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Broke my Fallout 3 Disc

When this stupid game came out i thought i would give it a try, i really like oblivion and thought how bad could it be.It was horrible.Difficulty is way to hard, you cant ever find any ammo, and what is really stupid is trying to get to where you need to go, i mean its stupid, buildings and debris are always in the way and you just cant find your way.I gave it up but 2 weeks ago i bought a copy to try it again, boy was that a mistake.Can't find my way around at all, die way too often cause of lack of ammo and the stupid ants that breathe fire.After i decided that i cant play it anymore,I took it out of my xbox and shattered the disc.Never again will i play another fallout game....

Whats Next?

After a good start with games coming out this year, the games kinda took a stand still.The only thing im really excited is Fable III.Sure Call of Duty Black ops comes out but I have the feeling that its gonna be just like the rest of the Call of Dutys.Halo Reach is coming out and for the sake of bungie this better be the last one, talk about milking it.I can't remember when it comes out but im can't wait for Dead Space 2 also.


So im reading the new OXM magazine and towards the back there is a article from this piece of trash loser Jim Sterling.His article is about "Games with adult content often aren't as adult as we'd like."This guy is saying that games that have sex scenes or have something to do with sex are not up to his standards.Like in God of War, he says they cheat him out of that experience cause all you do is push buttons, or with Mass Effect when its just a expression and nothing really comes out of it.You should really read this cause reading this guy seems all he is wanting is a game with full on sex cause either he can't get it in real live and needs to wack it on the couch or just is a sick, weirdo and thinks that people buy video games for the sex.I recommend reading this article cause this is one of the worst and most disgusting articles by someone on video games I have ever read.

Week of Bad Gaming

Here lately I have noticed that there really isn't many fun games out right now that I haven't already beat or have played at least once.Rented Singularity, not what I expected and took the game back after an hour.Rented Naughty Bear, by FAR the worst game I have ever played, I can't believe there are people that would think in this time in gaming that this concept and game would ever make any money.Rented Super Street Fighter 4,while it is a awesome, beautiful game, why are they making games so HARD you can't even enjoy them.I mean it takes more effort to pull of a move in that game then it does to actually pull the moves off in real life.Will for the love of video games will someonemake a game that I want to play for more than 10 minutes.

Outlaws to the short end.

So I downloaded the free co-op pack for Red Dead Redemption and while it did give some new things to do, I have to say that i didn't really care for it much.Sure it was free, sure you can do some co-op missions but it only took me 45 mins to beat all 6 of them.I sure hope they next one will be 3 times bigger.


Tuesday Transformers:War for Cybertron comes out and I cant wait.I have been playing the multiplayer demo and it is really awesome.I think that im gonna buy it when it comes out,I just hope I dont beat it in 3 days like I do most games.

Getting back into Gears of War

So one of my buddies wanted to play Gears of War 2 out of the blue and decided, hey,i haven't played that inawhile so we put that in and was pissed off that i have been ignoring this game these last 7 months or so.Horde mode is still by far one of the best online game modes for a shooter game.I can't wait till the next game comes out.

Xbox all the Way

While i do love all the systems out there, I would have to say that Xbox 360 has to be winning.So what if the Wii is selling more consoles, and so what if the Playstation 3 has blu-ray,there is no more excitement than Xbox and Xbox live.Not only is the online way ahead of the other two, the exclusive games seem to be alot better.Sure i might have played alot more of the original playstation and I can't part with my Super Nintendo, Xbox 360 seems to be the better bet at the moment.