saddest moments in your opinion on iver metal gear dragonball z or resident evil thank you nd i will try nd get your idears in my top 5 thankyou
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