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Changed my pre-order of Battlefield 3

I went to gamestop today and changed my pre-order to Modern Warfare 3 today because I decided that BF3 was not worth it after all this time.I thought I was gonna keep the game because of my buddy but im not gonna do that again.Im gonna get the game that I know that I would rather play and that will be MW3.

Battlefield 3 Beta Impressions.

I got my code in the emal today and starting playing the battlefield 3 beta and I will have to say im really disappointed.Its not polished, the guns are way too jerky, and the overall feel just, to me, feels outdated.I will play more tonight and see if my opinion changes.

First week of Gears of War 3.

Picked up GOW3 at midnight on tuesday and I have been playing pretty much non stop.This game is fantastic and it easily the best game out right now.I have been arguing with people about this being 10x better than COD and I will stick by that.

Looking to update my XBL friends list.

I have had friends on my xbox live friends list and after not having an xbox for 3 months I picked up Gears of War 3 and been trying to ask people on my list if they want to play, because most of them are playing it, and nobody is playing.Im getting rid of most of them and want to add more friends that actually play.Hit me up if you want to play some games.Gamertag is Cataclsym83

Im getting another Xbox.

It has been several months now since I had my xbox and been playing my new PS3, and while I have fallen in love with my ps3 im really REALLY starting to miss my xbox.I have a offer to get another xbox and im going to take it.The main reason is because Gears of War 3 is coming out next week and I will be damned if I don't get to pick it up.

Gaming has came to a stand still

This summer was so boring in terms of games.I feel like I have been renting or buying the same games that I used to have cause there is nothing out that is worth it.Been playing alot of Red Dead lately and I have to say, its probably one of the best games in the last few years.

If I get one more Terms violation im leaving Gamespot.

Ok, this has to be the 100th time I have got a clear insult violation and I couldn't tell you why cause I have never called anyone names, never made fun of them ,or cursed.I don't know what gamespot considers a violation but It seems to be that gamespot is run by a bunch of cry baby kids.

Call of Duty Black Ops forums are sad....but funny.

I was looking at some forums for black ops and I have to admit, its pretty sad.Now I do like the game,I have spent alot of time on the xbox playing it(not so much on ps3)but it's just a game.I don't think there takes any skill to play, it just comes down to who gets the shots off first.When you look up the forums you see people talking about the damage, the speed, the rounds per second and all kinds of stuff that sounds like these guns are real.There was even rooms that was talking about when the guns get patched and how they are dialed down and not as quick and the reloading speed is some of these cause they are really sad and funny at the same time.

November is going to be awesome.

Not only is my 28th birthday in November but also Skyrim,Uncharted,MW3,Halo anniversary and something else I can't think of at the moment all come out.I havent decided if im going to pick all them up cause I did that last year and spent hundreds and hundreds of money on xbox games.We will have to see when it comes around.