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Why is the PS3 so slow at everything.

As you all know by my blogs that Im a hardcore xbox, have been since it came out but recently I wanted a change for awhile and picked up a ps3.I think its fun, the games are cool, its pretty much like xbox except for one thing,the updates.When I go buy or rent a game and put it in most of the time I have to update it and WOW it takes so long for it.I timed it last night for the LBP update and it was 1hr and 39 minutes.Usually when I have to update a game on xbox it only takes seconds.Is this because of the connection or is it like this for everyone.

Gamespot it getting on my nerves.

It seems like once a week im getting a terms of violation message and I couldn't tellyou why.I really don't call people names, i dont put disruptive messages, i never am negative unless its in my blog but someone is reporting me and IMO its stupid.I thought the comments and the blog are a form of expression.What good is it if I cant say what I want without a stupid violation.

Xbox is in the shop.....PS3 to the rescue.

So I had to pack up the ol' xbox the other day cause it was in need of repair and now I have the ps3 to play in the mean time.Now I dont wanna sound like two face or whatever but Im really having a blast playing my ps3 again.My main problem seems to be cause I have xbox 360 and ps3 is that I never know which one I wanna play.I know on here I said I was a hardcore xbox fan but I do love my ps3.I think I need just be a one console man cause juggling between 2 systems is alot of money.

The more I read, the more I get angry.

I have been following the whole PSN saga cause it's been the most exciting to post comments in and everytime I start to read the comments and the people bashing Xbox for no reason it pisses me off.People are saying that xbox fans are scum, and people are complaining about having to pay for online with XBL, people are still bringing up the RROD.Im telling you, i haven't seen so much immature, ignorant, stupid comments that i have seen about this psn saga.I personally think Sony won't recover from this, if they do it will be a LONG time from now.

I posted a new topic in systems wars and got a bunch of hate.

I went into system wars casue I have been hearing about how ps3 has better exclusive games than xbox 360.I put in the topic that I think that xbox has better games and the page just blew up with a bunch of hate towards me and xbox.If the ps3 didnt have blu ray i dont think that 80%of the people would have one.How come its the ps3 fanboys with the hate.

It official.....Im a Xbox Fanboy for life after today.

I have been a fanboy of Xbox since it came out.I wanted everything xbox and didnt really think about playstation(although i love ps2 and think its one of the best systems to date.)Recently I got an PS3, around 3 months ago and I was hooked, I was sure that I was gonna be all about playstation cause it was awesome.Well this whole PSN outage really didnt bother me cause for one i can't do anything about it, also i have xbox live to fall back on.Well just last few days by seeing the response from the playstation community and how the people are demanding free stuff from sony after they already get PSN for free im FOR REAL NEVER GONNA BE A PS FANBOY EVER.It's been so bad that i don't even want to ever play online on the PS again.LONG LIVE XBL.

Some people on here are Rude as hell....

So im monitoring the whold PSN network being down and being an owner of an Xbox 360 and a PS3 im starting to hate the fact that when i say something about ps3 im a fanboy, and when i say something about xbox im a fanboy.I love both of my consoles, even though i enjoy the xbox just a little more.The way the playstaion community was talking im not too sure i wanna have a ps3 anymore.

This and That

I have been playing alot of Playstation 3 lately ever since I got one about a month ago.Its been real hard to shuffle back and forth between that and my xbox 360.While i have several games for both i seem to start playing more playstation 3 than anything.By far Uncharted 2 is one of the best games i have ever played.

Bulletstorm on the way.

It's been since COD:Black Ops since I have went to gamestop at midnight and picked up a game, im glad that something is coming out that i wanna pick up at midnight.

Maps for COD Black Ops are lame.

I bought the maps for Black Ops like most people bought yesterday and I have to say that the maps are really lame for the price that I paid.For starters I really only like to play Demolition and the maps are way too unfair for either team.It favors one team all the time and when i join a map there will be dudes in there with like 100 kills.Only the map stadium is ok but the price i had to pay for it was not worth it.