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Getting REALLY TIRED of Call of Duty and HALO

You know I play alot of games, i try to play everything Xbox 360 has to offer, but it seems like these last 6 months or even longer you can't read a review, you can't get on a website to read about a new FPS(like Medal of Honor)that is coming out with it getting compared to COD or Halo.I have been waiting for MOH ever since i read about it coming out and now im down to hours before i have to head to Gamestop and the more i read people hating on it, the more it makes me not want to even get it.I have deleted several people on my friends list just because for months and months, all they play is COD, and now that Halo Reach is out, people are taking it WAY too serious.I voiced my opinion about Halo last week on here and I got so many hate messages it was disgusting.

No more Halo EVER

So i come back from camping over the weekend and i get this message on my Halo Reach main menu and it says that This account is banned from earning credits.My rank was erased,my credits was wiped out and all this after i spent hundreds of dollars for this stupid game.I bought the Halo Reach console, i bought the legendary edition of the game and now Bungie wants to erase me.This is complete **** they didn't have a fault in their system, people wouldn't be getting banned.Sure they can erase my credits but why in the hell would they get rid of my rank.I sold my game and got rid of all my halo crap.After years of playing the games and having fun, im really pissed and upset at the same time.There are way better games out there to play, its not the last game on the planet.

Xbox Tea Party...

Ok so i was playing some Halo Reach today on swat, and im killing the other team, i got 20 kills and the best guy on the other team had 11.It was just me and another guy vs. four cause two of ours quit.Well they started killing me and then they started tea bagging me.Now when did it become awesome or cool to kill someone in Halo and tea bag them.I actually get mad when it happens and i only do it when it was done to me.This is the reason i quit playing halo 3 awhile back cause everyone was doing it.Its not cool, its not hip, it makes you look like you really like to tea bag other guys in real life.QUIT DOING IT

Looking for More Friends

Looking to add some people to my friends list on Xbox, i have deleted tons of people over the years cause they dont play or dont talk.If you feel like adding me my gamertag is the same as my name on here....Hope to hear from ya.

Fable 3 is next for me

After getting over the inital shock of Halo Reach coming out finally, i put fable 2 in just to take a break and now im just as excited for Fable 3 than anything for the rest of the year.I still don't know how Kinect is going to be, and im about 50/50 on getting Call of Duty:Black Ops, either way the rest of the year is bringing some good games.

Reach and a New House

Ok, so I don't know if this makes me a really big nerd but Im moving into a new house this coming weekend and my girlfriend got all the bills and the internet up and running so i can have Halo Reach running for multiplayer.Now i know thats a dorky thing but hey, its halo.

Already took back Madden 11, plus just watiting for Halo: Reach

Had the new Madden 11 for a week and had to take it back.Played like 5 to 7 games on it and it just seemed like i was forcing myself into playing it.The game was lazy, had alot of glitches in it, and it seemed like everytime i played it, it would freeze my xbox and would have to start over.I took madden back to gamestop today and put it towards Halo:Reach.I have never been so excited for a game as i have been for Halo:Reach.Just bought a magazine today with 17 pages of info.....See you September 14.

Kicked off Xbox Live

So I was playing a game online and all of a sudden I was disconnected from Xbox live and it says that i violated some codeof conduct.When i checked my email it said i was banned for a week due to the fact that they didn't like what my bio said.I know for a fact that there is way worse bio's that i have seen and i don't think that me getting kicked off for a week is not fair.

My new xbox

So I went out and bought the new Xbox slim and I have to tell ya,it's really worth the money.It so quiet I keep turning everything off in my house and let the xbox run so I can hear how quiet it really is.I want to say that it makes my games run better and smoother but I can't tell for sure.Everything about it is great and even if you have a xbox already, trade it up and get the new slim.

Im ready for Kinect

I have been looking at internet stuff, watching videos and been looking through my magazines and I really can't wait for this november.Not only is my birthday in november, Kinect will be coming out and I thinkthis is what I have been waiting for.Although there are alot of games out there that are fun to play, and I know there are games out there that are hardcore,Kinect will give me something else to do instead of getting mad at the people that cheat on multiplayer games and getting mad at games that I can beat in more than 4 hours.With all the games coming out for the Kinect, I have been thinkng that Kinect Adventures is the game im going to be getting with it.