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Some people just make me sick.

Every so often I start a topic on gamespot and usually I try and keep up with the people that post in those topics but there are times that I read someones post and it just makes me sick.Like this douche who is telling me that my opinion doesn't matter and that I should keep my mouth shut,its those kind of people that really make me sick and I know for a fact that if I was next to them, they wouldn't say ****

Halo 4 is coming.

Its been long time but the days are finally ticking away for some Halo 4 Action.Last few years its been COD and I think its time for a change.I remember a time when it was Halo and not COD.Let me know if you all are going to get it.

Whats with the reviews?

I have no idea whats with these people these days reviewing the games lately but clearly they have no idea what they are doing.Resident evil 6 is the perfect example.I bought this game and have been enjoying it ever since I got it but everywhere on the net its getting bad or even worse than bad reviews....I started to realize that these people have no clue what gamers like, I stick with my opinion.

Im done with Call of Duty.

For months now I have been telling myself that im done with the COD franchise and after reading the article about how the people that make the game are mad because there are some people out there that do not play multiplayer,it just really set me on the right track to never look back at the COD games.....There are way too many good games out there for people to just play that game and I will never,ever play one again.......GO HALO 4

EA customer service is really really crap.

Over the past few weeks i have had to contact EA about some missing Battlefield 3 achievements and every single time I get somone who clearly has never played a EA game in their lifetime.I just got done sending a really long email explaining my frustration but im sure that my answers will go unheard.......oooh EA

New maps for COD are garbage.

I got the new maps today for COD and low and behold, they are the worst in the series.I thought maybe, just maybe that the new maps would make me want to play the game since i havent been in the mood to play it but they suck.Does anyone actually like the new made me realize that im not going to renew my COD Elite membership.

Full House Poker

So I decided that I was going to play some poker here lately because I would love to play online and try to make some real money.I have been honing my skills and tried and played the Texas Heat night tonight and out of over 2,000 people I placed 8th.It was really exciting and I will be trying to make it to the top one day.

My computer doesn't run Diablo III

So I borrowed the disc from a friend and got the guest pass that it comes with and was so excited to take it home and play it.I put the game in and let it download, and come to find out, my computer doesnt have the right video card.I was so upset and mad, I will be trying to fix this problem because I played the game and its freaking sweet.

World of Warcraft losers need to get a life.

I will tell you what, I used to be hardcore into this game, hardcore as in I would play for hours on in and would be the only game I would play.I gave it up because I got burned out on it but after about 7 to 9 months blizzard gave me a free month and so I got back on it and thought ,this might acutally be fun again.....wrong

So I get into a dungeon to start leveing back up(lvl80) and when i get into my first dungeon tonight these guys were just being so stupid, they was acting like this game was so important that they would just talking trash to me, giving me a hard time, one guy said I had down syndrome......

Who do these people think they are.....these people that spend all their life in this game and talk to people who like to play casual like they are trash.

I can tell you one thing, that wouldn't happen if they was in my face, i can guarantee that.Oh and by the way, im deleting my account and I will never play that game my opinion, its just as bad as facebook.

Still playing Modern Warfare 3!

I bought another copy because I gave my copy to a buddy of mine and I have been playing this game non stop for about a month now.I have always played the COD games but for some reason, I get stuck playing this game for hours.....Anyone else get that way?