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Dead Space 2 is amazing, also EA is ripping people off.

I picked up Dead Space 2 from the store today and it has been exciting and amazing to play.Its scary, its fun, the graphics are second to none.I strongly recommend this game to everyone cause there isn't another game out there that comes close to this.

Dead Space 2 is made by EA and this is really what is getting me mad.EA has been using this online pass crap and its really not making me happy.Sometimes I don't have 60 bucks for the new copy of the game, so if you get the used copy you have to purchase the online pass for 10 bucks.What are EA trying to prove, that they are money hungry and not worried about what the gamers are thinking but instead of how big their wallets can get.I pay 40 bucks for internet, 10 bucks for xbox live, and then the cost of the game, I really don't think I have to pay for the option to play online.

Why is the Wii the best selling console still??

I was searching around late night and came across an article saying that the Wii was the best selling console this year again.Now I have owned a Wii before and I thought it was ok but it sure doesn't beat having an Xbox with xbox live.The games are for little kids, the graphics are from 1999, and the online friends code thing they have going is just a joke.Nintendo was once what gaming was all about, but that was N64.Nintendo needs to not make another console.

3D movies are a rip off!!

I went to go see The Green Hornet last night and while I did enjoy the movie, the 3D was crap.Im so sick of these studios hyping up the 3D when there isn't one scene in the movie that is in 3D.I know there have been a few(and i mean a few)movies that have some good 3D in them, most of them are a waste of money and time.I think that they are doing this so we can pay more money cause when someone says its in 3D, it makes them want to watch.

2011 so far.

So far this year it have been going ok as far as games goes.I have been playing the games Ialready had, although I did buy Tiger Woods 11, which is actually fun.I have been playing The Sims 3 more than anything, that game is so addictive, its one of my favorties games out right now.

World of Warcraft.

So my dad bought me WOW and all the expansions to go with it for my 27th bday last monday and while I used to play WOW like 2 years ago,I have been caught up with playing nothing but xbox,boy has that changed.Not only can I not pry myself from WOW, I tried playing xbox and there really isn't any reason besides Netflix to play the games.The only game that I want for Xbox is Gears of War 3 and thats little ways away from now.

What else is coming out that i want

After Fable3,Halo Reach,COD black ops and Kinect, I have been thinking about what is next for Xbox.Besides Gears of War3 next year, I dont really know what else I am looking forward to.I would really like it if they would come out with some more Kinect games cause I cant play Kinect Adventures forever.

Black Ops and Kinect

While I have been having a blast with Kinect, Call of Duty Black ops came out and ever since that day i have been hooked once again on the multiplayer.The problem im having with this game is the fact that people treat this game like the bible and will not put it down.I mean i had the game an hour after it came out and there were people already level 40 and 50, i mean come on, its not the only game out there.Thats my problem with kinect coming out last week cause i love kinect but i wonder how many people quit playing kinect cause of black ops

Lionhead misses again

Picked up Fable 3 the night it came out, I was a little skeptical about it cause i know there have been promises from the last two but for the most part they have been good.I put the game in tuesday afternoon and then i beat the game and got most of the achievements by thursday.I thought this game was suppose to be great, i thought this game was going to be the best of the series.This game felt like fable 1.5,it was such a let down and in the future if Lionhead Studios comes out with a game i will not even rent it.

Actually happy with Fallout New Vegas

I hated Fallout 3, not only did i find that it wasnt the greatest game ever made like some people do, two days after i bought it i threw the game away.I picked up New Vegas tuesday for rent and ever since i put it in my xbox i have been thinking about buying it.While its not that much different from Fallout 3, i like the story better and the way it plays.While im just trying to keep busy while im waiting to pick up Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2 and Fable 3 next tuesday, im sure i will be buying fallout also.

Tier 1 not elitie...also Bungie money grubbers

I have had my copy of Medal of Honor for few day,and while it was fun in its own right, they game to me pretty much feels like it was rushed and no attention to detail was added except for the sound which is awesome as hell.SP was fun and had some good thrills, the MP is where they need to really work on next game.

While i was checking news on here i happen to see that bungie is bringing out a map pack for Halo reach Nov 30 for the price of 800ms points, and just for 3 maps.This is the kind of stuff that made me sell my copy of halo cause no matter how long the game is in the works,and already costing us 60 bucks at retail, they have to charge 10 bucks for crap.This is why Battlefield Bad Company 2 is still the best shooter out there.