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Tier 1 not elitie...also Bungie money grubbers

I have had my copy of Medal of Honor for few day,and while it was fun in its own right, they game to me pretty much feels like it was rushed and no attention to detail was added except for the sound which is awesome as hell.SP was fun and had some good thrills, the MP is where they need to really work on next game.

While i was checking news on here i happen to see that bungie is bringing out a map pack for Halo reach Nov 30 for the price of 800ms points, and just for 3 maps.This is the kind of stuff that made me sell my copy of halo cause no matter how long the game is in the works,and already costing us 60 bucks at retail, they have to charge 10 bucks for crap.This is why Battlefield Bad Company 2 is still the best shooter out there.