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Dead Space 2 is amazing, also EA is ripping people off.

I picked up Dead Space 2 from the store today and it has been exciting and amazing to play.Its scary, its fun, the graphics are second to none.I strongly recommend this game to everyone cause there isn't another game out there that comes close to this.

Dead Space 2 is made by EA and this is really what is getting me mad.EA has been using this online pass crap and its really not making me happy.Sometimes I don't have 60 bucks for the new copy of the game, so if you get the used copy you have to purchase the online pass for 10 bucks.What are EA trying to prove, that they are money hungry and not worried about what the gamers are thinking but instead of how big their wallets can get.I pay 40 bucks for internet, 10 bucks for xbox live, and then the cost of the game, I really don't think I have to pay for the option to play online.