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Years almost over

Its been awhile since i have been able to post anything because of my new job has me working alot of hours.I have pretty much got all the games i wanted to get this year and hoping that the new year will bring some awesome games as well.I know that im going to get the PS Vita, but other than that i really dont know what im going to get .


I have a few friends on my XBL list that go invisible and say that they are not there but I know when they are cause im always checking out achievements of people to try and stay on top.Most gamers that I meet these days are not as hardcore as they say that they are.

Fake Friends.

I have been aware lately that my friends in real life and my friends on XBL and PSN are so fake, its starting to make me wonder if I should make new friends.Im a gamer, I always are up for playing online and meeting new friends.I have had a friend on XBL that is 39 years old, and whenever I ask him if he wants to play online he says no, but then he goes invisible and plays anyways....this has been going on for years,its stupid and childish.I also have friends in town that are always talking about games, always up to date about games, and when it comes to playing they are not around.I have took one of them to pick up Battlefield3 and all he had to talk about for a year is battlefield and when it comes to the day to get it....he is nowhere to be found.

I know that people can make their own decisions about when and what they want to play but they don't have to be fake about it and if they don't want to play, just say so,it makes you look like a douche when you go to such links to avoid playing online.

So many games, so little time.

Usually I have alot of time to play games but I started my new job and Its not allowing me to play that much.I have MW3,Uncharted 3,Skyrim,Halo Anniversary, and Assassins Creed to play.Hopefully I will get some time off to game it up.

I played Modern Warfare 3 this weekend.

So through some luck and knowing the right people I got to play Modern Warfare 3 for a few hours this weekend and I have to say its truly awesome.I know alot of people are saying its the same old game every year and that the big thing this year is the whole BF3 vs MW3 feud.Well I can say that MW3 is for sure gonna win that feud.Everything about MW3 is great, the special ops survival mode was really fun and addicting.I didnt play too much of this game because for starters, I didnt know if I would get into trouble, and also im picking this game up at midnight monday and didnt want to ruin the night for me.....SEE YOU ONLINE.

Start my new after MW3.

Im getting my job back finally after waiting for like 2 months for paperwork to go through and Im really happy because I was starting to go broke lol.I start on the 9th, the day after MW3.Doesn't that suck,biggest game of the year and I have to be at work at 6am the next day.

Last time I will buy a game because my friend is getting it.

Ok,so i have this friend that is always talking about the new games coming out,Battlefield 3, Skyrim,etc..Well the problem is that he is a FAKE.See, i get excited for getting this games so I can play with my buddys and thats why I get them because I assume that we are gonna play.This has been going on for 3 years now, he talks about a game for months, gets us excited about playing it and when the game comes out, im the one who shells out money and trades games in so we can play and HE NEVER PLAYS ONLINE.Battlefield 3 was his game, he has been talking about this game for a year and what happens when it comes out,he has 7 kills online and hasnt played anything else on the disc,I have 700 kills and loving the game.Im really sick of this guy being a fake and talking a whole bunch of smack and never play a game.He says its cause he has no time....Well let me break that down for ya.He's 27,no job, no gf,his parents pay his bills and you tell me what is up with that.

Battlefield is awesome...but sadly....

Got my copy at midnight and I have to say its been awesome.It was either this or Uncharted 3 and although I like it so far, been wondering if I should have got Uncharted 3.At least I will be able to rent the game.

Be careful what you say

I look at alot of forums on here and it seems to me that you have to be really careful what you say,otherwise the moderators are gonna say something,possibly kick you off for a day, maybe more.Its getting really annoying and pathetic that you can't say what you want without some dude saying that you cant.Also I have noticed that on some disscussions, like the MW3 or BF3 that the mods are like....sorry you can't post that on here.Who are they to say what we can or can't say..

Got my games preordered.

I went to gamestop today and took some games in.I have Battlefield3,Modern Warfare 3, and Skyrim all paid off.I was gonna go with uncharted 3 but I decided that it will be a rental.