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Microsoft is still my favorite

Sure there are things that I don't like about it but that is no reason to abandon it.Ms showed good games at E3 while Sony only showed cg videos.Im sticking with Xbox,suck it SonySony

Im ready for a new xbox.

Here over the last few months, I have found myself just sitting there, trying to figure out what I want to play, problem is, Im just sick of this current gen of consoles.I guess Im just ready for something new, even though I can't imagine what the next gen could be like and how it could top this gen but its time to get these new consoles out.

Rainbox Six Vegas 2 is still great.

I have been playing vegas 2 lately, just to take a break from all the COD,battlefield and halo games and you know, this game is still one of the best shooters that I have ever played.There are still people playing this game, even added a few friends over the weekend....If anyone still has this game hit me up on XBL.

Trying to get Farcry 3.

I have been going around the house, trying to figure out what games I want to trade in because I really want to get farcry 3.I had a chance to play it over the weekend and its amazing.Its everything I wanted in a single player game and I have been wanting to play it ever since.I have Halo 4 which I don't want to get rid of and I have Black Ops 2 which I might miss but not as much as Halo4.What to do , what to do.

Bad thanksgiving and my birthday coming up.

I just want to say that I had a bad thanksgiving this year.Not only because of people being out of town that I had to spend it alone, my computer aslo crashed and have had to use a friends computer until I get it fixed.Also my birthday is coming up thursday and I will be 29...Its funny that I will be 29 on the 29th....anyways I will still try to get on here and blog like usually....take care.

Gamespot is all about COD.

Everytime I post something about the COD franchise and somebody doesn't like it I get a Terms violation.This is crap gamespot.Maybe if you wall wasn't fanboys about the series you wouldn't get so hurt when someone makes a comment about it.....BOOOHOOO

Skyfall was a great movie.

Just got back from watching Skyfall in the theaters and it was great.I like how they have some old and new james bond things in the movies and the acting was spot on in this one.The action was as always good in this one.I would put it in my top 3 favorite 007 movies behind Goldeneye and Casino Royale.

Played Black Ops 2.....Dont buy it

Yet again my buddy came through and I got to play Call of Duty:Black ops 2 today and wow, it sucks.I was really wanting this to be good because I felt the franchise was getting stale and boring but this really does sucks.Graphics are not that good, the presentation is lame and it just feels like MW3 2.0.

My buddy is a hardcore Call of Duty player and I do enjoy Call of Duty games but this one really is the worse one that I have ever played.Save yourself 60 bucks and get something else...I highly recommend Halo 4.

Halo players vs COD players.

Now I know that this opinion isn't about everyone beause I play both and im good at both games.Im talking about the people who think COD is gods gift to gamers and don't think there is any other game out there.I had 2 friends over since I got Halo 4 early and they are both all about COD.Well we fire up halo 4 and OMG, the most annoying, stupid gaming experience I have had in a long time.At first they thought it was cool, they both agreed that Halo 4 was amazing looking,but after playing one round we started another and it just got bad from there.

They was complaining about the guns, the maps, they was wondering why you don't have the killstreak rewards like COD does.Everytime they got killed(which was alot, one of my friends went 7/39)they was saying that the other guy was cheating, hacking,spawn camping.

Now I asked them why they don't like Halo and why do they love COD so much and they said nothing, they had no reason to hate halo and not give it a chance.To me, it seems that they have got used to this, run and gun style and don't know what it is like to have some kind of strategy.

Like I said, everyone can like whatever game they want, but come on...COD is not that great, its not even good, its just ok.

Got Halo 4 Early.

I got my hands on Halo 4 this weekend and any doubts about it not going to be as good because it wasn't made by Bungie were thrown out the window.The game is one of the best looking games I have ever played and its polished really well.The online is so fun to play, and the campaign is amazing.Spartan ops is not what I was looking for but its still ok to play.I have to give back the copy tomorrow but I can pick up my own copy tuesdays anyways....Oh, don't forget to vote.