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so i still have cancer.....

and it's spreading. the main problem is it's infected my 17th lower vertabrae's membrane. who knows what'll happen - but we'll see. i just dont want more chemo.

i have left Forest Hangout, and resigned my Mod Status

Some of my friends know, some do not. If you have not seen that thread, then you should have seen this entry. If anyone wants to pm me or comment on this matter, you may do so. I'm just upset at some events that have transpired in FH lately, and I've had my fill. Im currently navigating my way around some UCB's trying to find one to my liking, and this one,, The X-Pad, seems decent. If you think so to, join up and tell them I sent you. I'm still looking around though - but FH was my first UCB - one where I really connected and got to know most of the people who are on my friends list. I am sad to leave it - but this is the decision I've made based on a number of things.

i woke up to the worst possible thing

my beautiful nephew, Mikey fell down some stairs. I was asleep at the time, I heard a thud, and then Mikey crying. I was stunned to see him lying on the landing bawling his eyes out. I quickly scooped him up and started soothing him, whereas eveeryone else woke up. There is 2 barriers, including a gate that has a lock and he managed to open it and try and come downstairs to see me. He's a very smart baby, and I'm just thankful he didn't fall over the side, as there is no upright poles, he could have fell between the hand rail and all the way down. He appears to be fine, just very upset. he vomited, but other than that, he seems fine. I certainly hope so. we'll have to do something about the barriers....:(

i see the doctors on monday

to find out what needs to be done. i had my scans last week, but i will get the results on monday. the meeting was brought forward - could be a good thing, could be bad. i'll let you all know. im a little sick now, but i've gone back to work and doing about 20 hours a week, but im doing shorter shifts, so i dont feel as bad. im still taking double meds, and the breathing excercises help. i've changed my diet, (though i still have my vices), and my hair is growing back fine. most of it is back actually. perhaps on monday, i will know if i've beaten cancer.

some new games!

so yesterday I went and bought some new games, as I have been working hard both at my job and on the house. so here they are, in point form! :P

  • Jade Empire (XBOX)
  • Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (XBOX)
  • Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS2)

I pre-ordered Jade Empire, but I saw the other 2 on sale and second hand. They were cheap and I couldn't resist. I also get more than half of the money I outlayed on Jade Empire back if i finish it by the 1st of July, which I should be able to do. I'm going to go play them now, take care all! :D

state of origin game 1 is over - queensland are victors.

And a thrilling match it was too, with it going into extra time and the win coming off an excellent intercept try. i now love in queensland, but i lived in new south wales for 15 years, so having lived on both sides of the "football border", i don't know which team to barrack for, and instead just enjoy football's greatest game.

my weekly rant part 1

welcome all to my first ever weekly rant. here is where i explode my frustrations in all manner of things that are currently pissing me off. this will be a weekly feature in my journal, and as always, comments are appreciated. let us get on with it then!

my first ever grievance:


As you all know, I work in a Caltex Service Station. I'm working changing shifts, so some times I'm working a day or a night, or sometimes both. Naturally days are harder, with more customers. But having 20 cars parked out the front with cars up to the driveway and a line that is 8 people long and kids running about on skateboards and girls who want the toilet key and guys who want the air guage and people moving their cars so others can get in and others who dont.... and AND..... then a person who comes in and tells you they dont know their freaking number!! ARGGGGGGHHHH!!! drives me nuts it does. I barely have enough time to authorise the pump to find out which one is hers, even when it's "the white one over there" in a sea of white ones......

*takes deep breath*

hope you enjoyed my blatent angry journal entry ;)

comments appreciated :D